How do I change a light in the front

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2002 Tahoe:
During the day when I'm driving there are two lights near the headlights that are always on. One of them is out and yesterday when I tried to change it I couldn't figure out how to get to it. Again, its not the headlight, but the other lights that are on during the day. How do I change it or where can I find a diagram to show how to change it?


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    Do you mean the daytime running lights?

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    Yes, the daytime running lights.
    I'm not sure how to get to them to change it out?
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    Open hood, turn and pull up on metal piece (piece is L shaped and slides up and down) near the fender on each side holding headlamps in, pull forward and slide towards the outside the bottom headlamp assembly, twist out and replace bulb, reverse procedure to reinstall.
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    Those are the daytime running lights. Change those by taking a long screw driver and push the clip on the inner part of the cover closest to the front of the grill. It pops right out, turn the light and replace it and pop it back in. Any NAPA store should be able to show you how if you need help.
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    Anybody know how to get the headlamp assembly out of a 2007 Tahoe? I have removed the two bolts on top and attempt to pull the housing out and it will not budge.
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