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Infiniti QX56 Memory Seats not going back to position

mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
edited May 2014 in INFINITI
Has anyone had a problem with their memory seats not going back into position when you enter the car. My Q has been back to the dealer 4 times in the past 30 days on this. Thanks


  • Same problem on my 2006 M. Of course, it works fine at the dealer (although it only works correctly for me about 25% of the time). I assume the module is the same.

    Did you ever get it resolved, and what was the solution?
  • Funny story...My 2005 QX56 experiences this "memory lapse" from time to time, though I just put up with it, and manually adjust my seat & steering column when it happens. Right now, however, my car in in the shop (has been there over 1 week) for problems with liftgate motor and repetitive loud clicking/knocking noise coming from inside dash console, and the QX56 loaner provided to me is having the same memory seat problem, but it's even more persistent than in my own vehicle.
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
    have the dealer disable the seat adjustment button on the side of the seat. If that fixes it it means you are hitting it when you get into the truck....
  • robertrobert Posts: 14
    did this "fix" it for you? I have the same problem, and it seems to be getting worse, but it also is intermittent and never happens at the dealer.......I don't notice the seat moving when getting in or out, but the memory lapse continues to happen. Funny thing it never happened for the first year or year and a half so I can't believe I'm suddenly hitting the seat adj now......thoughts?
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 21
    no - worked out a deal to trade it in for an 08.
  • I am experiencing same clicking/knocking noise in the dash of my QX56 what did the shop diagnose this problem to be and how did they fix?
  • I am experiencing same clicking/knocking noise in the dash of my QX56 as "lfriedelo" what did the shop diagnose this problem to be and how did they fix?
  • Thank Goodness the vehicle was still under warranty when that happened. They removed the entire dash and replaced a heating module (fan motor?) that for some reason necessitated the replacement of the entire dash "guts." The replacement "guts" were from a later model; the dealer didn't notice this, and only after I complained that I couldn't program my clock or use certain audio controls I used to have did they realize their error, resulting in yet another dash removal & replacement. I haveto add that the car has worked fine since, and I am grateful that all the major issues I had with this vehicle occurred while it was still under the (rather generous) warranty, with the exception of the exploding sunroof, which they would not cover.

    Good luck! I hope you are, like I was, still under warranty.
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