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Buick RDV Radio Replacement

zincponyzincpony Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Buick
the current cd player/radio in my dad's RDV no longer plays CDs it cannot be cleaned and for it to be replaced by the dealership it'll cost $600-700. i bought a cd player online and i wanna replace it but i am not sure how i can take apart the dash to replace the head unit. anyone have any suggestions


  • Did anyone every answer your question zincpony? I am trying to replace the relay switch for the blower and need a diaghram to remove dash without cracking the plastic. Please let me know if possible. thanks
  • the relay switch for your blower motor is located under your glove box just remove those locking inserts around the location of where your feet usally sits then just pop off the panel then there is your blower motor and follow the wires from the blower to the relay relay is almost on the fire wall
  • I have the 6-disc radio/cd player, but it has ceased to play and/or eject the cd's. I found a single disc radio/cd from a 2003 Rendezvous at a salvage yard. Will the single disc unit swap directly with the multi-disc? In other words, can I simply unplug the old one and plug in the new one and have everything work, steering wheel controls, speakers, etc.?
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