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I bought a used Range rover today and on my way home it started crapping out on me. The Oil Light came on so I pulled over and checked out the oil, it was full and fairly clean, so I started driving and then the vehicle started losing power. So I pulled off of the road and swung by a jiffy lube. The guy checked out the oil, said it looked fine so it must be an exhaust problem. So I went to another service shop and they said that it wasn't exhaust, but that the oil was not making it's way into the engine. He thought It might need a new oil pump and to flush the system. However, I can't find a parts house that can get an oil pump so I don't know where to begin. I just bought the car 5 hours ago.... I don't know what to do.... HELP!!!!



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    You may want to try Land Rover Range Rover.

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    I recieved your message but I am not sure what you meant by it. I clicked the link but did not see anything pertaining to my post?

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    I was suggesting that you try asking your question in the main Land Rover Range Rover discussion. That would give you a better chance of hooking up with someone who may be able to answer your question.

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    Not sure of your mechanical ability, but as the owner of 5 Land Rovers, I can tell you that you're going to have to get handy.

    An SAE and Metric socket and wrench set, and a can of WD-40 are going to become your best friends.

    Not sure where you are located, but try to find yourself a good local Land Rover mechanic if you are not that handy.

    Loss of power could be a bunch of things, from the oil pump to the fuel filter, to the fuel pump - heck it could even be water in your gas if you've got a leak in the top of the tank letting water in... There's too many things to list if you've got no more specific symptoms.

    Get it to a mechanic and have them do a full once-over on it. Pay particular attention to frame, suspension (you didn't get the RR with EAS, did you?) and engine.

    Best of luck!

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    1988 Range Rovers don't have EAS but they do have the boat shock load leveler thing by the rear axle.
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    Thanks! I wasn't sure about the years the RR had the EAS (70's?) but thought it may be good info to relay that EAS could generically be a problem with them.

    I'm actually dreading whats going to happen long-term with my 2006 LR3 and it's EAS...
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    Greetings 88 Range Rover,
    This is going to be hard for you, but take a deep breath. Remember it's a use car and they all come to us sick. I just bought my today and I knew upon purchasing it I will be putting some money into it to get the way I want it. You no doubt will have to go deep into your pocket, but check it pallie, it's a range rover! You are one the few, the proud to own the greatest off-road vehicle to ever hit the mountains. So think of it as a great investment. I know that's how I'm looking at mine. It will go to the grave with me.
    Yeh, range rovers ROCKS
    Peace always, and forgive my loud mouth?
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    be glad that you own a 1988 rr with 3.9 engine!! To me the best!!! a nice feature on your truck is that you can repalce oil pump parts a bit less expensive than having to change out complete front cover on newer models 4.0 4.2 and 4.6!! go to rovers north or atlantic british on internet and they can help you with the parts!! if you have exterior oil pump in lieu of oil pump inside front cover!!the parts can wear and are easy to change out!!! Make sure before you do this check oil pressure or have a shop do it for ya!!!
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    I recently rebuilt my 3.9 engine and for some stupid reason at install i can not remember where the ground from under passenger side foot well attaches so to ground starter!! I have atttached this ground wire to bolt which mounts starter to block(No Luck) I have also attached this ground wire to bell housing bolt and still no luck. The engine turns over, i have fire to coil,and i have fire to number 1 spark plug!unfortunatly the engine will not crank and worst of all the neg ground on battery is smoking a bit and gets hot so i know the ground is wrong and shortening out!!! i know for fact all other grounds and wire connections are correct!! these were clearly marked at change out!!this is the only one where i need to connect!!!Thanks my wife is stranded!!!! sincerly,patrick
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