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Oldsmobile Intrigue - Fuel Sender problem

dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
edited October 2017 in Oldsmobile
Hi again, I'ts dieselissy still looking for the manuals, but some of the obvious problems with my insane deal is that the fuel gauge is not working, stuck in the full position. I have ordered a new fuel pump complete on ebay, but anyone ever change one out? I had this done to my Mercury Villager van, and didn't seem to bad except for the rusted hardware holding the straps to the tank. I tried to see if this was a recall done to the Alero's recently, but GM won't hear it. Only Alero's. well let me know!!!! thanks....


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    moonshadowmoonshadow Member Posts: 256
    Fuel pump accessible behind rear seat under carpet on the pass side. A search of the main board is your friend

    Float may be stuck or instrument cluster may be nuts but goes through the BCM.
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    kkim_hikkim_hi Member Posts: 7
    I have a problem with a fuel leak. The plastic Fuel Line connectors to the multiport rail is leaking. I bought new O rings and had many issues with replacing them (they looked small and didnt fit right), and didnt solve the drips. So i decided to CUT the plastic fuel line and patch in a fuel injector rubber hose with clamps. This was a quick solve BUT I need a better re-fit idea.
    The I.D. of the fuel hose = 3/8. The plastic fuel line O.D = 3/8" but thin wall, will not hold long under pressure or easy slip into the fuel hose. a 3/8 hose barb will just split the plastic line, and 1/4" barb is too small. All I can find are 3/8" and 1/4" copper tubing at the hardware shops, cant use for the plastic fuel line insert.

    Any idea for after market re-fit kit? I think the E-15 fuel we have in Hawaii rotted the O'rings, the old ones were brittle causing the first leak, and looks like the connector was off shape.
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    thanks moonshadow, today i replaced the cabin air filter and transmission mount due to some trembling of something in the front end, but that was not it. anyway, tried to get to the fuel pump without removing the rear seat from the trunk, and did not see anything. Well , did not completely remove the trunk carpet, but got enough to see nothing seems to be there. I have a GX, and hopefully I can change it without having to drop the tank. Thanks for your help., still trying to find a DIY manual. Got one from ebay from chilton on a disk, but did not cover everything. sending it back, no fuel system on cd to help with the pump.
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    moonshadowmoonshadow Member Posts: 256
    Perhaps you do not have the rear fold down seat!

    from the trunk point of view, the carpet is split down the middle. Remove the spare tire lid and lift up the carpet on the pass side.

    It is between the spare tire well and the back seat.
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    thanks again moonshadow, when i get chance again this weekend i will pull the carpet back up and check. I will I did have the pull down rear seats, but i dont. thanks again :P :P
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    Moonshadow you were right, pulled everything out of trunk and found access panel and fuel pump even though I did not have fold down seat. Job went pretty quick and now can check level!!!! thanks, took about 1/2 hour to 45 min. to change, just did everything from the trunk side!!!!! thanks again!!!! :P :shades:
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    dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    Congrats! I have the same problem in my Intrigue. I just use the trip odometer to keep track of my fuel.

    Regarding yor "rumbling" in the front of your Intrigue. It could be the wheel bearing assembly. I have that problem as well. Saving money to get them replaced. Plan to buy the hub assembly (one piece) on Ebay.
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    Hey, its really simple to change the pump!!!! I can send u instructions if you want. Recently bought the pump new for $110.00 and the hubs for $55 ea off ebay. I can send you instructions on how to change pump really easy and let me provide you links to sellers on ebay! copy the links below and paste to your web browser..... installing wheel bearings this wkd, i'll let you know how it goes.... :shades:

    bearings assembly:
    http://search.stores.ebay.com/T-Rex-Auto-Parts_intrigue_W0QQfciZQ2d1QQfclZ4QQfsn- ZTQ2dRexQ20AutoQ20PartsQQfsooZ1QQfsopZ1QQfsubZ9030636QQsaselZ453591955QQsofpZ0

    fuel pump:
    http://search.stores.ebay.com/GLOBAL-AUTOMOTIVE_intrigue_W0QQfciZQ2d1QQfclZ3QQfs- nZGLOBALQ2dAUTOMOTIVEQQfsooZ1QQfsopZ1QQfsubZ3790409QQsaselZ10271212QQsofpZ0
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    althavianalthavian Member Posts: 1
    I believe that I'm having the same probllem with my gas gauge. The needle moves from F to E and back again with no in between readings. I want to change the pump but I really don't know how can you please help me?
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    really simple to replace, first try to get a whole pump off ebay complete or try to buy one locally, hopefully you don't get ripped off. Make sure before the next step, have a low gas in your tank. A full tank with fumes will give you a headache. Next remove everything from your trunk and you will see a round lid after removing the carpet. tap the round door clockwise to free and disconnect the cables to the pump. Reinstall the cables on the new pump and try not to tear gasket. Make sure door is tight and whala! took me about 45 min to change out. Had to climb into trunk on my 2001 intrigue. email me if any questions.
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    moonshadowmoonshadow Member Posts: 256
    Like he said, but let me be a nit picker .

