Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Payload Questions

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I am thinking of driving from New York to florida with a 450 pound motorcycle strapped in the bed. Is this safe with the S10. I hope to keep the other items under 1000lbs. Would it be safer to trailer the bike? Thanks


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    Not enough information, year, model, engine, transmission. Any factory tow kit installed.
    So you are going to load 1450 lbs, plus passengers and fuel load.
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    It's a 2002 S10 LS extended cab, auto trans with bumper hitch. I didn't think about the fuel weight.

    Motorcycle: 450lbs
    Driver: 180lbs
    Kayak: 80lbs
    camping gear: ?
    Fuel: ?

    The manual says payload is 1000lbs.

    This is my first truck in 15 years. I am not too sure of hauling that much weight for 1500 miles. Whay do you think? Thanks for your help.
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    I don't see any problem, you can actually tow or load more than it's rated for and not have a problem. The manufacture goes by engineering specs, not many truck owners pay much attention to them. What owners avoid is gross overload. Have a great trip.
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    This thread is pretty old already,
    but how did your tour go?

    First thing I did was upgrade the shocks to the best I could find. Roughly $400,00
    They made a night and day difference with load and handling.

    Tires are next, as you don't want constant vibration, period. It's not worth it if they are worn 50%. Save them for spares. Your narrow profile and any huge crisis that occurs to where you need to make severe changes in direction is the final test with added load.
    Keep the heaviest articles as low as possible. Drain the Bikes fuel into a spare can for your trip.

    Minimum of 4 high quality straps holding the bike in place regardless what happens.Check them often, as the suspension settles and straps get slack.

    I always make it the Rule, even hauling earth moving equipment that if the vehicle is ever found upside down, that the load will still be fastened in solid.

    I watched helplessly as a family died on the opposite side of freeway when one idiot did not use any common sense and lost control. The load escaped, tumbled into median and landed on oncoming car. It was a 8500 lb Bobcat that tumbled like a football.
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    Thanks for the advise. I plan to be going next summer. I will be up grading the shocks and installing a trans cooler.
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    That's a great idea with adding a cooler.
    I planned a tour I need to do in the next couple of days. Roughly 4000 miles as crow goes.
    I started a couple months ago, and had all the fluids changed.
    All the gear boxes flushed out twice now. It has to be done hot or the grime just sticks to the bottom like old cookie crumbs in bottom of coffee cup.

    If it's cold when done, it will just get warmed up and mixed in again with the new fluid. So that's no gain, and getting out all the trash will stop dead in it's tracks any further wear. Magnetic plugs are a God send to use to capture metal trash.

    Noticed the temp was running a bit high, and replaced the radiator.
    Huge difference.
    And new tires now. I screwed up and forgot to go grab my used ones that I could of reused on something. They are just like the ones I replaced darnit.

    I personally use a 10 foot V Nose trailer, because loading a 800 lb scooter into the back this high on a 4x4 would kill me if it got out of control with a 1800 VTX.

    He's a 2000 now ready for the tour, except for the seats. I want new seats that recline.
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