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I know this question has problem been asked and
answered a million times on here . . but I'm kinda
pressed for time. Does anyone have any suggestions
for a good bug removal product. I have a Red
Accord . . and I want to get rid of the bug juice
and guts on it. I also don't want to mess up the
paint job . . .so, what do ya'll recommend?


  • mazda323mazda323 Member Posts: 66
    try a long soak with water. Also, you can find special cleaning products for this. I think one product is called Bug Off and is a foam that you leave on for a few minutes. It disolves bug guts and juice.
  • guitarzanguitarzan Member Posts: 873
    One word: Clay Magic. :)
  • ext_7174ext_7174 Member Posts: 3
    Guitarzan, When did "Clay Majic" become ONE word ?
  • guitarzanguitarzan Member Posts: 873
    I'm not going to answer that, simply because I don't know the answer!
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    There is a little thing shaped like a sponge in the dish detergent section of any grocery store called a "Dobie". Its made by the 3M company. It takes off all of the bugs without any chemicals. Just use it like a sponge when you wash your car. It won't scratch. My Dad saw it on some Truck show. By the way, they also sell the bigger version in the automotive section at your local K-mart.
  • anecanec Member Posts: 1
    Try to use plastic bug deflectors. .. I don't really think it's a way to avoid collisions with bugs at all but anyway you need to wash your headlights only :)
  • ral2167ral2167 Member Posts: 791
    i went to k mart and could not find this so-called Dobie sponge-- are you making this up? what does this dobie look like, as far as packaging? i need help, bad
  • scmhockeyscmhockey Member Posts: 45
    I think you would have better luck finding a dobie at a grocery store in the cleaner aisle.
  • ral2167ral2167 Member Posts: 791
    i will look for this Dobie at the grocery store-- but i'm not optimistic as i don't know what the packaging looks like-- have never heard of such a thing and if i find out there's no such thing as a dobie i am going to be peeved.
  • jbauerjbauer Member Posts: 39
    My wife has bought hundreds of dobies, they do exist. You can find them in the cleaning isle of your grocery store. But here is an old inexpensive fix for bugs, tar, etc.....kerosene. I've used it for years and it works far better and cheaper than the store products like bug off and the like. It won't hurt your clear coat either. Try it, you'll be amazed how easy and cheap it is.
  • rea98drea98d Member Posts: 982
    Varsol (a paint solvent) also works well. I've found using varsol and a plastic pot scrubber will take bugs off without harming the paint job (Just be sure to get a plastic, and not a metal pot scrubber, or you'll be taking paint off your car.) Also, a friend told me that if you coat the front of your vehicle with WD-40 before a road trip, when you was it, bugs will wash right off. Be warned, I've never been brave enough to test WD-40, so I can't veryify its effects on paint (although he said it wouldn't harm the car.)
  • barnackybarnacky Member Posts: 2
    I've always used a product called Bug & Tar. Works great.
  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    Now, now, as your critic implied, Clay Magic is two words. If you had just said "Erazer", why then, you would have one word. Ok, I'm having a little fun 'cause you're a sensitive CL driver. But your recommendation of using 'clay' is very good. I also find the idea of using a 'Dobi' interesting. But it just might be a little too abrasive for some waxes and/or polymers. But worth a careful try. Since I'm a Zaino user, I presently spray the front of my bug-full car with a little Zaino Z6 and watch the dead bug slid off. A quick wipe and they're all gone.
  • snowmansnowman Member Posts: 540
    I am using dashboard polish (armor-all and Finish 2001)for bug removal. One pro told me to stay away from WD 40 for bug removal. Did you guys hear anything about the side effects of those dash polishers.
  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    What's wrong with WD40? I haven't heard anything about side effects of 'dash polishers'.
  • snowmansnowman Member Posts: 540
    Well, he said, it will cause peal offs. Not so sure but I steer clear.
  • guitarzanguitarzan Member Posts: 873
    That would make sense if they had used a petroleum based product (plastic?) to cover the dash.

    Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • enigma23enigma23 Member Posts: 36
    Use bathroom cleaner. Works great for Bug removal. I use Soft Scrub or Dow bathroom cleaner, the one with the "Dow scrubbing bubbles". Works great, no scratching, no fading of paint. Just spray on, let foam for a about 2 minutes and wipe off.
  • tonewheeltonewheel Member Posts: 47
    The product referred to in an earlier post is Westley's Bug and Tar remover. I use it, and it works, period. But I only use it after washing the car and really letting the water soak into those bug guts, removing as much as possible with a wet sponge. While the car is still wet (before drying), I wet a rag with the Westley's and watch the bugs come right off. Downside? This product will remove any wax or polish, so be sure to reapply afterwards. This product does not harm your finish.
  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    BMW dealers used to sell an insect remover in a plastic spray bottle. It worked better than anything I have ever used, but it's no longer available. I believe the same product is now sold by the German company Autosol. Might be worth the search.
  • croctcroct Member Posts: 26
    I`ve always used hot tap water to remove bugs and
    a little #1 kerosene to remove tar.Not knowing for sure if I was taking the polish off or not
    I always applied another layer of polish on the areas that I removed bugs and tar.I would steer away from any rough or abrasive sponges no matter they are made of.Note:If the water is too hot for your skin it`s too hot for your car.Also letting the kerosene soak into the tar for a couple of minutes makes the removal of tar much easier.
    You don`t want to do either on a freshly painted vehicle until the paint has cured.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Member Posts: 168
    Howdy folks:

    I discovered what I think is the best method for removing bugs and other debri from the front of my vehicle. A while back, another car splashed up some white paint that had spilled on the roadway up onto the front area of my car. Fortunately it was water based. Anyway, the removal process was quite time consuming. I finally got impatient and went and grabbed the nylon scrub pad I use to clean the pots/pans. I used this in a small area w/lots of water and miracle of miracles, the white paint spots came off! This did not harm the finish at all, and I used it to remove those bugs that get all over the front area in warm weather. I have used this method to keep the front of my car looking good without purchasing any chemicals and the finish has not been compromised and those bugs now have a new enemy - the nylon scrub pad!!

    Try it - it works even better than you might think!

    Michael J.
  • loyolaloyola Member Posts: 26
    There's a scrubber that being used for cleaning
    those acrylic aquarium tanks. I've been in the reefkeeping hobby for almost five years now and I know this scrubber really works. I keep a seperate
    pad for my car/van for taking off those nasty bugs/bird "droppings". They come in pads of different brands and sizes. Just go to any fish/aquarium store and ask for an ACRYLIC tank scrubber (and NOT FOR GLASS TANKS )!!!. Its WHITE in color...

    p.s. I think pets r' us has it too
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    is to avoid Florida between mid-Sept and mid-Oct. Last year, we drove to Panama City in late September and I was amazed at the "bird droppings" that were literally "hanging" in the air. I asked a local what it was and she told me it was the "Love Bug" season. Apparently, they mate in the middle of the air, while flying, and there are billiosn and trillions of them, clogging the air for 3-4 weeks. Great experience, took weeks to remove them from the car.
  • georgagentgeorgagent Member Posts: 1
    The mentioned love bugs have an acidic base when left on your vehicle will damage paint,On long trips spray the leading edge of your front end (not windshields )with pam cooking spray,this will prevent anything from sticking to your front end.This comes from a motorhome magazine..It works
  • ygstohioygstohio Member Posts: 1
    The best way I have found to remove bugs is common baking soda... soak the car with water put a liberal amount of baking soda on terry cloth washrag or whatever and they are gone. Rinse area well you will be amazed!
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Member Posts: 290
    Try a product by Stoner called Tarminator. Takes off bugs, tar, grime, and all other annoying sticky stuff.
  • guitarzanguitarzan Member Posts: 873
    Baking soda is extremely abrasive, I would not use it.

    Wax the vehicle well, use a wax that can be layered (Zaino is a premium one, I don't know of cheaper ones that do this) and bugs and tar will remove easily/easier.

    Tar remover is great after the fact. Such harsh chemicals shouldn't be necessary if the above is followed.
  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    I hate it when bugs fly into my car, but they won't have the guts to do it again.

    What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when he hits your windshield? His [non-permissible content removed]!

    Hey people, I recommend that you stay away from Eagle1 bug and tar remover.

    I had a brand new Grand Cherokee with spots of road tar on the vinyl cladding around the lower part of the doors and fenders. I looked at different products for removing the tar, and they all recommended that you do a "test spot" to be sure that the paint wouldn't be damaged. All except Eagle1, that is. They didn't say anything about a test spot, so I figured they must be sure their product wouldn't damage the paint. It said on the can that it was safe for all painted surfaces, so I figured it would be safe on the cladding.