    1.Fuel is explosive or rather the vapours are, don't you know and since you'll be in the trunk, you only get one chance.

    2.When ever you play around with fuel anything you must disconnect the battery and be careful not to bang or drop steel tools around fumes. It only takes one spark, so don't end up on the nightly news.

    3.The lines may well be pressurized when you disconnect the lines. If you do not know the bleed down procedure then go slowly and have lots of rags handy and get them out of the trunk.

    4. DO NOT use an incandescent light. They get hot and if broken then so will you be. Try using a flood light from outside.

    5.When you remove the snap ring, i think it has a snap ring, either way, the pump assembly is spring loaded and may pop up a few inches so be prepared for that.

    6. Be aware, if you feel light headed then stop and get air or better still use a respirator.

    7. Did I mention that fuel is explosive or rather the vapours are, don't you know and since you'll be in the trunk, you only get one chance.

    If we don't here back then you probably made a mistake :confuse:

    be careful
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    lmarralmarra Member Posts: 1
    Would love to have those details. I was told the problem with the multible start attempts was the check valve, is that the same as the regulator?
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    colt18colt18 Member Posts: 1
    Thank everyone above for the information about replacing fuel pump in Olds, Intrigue. Here are some things I thought may be helpful for others who try this.
    1) The access panel is between the back seat and spare tire. It is about a foot long panel with 6-8 nuts to take off.
    2) Take off this panel and underneath you will see the top of the fuel pump.
    3) The collar was a little hard getting out of the hole after I got it loose. Search for video on the web showing how to remove collar.
    4) Two of the holes have a easy quick release, the middle hose was a little different. I put a screw driver on both sides to get the plasic quick connector around the collar. You will see what I mean when doing this.
    5) You have to save the the outside two plastic quick release parts and put them on your new fuel pump. So be careful with them.
    6) When putting the collar back on you really have to give it some good licks to get it into position so the tap locks the color in place. Note position of collar when you take it off!!
    7) They include a new electrical connector with the fuel pump that you have to install. Wires match up very well, just a matter of taking your time and making sure wires are secure after competion. Match wire color to wire color.

    This was my first one I ever did and the above are just some things that were a little unexpected.
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    uniguemikeuniguemike Member Posts: 1
    my fuel gauge says fuel when i drive . i park it jumps up/down
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    raypasoraypaso Member Posts: 1
    I am trying to remove a fuel pump from a 99 olds intrigue, can someone tell me how?
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    dieselissydieselissy Member Posts: 34
    i did it on my 01 intrigue. I was lucky I did not have to drop my tank. Yours might be the same too. First make sure you have a small amount of gas in tank and have plenty of fresh air in order to avoid the fumes. Empty your trunk, and remove the carpet and felt to find a round access plate near the rear seat. Once you pop open the tank, carefully disconnect the wiring and remove and replace fuel pump. Best bet is to go online to ebay and get pump complete w/ float assembly. Less headaches, and should only run about 100 bucks.... hope this helps., job took me about 45 min. and before you know it you actually will know how much gas you have in the tank!!! :shades:
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    maryfoormaryfoor Member Posts: 1
    will you please e-mail me how to change the fuel pump on my car it would be a big help thank you Mary send to mmrynwsm@aol.com
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    The instructions are in the post directly above yours. Also, people in our Forums are accustomed to posting info within the forums, rather than sharing privately by email, so that all of our members can benefit.

    Need help navigating? kirstie_h@edmunds.com - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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    superman6352superman6352 Member Posts: 1
    I've been having trouble with my car dying while I'm driving. It seems like its a fuel regulation problem but I'm not sure what would cause it. It doesn't give itself enough gas and then will give itself to much ans rev high. It happens when I let of the accelerator to corner or stop. Any ideas what it could be?
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    lastchance1331lastchance1331 Member Posts: 1
    I have an answer and a question. To the first question about fuel guage being stuck. I have had the same problem and mine had spun the indicator needle backwards untill it came to rest on the pin at the full mark. This happened when I reconnected the battery. I had to remove the guage cluster and just shake upside down for a few seconds. And now my question, on my 1999 oldsmobile intrigue w/3.8 V6, I just changed the upper and lower radiator hoses, followed by starter, waterpump and radiator. Then a blown head gasket. 50 miles and this car shot a 2 1/2 inch piece of head gasket out of the engine at the #5 cylinder.Again i changed the head gasket. Again, almost 2 weeks and now fuel pump. Can the fuel pump be changed without changing the fuel pump assembly? And second, does anyone else think this car is cursed?
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