Hyundai Accent Engine Questions

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I have a 2001 Accent 1.6L engine. Timing belt just went while driving, just wondering if anyone knows if the engine has a non-interference head or not? Or will I possibly be looking at Valve work as well as just replacing the belt?


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    hi folks,

    Sorry if this line of questioning seems uninformed. I just purchased a 2007 Accent for my wife and it seems to me that the valve-train is kind of noisey, at least somewhat louder than I'm used to with my previous cars. I don't see any requirement in the car's maintenance schedule for a valve adjustment so I assume the valves are supposed to be self-adjusting. I'm not at all familiar with the way the "continously variable valve timing" mechanism works...maybe all CVVT lifter configurations are self-adjusting? I have no clue.

    If mildly tapping valve lifters is something I just have to live with, I can do that, but if there is an initial adjustment that I can do to quiet them down before the engine gets too many miles on it then I'd like to know about it. Otherwise, I expect that I'll be forced to visit the dealer at some point to have prematurely worn lifters replaced. Thus-far I've had no luck finding any information on the net that can shed any light on this subject. I'll soon be purchasing a shop manual (if the dealer does not continually claim it is out of stock like the dealer did on my last new car) and I figure I can most likely get the info I need out of that, but until then, I hate to drive the car, setting up a wear-pattern on the lifters that will make them permanently noisey, with complete replacement being the only alternative.

    Please don't advise me to talk to a dealer about this...I'm very sure the dealer does not have my best interests in mind when it comes to service work, and I don't expect they'll be sharing any technical info.

    I'd greatly appreciate any little bit of information that might shed some light on this subject.

    Thank you very much!
  • originalmoonzoriginalmoonz Member Posts: 6
    Through the use of Hyundai's website I have been able to answer my own 2007 Accent has non-adjustable hydraulic lifters. I guess a bit of valvetrain noise is a small price to pay for not having to pull the valve cover every 25,000 miles...:D
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    :sick: glad that u found that out. I'm not a mechanic, though i can strip a chainsaw PDQ. JUsst seeing what they were about
  • g_loggerg_logger Member Posts: 2
    :cry: "A bad year?" Yeah,,,, we're having one of those. Our daughter lived../..died in my hands at delivery April 22,06...Her great-grandpa 4 days befor her...just like the old fart to take and spoil his grand/greatgrand children...Hsp.bills put a 500.00 service bill at KIA a little out of question. So we decided I should change the oil. 1 month ago driving to work the wife said light came on and the 05 ran no more. Towed it two blocks to KIA and the said several things...none of which matched except the part about give us 9 thousand cash and we will put in a new motor...your 10yr/100,000 warrenty ..... HA HAHA...sure. Had it towed home..They have not given me the filter back though they were to send it with tow driver. Been there twice and "oh he is at lunch" usually I got there at 3:30. Took what little savings we had to pay "afriend" and we are now on the third opening ... had to let"friend" last night I started again since the knocking started again within a few miles. Im mentally :sick: and now I have to open this up by myself. the "friend" said oh yeah if we pull the motor out I can get that rod and ...blah blahblah. How is he so sure it is the one he thinks it is. strangely it started up the last time we put it togather and then cleaning up when we got back there was a small round metal ballbearing like thing left where all the parts were kept. I had never heard of a lash adjuster/let alone seen one but after reading kiatechinfo manual pg.afer pg (printer died too)for the past threedays pretty solid lash adjuster jumped out. I hope the ball in the lash adjuster doesn't look like what I have...wish me luck, I'm going to operate right now..I will check back in around 3:00 PST to see if there is any advice, warnings..and to report progress. :sick:
  • originalmoonzoriginalmoonz Member Posts: 6
    You have my deepest sympathy.

    As for the car, I'm afraid I can't quite sort out what you are saying you think is wrong with it. Rod bearings?...a complete set of rod bearings shouldn't cost more than about a hundred bucks, should it?
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  • fishman768fishman768 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info there.
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    Can anyone change out a timing belt, or must I pay Saturn $600 to do it?
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    I have a 2007 SE automatic transmission. Owning it only two weeks so far, and it has been not starting the past three days. First I thought I didn't have it in Park all the way, but it was.

    When I turn the key NOTHING happens. Like there's no power at all... no clicking noise, nothing. I wait a while and try again, and again, eventually it starts. Once I do get it to turn over, all electrical stuff like the Trip A/B and radio setting have all reset, and I have to start all over to reset stations, and have lost my mileage on the Trip counter.

