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Best Convertible For ...

jefricejefrice Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in General
I am 6'5" and don't really fit comfortably in the porsche boxter or bmw z4... What is the best convertible 2 sports car for big boys?


  • aruncarunc Posts: 3
    Hi I researched quite a few convertibles I am 6ft2" so I can't totally speak to your position(pardon the pun) but I hate the top of my head touching the ceiling of the car like it does in allot of models. Off the cuff I would say Jaguar especially older used ones possibly a four seater BMW but I really like the Saab 9 3. Finally believe it or not and you probably will not believe it try fitting in a now discontinued used Volkswagen Cabrio GLX. I find the seats really comfortable with a wide range on height adjust and seat slide back it may work for you. The car is not a sports car but it has a peppy engine in a light weight and safe car some girls really seem to like the cute factor of the car and for me it has a nice German drive feel. Plus for the price of a used Cabrio you will have enough left over to put gas in the car even at 200.00 a barrel. Oh and to help out with that the car gets pretty good mpg's
    Hope this helps!
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    I am 6'4" and headroom in most convertibles was/is a real issue for me. I fit very comfortably in a Volvo C70. We love our 2007 C70!
  • jgoepeljgoepel Posts: 2
    I've had two different BMW 3-series (2000 and 2006), and my lease is about to expire (November of this year) on my current 3-series. I like the car a lot, but I've convinced my wife that a convertible would be fun for us. We're looking at purchasing this car with the intent to keep it as a "fun" car for the family since we live within about two hours of the beach.

    Cars on our current "to-drive" list include the Toyota Solara, Mercedes CLK, BMW 6-series, and VW Eos. Did we leave any off that you'd recommend? We can't decide between new and used (though the budget-associated flexibility that a used car would afford makes for strong arguments in that direction), so any feedback on even slightly older models is appreciated.

    A little background about us:
    We have two young boys, so we need something that can readily accomodate kids in booster seats and there has to be enough "leg room" that they can sit comfortably even with me sitting in the driver's seat (I'm 5'10", with 32" inseam). We're also buying this car with the expectation that we'll have it long enough that the boys will grow out of the seats and need "real" leg room. I find the rear leg room measurments provided by some car manufacturers to be confusing/disingenuous, so I'd appreciate some feedback on just how much rear leg room there REALLY is in your convertible. For example, can four "normal" height adults ride comfortably in there for a few hours? Also, how 'bout the trunk; is it big enough to hold the luggage and "stuff" a family of four typically takes on a long weekend/week at the beach, especially with the top down?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • joeauburnjoeauburn Posts: 1
    I have 645 CI. Drove for 4 yrs w/6yr old and 9yr old. I am 6'5 and wife is 5'7. We did take two and three hour trips w/car and it was fun. The problem w/younger kids is their hips are not long enough for deep rear seats so that the back of their knees do not reach edge of seat. With older child not a problem but w/younger child legs would stick straight forward. Now that they are older it is a litle more difficult. When we take car out around town, I actually sit in back and put front seat forward. (6'5")
    Trunk space is very deep and large with the "bangle" bump in trunk lid. It is especially large w/top up and in trunk "space saver" retracted. This is area lowered top is typically stored. Fun, large car. Short trips (2 hrs) are possible and kids love top down. Hope this helps.

    I am moving forward to midsize saloon, to get larger rearseat. My kids are medium to large for their age.
  • jgoepeljgoepel Posts: 2
    Thanks Joe, that was very helpful!
  • MINI Cooper S. I'm 6'6" with a 36" inseam. I fit VERY comfortably in my MINI cooper S. Mine is a coupe as opposed to the convertible but they both have lots of headroom and legroom. The handling and road feel is exceptional. It may not be a total rocket but it's pretty zippy, especially when you want to accelerate from 15-30, 30-50, etc. Merging and passing are a breeze.
  • I don't know why anyone with a family of more than 2 would by this car. While it is a very, very nice car the rear seat legroom is terrible. I'm 5'9 and have short legs. The salesman could not ride behind me during the test drive because there was not enough room. What a darn shame!!!!
  • Hello,
    I currently am looking to purchase a convertible to replace my Crossfire. i have the need to put a rearward facing car seat in the back. Other than the Wangler Unlimited, is there another convertable that is car seat friendly?

    Just looking for available options. So far I don't think nice seen another vehicle that would be friendly for a rearward facing but figured I would ask as well.

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