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Honda Pilot Power Seat Memory

bogiejimbogiejim Member Posts: 51
edited March 2014 in Honda
I have a 2006 EXL with the power driver seat. I may be imagining this but it seems to me that once I set the seat, after I first got the vehicle, there was a memory that maintained that seat position. After I had the vehicle for about a year I noticed that the seat had returned to the floor the next morning when I got in. I have gone back and forth with Honda on this and can't seem to get an answer as to whether the seat should have a memory or not. It would seem to me to not make any sense for it not to. I have had the seat worked on twice at the dealer, the last time extensively as they installed a complete new motor system, yet I still have the same problem. Can anyone give me an answer on this issue?


  • tonys44tonys44 Member Posts: 9
    I have a 2004 EX-L and have the same problem. In my case the seat cushion drops to the lowest position, but does not do it consistently. On short stops the seat retains the position. On an overnight park, it almost always loses the memory. I had no problems with this when I first got the Pilot, like yours it started about a year later. I also have tried to research this and never got anywhere. You are the first person that I have encountered with this same problem.

    In my case, this is a leased vehicle that I will be turning in soon, so I am not even thinking about it anymore. It is strange though!
  • luvr1luvr1 Member Posts: 7
    Wow, Same exact problem but Pilot is an '08. Dealer has never heard of it. What do you think is our recourse? Lemon? New motor doesn't seem like an option. Help?
  • bogiejimbogiejim Member Posts: 51
    They replaced the motor in my vehicle. It has not solved the problem. There is no rhyme or reason to the seat moving back to the floor. Sometimes it drops back during a ten minute trip to the market, but almost always overnite. Honda gave me a response that the seat drops back down to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. That is ridiculous. The seat should be able to be put in your "comfort" positoin and stay there. I can't believe any engineer would design it otherwise. I have gotten no where in calling Honda. I have asked to speak with an engineer but that doesn't happen, I think I will probably write a letter and see how they respond to that. At least it's not just an isolated incident with my vehicle. Good Luck.
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