    I'm thinking it could be a electrical short somewhere. Will this be something hard to trace down, or can it be hooked up to the computer and some code will come up? I'm going to the dealer next week to check it out.
  • scottnychayscottnychay Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Huundai Accent SE that I purchased 9/06. Since new, during initial start-up, the idle speed varies during the first 10 to 30 seconds, depending how cold the outside temperature is. I told the dealer's service advisor about this, when I brought the car in for scheduled maintance, on three occasions, and three different advisors stated that this is normal for all hyundais on all models. Does anyone know if this is fact?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    As you noted, the engine idle speed is varying with outside temperature. The whole point is to get the engine up to operating temperature as soon as possible. That's why the car will idle at a higher speed for a longer period of time when it's cold out.

    My cars behave this way. I'd be inclined to agree with three different people who all said it's normal.
  • pj2288pj2288 Member Posts: 1
    just curious as to what the problem was with your 07 Accent starting...I am figuring a loose battery connection? I ask because I just bought an 07 accent myself.Thanks
  • mary6906mary6906 Member Posts: 2
    Yes, it was something simple after all.

    It WAS one of the battery cables that wasn't attached properly. Easy fix.
  • fishman768fishman768 Member Posts: 4
    Is there anyplace that will explain a code that comes up on a scanner? I have a PO707 code coming up on mine have found some info on it thru various searches.

    Looking for something that might actually explain what the cause and possible fis for it could be.

    Car is a 2001 Accent GLS 145K miles
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    at 2800 miles my accent O2 sensor went out. dealer said it was probably bad from the factory. replaced under warranty.

    tried to rent an accent from hertz, was all set and when got to hertz place, they said the check engine lite was on. this was the first indication that my sensor was out on my car.

    anyone else had sensor problems?
  • suzyq9241suzyq9241 Member Posts: 2
    I have an Accent 04 with 96800 miles and my transmission went 2 nights ago...
    I do have a warranty 10yr /100000 miles

    It is at the Hyundai shop right now...I need a new transmission but I need to show proof (3) of them that I had the fluid changed... now I know I can get 1 of them but the other 2 I cant remember where or the name of the places.. 1. in Florida - dont know what town...2. in Virginia... again dont know what town....

    What can I do...

    Is there anything I can do...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Do you know when the fluid was changed, at least month and year? If so, maybe you could either get a copy of the cancelled check(s) or ask your credit card company for a copy of the bills for those months, showing the payments to the shops.
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    Hi, I was trying to change my timing belt and tensioner. I removed everything and was putting in a new tensioner. However, I'm having a problem putting the spring back on. Somehow, I need to compress the spring to fit it around the tensioner and the other piece. I tried every type of pliers and hose clamps. I spent over six hours working on this lousy stupid one dollar spring. This can't be that hard. You would think if it was so difficult to put back on there would be some explanation in auto manuels. ANy help is greatly appreciated.
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    hello there am new to hyundai am a technection i have a problem with a 98 accent the transmitssion is leajing and have no power, so i have a 01 accent i decided to put o1 transmitssion in 98 but i notice on the valve body the 98 have 4 pin and the 01 have 6 pin. so i needed a suggestion i was thinking to swap computers but 98 dont have any o2 sensor can the o1 exuast minifold work on the 98 just to save me the time. help
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    About two days ago, the engine on my 2000 Hyundai Accent started sputtering at low rpms (below 2,000 rpm) when driving and I had to downshift to get rid of the sputtering. But when I revved the engine on neutral, there was no sputtering.

    This had happened in the past during cold temperatures and it only happened here again this winter when the temperature fell to about -10 C for the first time, so I didn't pay much attention to it. However, yesterday, the problem worsened and the sputtering expanded to higher rpms (about 3,000 rpm). Also, there was a ping noise that would come.

    Unfortunately, my trusted mechanic is on his annual vacation and I have no idea when he gets back. So I had to take it into one of the chain service stations and the mechanic there says that he couldn't read the code for the engine light completely, but said I needed to change the catalytic converter, which costs apparently 675 dollars. Could a catalytic converter be the cause of this sputtering, since it happens only when driving and the catalytic converter is involved in cleaning up the gases post combustion? Wouldn't it more likely be something regarding fuel injection or moisture in the engine compartment or something?

