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Cadillac SRX Tilting Passenger Mirror

Has anyone had any experience with the tilt feature on the passenger mirror? I have had it back to the dealer 4 times already & they think I am crazy. Even with the feature off the mirror will tilt to the curb-view position in reverse & then not return to the drive position. I usually do not notice until I am on the parkway trying to change lanes! Very frustrating & dealer cannot duplicate/cannot fix. They said they reprogrammed it last time - whatever that means - & it is still happening. Can a car be a lemon based upon a mirror?!!!


  • i took in my perfectly running 2006 SRX for an my 2nd oil change at 19,000 the dealer talked me into some additionl service work that included servicing the differential. they next day the oil leaked out and now there is a roaring noise in the back end on backing, turning and when i coast to a stop light the cars sort of lunges forward. i am so up set that the dealer caused me these problems.

    once i towed it in the dealer service rep tried to drive it to service with no oil in it and it made this horrible noise. he stopped it and added oil and now i feel that there is a different sound coming from my engine. they say that the discibles are true and its in my head. they confessed that when they serviced the differential they forgot to put in the additive and so they added it and the noise continues. i am going back today to take it in and they are going to work on the differential. i don't trust them and i am so mad i can spit that my perfectly running car now sounds like a truck and the rear end seems horribly damaged forever. anyone had a problem with the 06 differential and did driving the car with no oil ruin it you think?
  • I have a 2004 SRX and had a problem with the outside driver side mirror NOT correctly moving from driver 2 back to driver 1 position. It took me 3 tries at the dealership but the last time they replaced the driver side door module, yesterday they replaced the memory mirror module after they consulted with GM engineering and Tech Support. Try that at the dealership and see if it helps. My problem seems to have finally been cured!
  • I had the same problem with my '02 Bravada, they call it wandering mirrors. I took it to the Olds dealer three times and they couldn't fix it. Since the problem was intermittent it wouldn't act consistantly enough for the dealer to trouble shoot it. I asked if they had other Bravada's in for the same problem and they said I was the only one. I then went to the Edmunds forum and printed out about two dozen owners who had the same problem. When I presented the printout the service manager he finally took the problem seriously. They apparently contacted Detroit and got the right fit, because the mirros are working corectly now.
  • juliebug8juliebug8 Posts: 4
    no but i have been having alot of electrical problems and dealer has been telling me that theuy can not reprodice. Had to hire lawyer.

    :sick: :lemon:
  • I have the same problem with my 04's passengers mirror and connot seem to be fixed.
  • Hah, that is part of the list of issues with my 2004 SRX. I dont know if anyone here has more issues on theirs than mine. LOL
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