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I am looking for more horsepower and sportier suspension. How do I research what is available for my uneventful 115 HP non-turbo 4cyl Jetta GLS yr 2000? Any recommendations? Thanks.


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    For moderate performance gains, a ECU (chip) upgrade, free-flowing performance exhaust, a high-flow catalytic converter and a performance camshaft will give you anywhere from an additional 15-40 hp.

    For higher performance gains (more than 40 hp), a turbo or supercharger will be necessary (in addition to the performance upgrades above). These may require modifications to the engine mechanicals (i.e. thicker headgasket to lower the engine compression, lower compression pistons, stronger crankshaft, etc.)

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  • kaiderkaider Member Posts: 2
    Can i turbo my 2003 jetta GLI? every time i search for a turbo for it, all i come up with is turbos for TDI's or GLI 2.0 and 1.8. I have a 2.8, can it be done?
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    i have a manual 99 jetta and i wanna start upgrading it but i don't know where to start HELP!!!!!
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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Another tuner concept, this one with 70 more horses.

    Volkswagen Scirocco Studie R

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    You'll need a super charger! Look that up and see how much fun you can have... ;)
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    i have a 2001 1.8t jetta and the only mod is a bov, it pulls fine when you first start driving it but for some reasson after a wile it just stops boosting. what can i do? upgrade to a front mount? :sick:
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