    I realize even more the value of an honest, trusted mechanic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • litesong1litesong1 Member Posts: 39
    My wife & I bought a 2008 Accent that she...& I...are v. pleased with. I 'm astounded by how well the clutch & 5speed short throw transmission work so wonderfully together! Shifting & engaging the clutch is the 2nd smoothest I've ever experienced on cars that I've driven...just wonderful.

    However, two things I note when reversing into the garage in which the driveway is at a fairly steep upward angle. First, the engine cuts out without warning if I let the rpms get a bit too low on the driveway. My wife notices this characteristic too. The rpms have to be quite low. Its not like I have to back up at 2500+rpms. Its just something to get used to. Also, some times I notice a smell...maybe a bit of clutch burn? As I said, I'm not over revving to keep the car from stalling. So I find this clutch(?) smell surprising. Might it just be the newness of the drivetrain?
  • g3minig3mini Member Posts: 4
    I recently bought a new 2007 Accent 4 door automatic. I noticed that when I start accelerating from low speed or a stop, it sometimes seems to have a problem getting into gear - it's like a bit of a jerking feeling before it actually kicks in and accelerates. I don't know how else to describe it.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • litesong1litesong1 Member Posts: 39
    You didn't mention if you tromp on the gas or ease into the acceleration. Many cars hesitate before taking off if you tromp on the gas. But easing into the gas pedal(even if you floor the pedal after that), should allow the engine to return smoother acceleration results. When tromped, I even noticed hesitation on a VW GTI w/automatic dual clutch transmission which otherwise had stunning superlative performance.
  • cammer6cammer6 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue. When I accelerate aftering rounding a corner or something similar I get the jerking. On top of that, when I go to pass another vehicle sometimes my Accent doesn't shift into gear and just kind of redlines the tachometer. It normally isn't until I take my foot off of the gas that the car jerks (very hard) into gear. By that time any opportunity to pass a slow moving vehicle is gone. I sometimes drive on the DC beltway and having a vehicle that doesn't want to work properly could get you into an accident. I have recently taken my Accent in (for the 3rd time) to get looked at. The first visit with the mechanic resulted in them changing the oxygen sensor. They said it was faulty and that was the reason I was jerking. There was a TSP too that mentioned my symptoms that they fixed as well. The second visit might have been another oxygen sensor, but they did con me into the 30K service which they said should solve all of my problems. It didn't. Hopefully my problem will get solved this time around. I will keep you posted.
  • g3minig3mini Member Posts: 4
    yeah, it sounds like you are having a similar issue to me, cammer6. i'm due for my 3 months check up soon and they are going to trouble shoot it then. it isn't happening as much as it was when i first started driving it, but it's still doing it. i know what you mean about the possibility of it causing an accident. you think you are going to accelerate quickly, as you should, but that hesitation could cause an accident if you don't get your speed up. i will mention the oxygen sensor to them if they say they don't know what it is etc.
    i wish buying a car was the same as anything else - you aren't happy, you can exchange it for another one that works properly!! ugh.
    thanks and do keep me posted!
  • g3minig3mini Member Posts: 4
    i wouldn't say that i'm tromping on the gas but i know what you mean. this is normal acceleration when stepping on the gas.
  • hwhitesellhwhitesell Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 2000 accent. I had the oxygen sensor replaced and it ran smooth again. It will also do this if your car is miss firing and in need of a tune-up.
  • g3minig3mini Member Posts: 4
    thanks. i'll remember that when i go in for my 6 month and see what they say.
  • jcw3jcw3 Member Posts: 1
    Lately I've been having starting issues with my 2000 Hyundai Accent GL
    which always turns over on the first crank. One particular day last
    week, it started up right away until I shut the engine off at one of
    my routine stops for the day. Car would not start. Waited about
    15 minutes and tried again before it finally turned over like it normally
    does on the first try. Brought it to a reliable repair shop for a complete
    tuneup (wires, plugs, air filter, fuel filter). Everything was working fine
    until the other day when I came to a traffic light stop and the engine
    just died and was unable to start the car again. Engine cranks, but
    won't turn over until about 15 minutes of rest. Hope someone has a
    answer for me. This car has been good for the past 8 years. Problem
    like this can be frustrating. THERE IS NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT
    COMING ON. Look forward to a response. JC
  • robert127robert127 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Accent, quit running. Found had no fuel, replaced pump, now have fuel and good spark... still won't fire. Any suggestions?
  • mncarmncar Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2004 Accent with only 13k on the odometer.
    The maintenance schedule states the timing best needs to be replaced at four years or 60k miles. After just purchasing the car, it seems ridicules that I would have to change a timing belt on a car which has only 13k miles.
  • vlbrooksvlbrooks Member Posts: 4
    MY new 08 accent seems to tach very high although I am not yet very familiar with the car. I will cruise in 5th. and the tach will be at 3K. Doesnt this seem quite high for overdrive. Maybe these small engines are all this way? Any comments about your experiences? thanks vince
  • martygusmartygus Member Posts: 1
    I am hoping some one knows the correct cold weather starting procedure (below 0) for a 2003 Hyundai accent? My grown daughter more often then not floods her accent everytime the temp drops below 0, then she calls me. I live 100 miles away, so it is tough for me to go rescue her. After a few hours of sitting, it always seems to start for her. I have had some cars where it was ok to hold the gas pedal part way down (but NOT pump) when it did not start without touching the pedal. Any advice I can pass along to my daughter would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks much...
  • dreadhead1462dreadhead1462 Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like either your Crank Positioning Sensor or your Cam Shaft Sensor...