    I followed their instructions to the letter, but it took some of the paint everywhere I used it. The cladding was gray, and everywhere I used the Eagle1 the gray was a lighter shade!

  • tsjaytsjay Member Posts: 4,591
    My apologies. It was Lifter1 Bug and Tar Remover that damaged the paint on my Jeep, not Eagle1 (if there is such a thing as Eagle1 Bug and Tar Remover).

  • boz112boz112 Member Posts: 1
    To keep the bugs from sticking, spray the plastic front ends with armor all and if there's any metal, use a little WD-40 and wipe it on. If they don't stick, you won't need that nasty stuff to get 'em off!
  • spyderturbospyderturbo Member Posts: 31
    Try using a material called, taffeta. You can buy this in a fabric store. Soak it in a bucket of water and rub gently on the bugs. It will remove most bugs easily and without chemicals.

    Not sure how it works but it works!
  • ocd1ocd1 Member Posts: 4
    After reading all the posts on bug and tar removal, it seems there are plenty of interesting methods that are used. however, my question is I just picked up a product by bluemagic 'road tar and bug gel' has any one tried this particular product? if so please let me know. I am probably going to try it tomorrow. But anyones's opinion would be appreciated. thanx.
  • pat455pat455 Member Posts: 603
    Come back and let us know how it works.

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  • ocd1ocd1 Member Posts: 4
    Well, I tried the bluemagic 'road tar and bug gel'
    I was quite impressed with the product. I used it after I first washed and dried the truck. It worked very well. I just squirted a bit on a clean white cloth and applied to the areas where the yucky bug splatter was left. I didn't have to rub very hard at all, it applies easily and actually has a nice citrus smell. It is safe for clear coats. If you are curious please give it a try i'd like to hear what anyone else thinks of this product. I found it at the local PEP BOYS in my area. Thought. After using it on the grill of the truck. I started to wonder whether I could use it on the windshield as well. I will have to try it the next time I wash the truck.
  • hooferhoofer Member Posts: 43
    of Simple Green and water in a spray bottle. I use it on the wheels and tires too.

    best of luck
  • niesamowityniesamowity Member Posts: 3
    I tried to remove an egg which sat on my hood for three days I believe
    plenty of water and car soap did just some of the trick
    2-3 hours off buffing, 1/2 of hood stripped from wax and still lots of this stuff left

    anything good for egg?
  • joe166joe166 Member Posts: 401
    Shouldn't this be posted to the "Egg" removal conference? I think this will be very hard to remove as it may have interacted with the paint. Call a professional. Sal Zaino of the Zaino Bros company which makes the line of car care products and who is a painter and prepares cars for car shows takes calls and emails. Look up his web site, get in contact and see if he reccomends any of his products for this. I am sure it has happened many times before. I think claying the surface might work better than "buffing", but maybe it is too late. For much more on "claying" see the store bought waxes and the separate Zaino forum in this section. Good luck.
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    i known that the ...
  • enfoireenfoire Member Posts: 1
    I use my wife's old pantyhose dipped in warm soapy water to get the bugs off. It also helps if you keep a good coat of wax on the paint.
  • tamcotamco Member Posts: 40
    Do you use this method to remove BUGS with or without actually wearing her pattyhose?? If it is the later, it surely must be quite a site to behold! TAMCO
  • cris768cris768 Member Posts: 5
    you should use a soft cotton wash mitt and then use a citric based cleaner like auto wash from p21s. found it at:
  • 98monte_ls98monte_ls Member Posts: 117
    I am desperate. I made a road trip to Florida two weeks ago and now the front of my Monte is covered with lovebug residue which does not come off with washing. i need some advice and quick before its too late. How do I save my paint???
  • mercedesdebestmercedesdebest Member Posts: 5
    Clay bars remove contaminants and bugs easily!
  • toad10toad10 Member Posts: 12
    Try using kerosene. Been using it for years and works great. It's alot cheaper to considering you can get get a gallon for $1.55 compared to $2.00 or so for a quart if your lucky. Good luck.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Too late. The insides of love bugs will eat through the clearcoat paint in a few days.
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