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Chevrolet Blazer Key Stuck

silverfoxdjrsilverfoxdjr Member Posts: 7
Hi Gang, I have a 2001 SLT Jimmy (49k) with a problem. A few months ago I had to have my multi-funtion switched replaced, ok no problem, then about a month ago the key would not go to the "HOME" position unless I played with the shifter and/or had the right touch on the brake peddle. This happens occasionally, but of course, at the wrong damn time!!I've had 5 back surgery's so I really can't maneuver like in the past, so I have to count on someone else's judgment (GRRRR) and I've had sooo many differant suggestions and the installer of the MF switch feels responsable but management says differently,does anyone have an idea where I can check some simple areas to start looking before I attempt to get on the floor and become part of the truck until the ER squad has to get the jaws of life to get me out? LOL


  • repairdogrepairdog Member Posts: 948
    Very possible not related (but just as possible it is) and the key will not rotate to off unless the trans cable is aligned correctly and that adjustment is on the side of the trans - takes 5 min when on a lift to do.
  • silverfoxdjrsilverfoxdjr Member Posts: 7
    Mr. Repairdog,
    thanks for the the tip and the time to effort to reply, much abliged! :)
  • isoiaisoia Member Posts: 6
    When my key was stuck, and it wasn't making any electrical connection, and no power whatsoever was to be seen, my Dad just cleaned the two way fuse located just beneath the battery and then it ran beautifully with no more electrical problems until the fuel filter failed three weeks later.
  • hdsperglidehdsperglide Member Posts: 4
    A frequent problem on Blazers and Jimmys is that the inner ignition switch (not the key tumbler) wears out and creates certain issues. The tranny won't shift, the key won't come out, and your first reactions is that you have a transmission problem!

    If you put a scanner on the vehicle, it will give you about 10 transmissions codes.

    The only thing that is wrong is the switch is shot. You have to pull the airbags, pull the steering wheel, disassembled the column and remove and replace the switch and accompanying harness. Watch out for sharp edges on the tye wraps...I almost bled to death the first time I did one...

    The whole job is easy, just follow the right procedure when disabling and removing the airbag, or you could be in for quite a jolt!
  • hollygeehollygee Member Posts: 2
    Hello silverfoxdjr. I have an '02 chevy blazer and the exact same thing happened to me about 3 months ago. I would put my truck in park and the key would not turn all the way back to release it from the ignition. I would have to continually thrust the shifter from neutral to park, neutral to park, about 20 times before it would finally release my key. Well that was a pain! So, I figured out that there was an emergency release button located underneath the steering wheel shaft. There is a little rubber cover covering the hole. Just remove the rubber cover and use an instrument (i.e. screwdriver, pen, pencil) to poke upward in the hole. It will automatically release your key! I didn't have enough money to take it in to a mechanic and have him charge me $50 just to locate the problem and then another $120 to fix it, so I just keep a pen in my glove compartment. Works like a charm! Now if you don't want to have to do that every single time you park your truck than I suggest taking it in and replacing the inner ignition switch. But it's way better than breaking your back trying to shift it in and out with the brake pedal 20 times. Hope this helps.
  • montreealmanmontreealman Member Posts: 2
    Hi I just bought a2001 blazerand was hoping you can tell me where exzctly this release button is.I can't find it thanks
  • tgeihltgeihl Member Posts: 2
    hollygee, Thank you very much for this pointer. I have a 2001 Bravada and this just happened to me yesterday. This forum is the closest that came to the problem. I did what you suggested and it worked like a charm. I was just wondering if you still do this post.....how long you were able to do this. I know it is something that has to be fixed I would just wondering if there is a time line to save up. Again, Thank You!!!!!
  • tgeihltgeihl Member Posts: 2
    It isn't a button. There is a plug in a hole about 3 inches under the ignition. The other holes under the colum don't have a plug in them they are screw holes. Pop out the plug and stick the pen in about 1-2 inches and the key should turn and come out. I just found out and did this yesterday and it worked great. I have a 2001 Bravada that it happened to.
  • justinf614justinf614 Member Posts: 1
    The exact same problem happened in my 03' S10 Chevy Blazer. After having the battery go dead once and throwing my truck into neutral/park a million times and having it not work.... I looked for the little switch underneathe the ignition and POOF, came right out.


  • has2bawayhas2baway Member Posts: 1
    I have an 03 Trail Blazer that the key is stuck also. It will not let you depress the gear selector button. The dash lights wont light, the blower will not blow, and sometimes the blinkers work. The head lights will not light up manually by the switch. They will come on when the key is turned to the on position. The service 4wd light is on and came on when all this started. Is possible that this could be the ignition switch in this vehicle causing this? Checked all relays & fuses. Seem to be ok. If I pull the ignition fuse #34, under the hood, the lights come on! Been trouble shooting for 2 days now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • montreealmanmontreealman Member Posts: 2
    Had same problem, could not find problem. Took pair of pliers and turned the ignition to the off making sure notto grip the key. Never had the problem again.
  • mamauriamamauria Member Posts: 1
    My gosh, you just saved my [non-permissible content removed]!!! I bought '02 jimmy yesterday. key couldn't go into lock position and I still can take key out and it can be started without key too, obviously not good and bad thing that it was draining the battery. I was so frustrated, did everything I could. If I'm lucky it will allow me turn it back to release. I was at the point that I wanted to run away and cry lol. I searched up to this post, went to truck, wow it was THAT easy! made my day!! It work like charm, I want just hug the crap out of you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!
  • alanwrenchitalanwrenchit Member Posts: 1
    Ok Guys, if your key is captured and you dropped the steering Colum, the fix is easy. drop the column again. on the right side top, just forward of the ignition there is a little black cable. you will see a black plastic thing in the middle of the cable. this is the steering lock adjuster. look for a plastic wedding band. on mine it popped off and went forward. this is the adjuster lock. if that happened then your going to have to weasel it back over the wide end of the adjuster with out breaking it. it seems pretty tough, didn't break. if you grab the cable on each end of the adjuster it will pull apart about 1/4 inch. now take your key out. put the band back in place. check with key again before bolting it back up.
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