    Both can come at a hefty price, I'd try the CPS first. Sometimes, the part will come with the manual to put it in - it's rather easy to do.

    Eventually, if it is the CPS or the CSS, your car won't start anymore. It'll continue to crank but won't fire. Good luck!
  • fitdcfitdc Member Posts: 9
    Anybody have any pro/cons re various ram air intakes for the Accent?
  • 99accent99accent Member Posts: 237
    Pcv valve, accent, dohc
    96-02 $11.38

    Pcv valve, accent, sohc
    96-02 $12.77 Which is the right pcv valve for my car
  • stephen987stephen987 Member Posts: 1,994
    That depends on whether you have the SOHC engine or the DOHC engine.
  • 99accent99accent Member Posts: 237
    what does the SOHC MEAN AND THE DOHC ITS SOUNDS LIKE single overhead cam on one?
  • stephen987stephen987 Member Posts: 1,994
    SOHC=single overhead cam
    DOHC=dual overhead cam

    Probably labeled on the valve cover. I would suspect that most Accents were SOHC.
  • 99accent99accent Member Posts: 237
    in any case will the PVC be different from a SOHC as to a DOHC engine?
  • 99accent99accent Member Posts: 237
    in any case will the PVC be different from a SOHC as to a DOHC engine? to stephen987
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    in any case will the PVC be different from a SOHC as to a DOHC engine?

    Possibly, but a quick check of a few online auto parts web sites only show the 1.5 ltr SOHC engine as a choice for the 99 Accent. I would hazard a guess that is the engine you have. Just to be safe, check the valve cover on the engine and look for SOHC or DOHC. Also, if you see something like 16V on the valve cover, that is a DOHC engine, but I would not expect to see that. YMMV. ;)
  • justmebluesjustmeblues Member Posts: 1
    where is the plug for the computer diagnostic too?

  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    I have a 2001 Accent with the 1.6L motor. We've been getting a check engine lamp illumination for some time and there has obviously been an exhaust leak for the last year or so. It sounded like the leak was coming from the behind the heat shield that covers the O2 sensor. In three seconds an auto repair technician quickly pointed out that the manifold is cracked in the area around the O2 sensor. Apparently he's seen this before.

    Anybody else have this problem and if so, what did it cost to have it repaired?

  • j_buchanan227j_buchanan227 Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    got my battery and everything else checked...everything is why is my car dying?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Your car is under warranty. Your best bet is to get thee to a Hyundai dealer and have them hook it up to their diagnostic machine and check it out. But a dying car can be due to reasons other than the car, e.g. bad gas.
  • j_buchanan227j_buchanan227 Member Posts: 2
    The dealer found nothing wrong. but thanks any way
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Try another dealer, since that dealer seems to be incompetent.
  • 04axxent04axxent Member Posts: 1
    My car is is having a misfire in cylinder one when I get on the throttle to aggressively. At first I attempted to change the fuel filter and throughout the searching for it never found it. We chased the line from rail to tank and even pulled the pump. So we read the computer and the misfire problem and an O2 sensor problem. I change the O2 sensor and no change was made so I have tried a new TPS, but that didn't solve the problem. Now I am wondering where I should look. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • 01accentgs01accentgs Member Posts: 1
    i was driving and my timing belt broke in turn bending valve(s) in my #3 cylinder. any help would be greatly appreciated. videos are ideal
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