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Volvo S80 Suspension

cchase17cchase17 Member Posts: 2
I have an 2001 S 80, T6, with 74K miles. I love the car but have had an issue with it since I bought it in 2004. I hear random clunks, pops, and bang noises in all 4 corners. I can't recreate the noises, they just occur randomly. But they can be loud! I have had the dealer inspect it a few times always telling me that everything looks okay. But its driving me nuts. Anyone out there have any similar noises? Any Ideas what it could be? Seems too early for strut replacement...


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    dk8031dk8031 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I have the same problem with my 2001 volvo s80 t6 with 77k miles, among others which I resolved before. I hear the same noise and I just heard it about 1/2 hour ago as I drove back home. I had replaced everything (struts, sway bar links, control arm bushings)which the dealer said could possibly cause the noise but they can't say what it is exactly. I'm frustrated with this vehicle, it's all been repairs and money out the door. Volvo is the worst vehicle ever. It's nothing close to BMW or Jaguar or Lexus. It shouldn't even be referred to as a luxury vehicle. Good luck fixing the problems. It's most likely to be the control arm bushings or sway bar links.
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    tap7tap7 Member Posts: 1
    Just recently my 2001 S80 has started to make numerous noises around car. The car has 79,000 miles on it. I suspect its suspension related. Bought car used. No warranty. This will be a hip pocket national bank repair. If anyone knows of type of repair I am looking at, please share. (Springs, bushings, rings???) The brake light is some faulty wiring somewhere. 1st. time I went ahead and replaced bulbs. Now the the light come and goes. It's a constant reminder that the car has an electrical issue. This should be a recalled item because my car is not the only Volvo I have heard this complaint with. At this point, Wife and I are selling this car. I have a child and I can't trust this car.
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    keblekeble Member Posts: 1
    I'm new here; found this thread by searching for S80 suspension problems. My 2000 S80 2.4 (98k miles) has had numerous suspension noises. One was cured by replacing the rear shock absorbers.
    But this time the noise is coming from the front - every time the car sets off from rest. The local garage (I'm using a local guy as my dealer is a long way from here) thought it was an engine mounting bush. Well this hasn't fixed it. So I've suggested the front shock absorbers - we'll see if that fixes it.
    It's clearly a common problem. At http://www.volvo-forums.com/index.php?showtopic=7763&hl=suspension someone suggests a torn strut mount. But the garage say they've checked all that stuff. So I'm hoping the shock absorbers will do the trick.

    Any updates on your problems?
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    efrielefriel Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 S80 with 58k miles. I have had to replace the struts (S80s do not have shock absorbers) at a cost of $350 apiece, the control arm $1500 and just started hearing the noise again in the front. I just did the control arm 9 months ago. I hope this is the $350 problem. I was told that the roads in Pittsburgh are so bad that they cause this problem - nothing the manufacturer will correct for. However, the car is paid for - still cheaper to repair than buy a new one.
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    minimoominimoo Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 S80 T6, and it only has around 9K miles. I also hear clunking noises. The only time I hear the noise is when I go over bumps or if I go around a corner. I can hear it in the front of the car on the driver's side. The thing is, it doesn't do it all the time, but I would like to have it checked out before the warrenty expires. Does anyone know exactly what it is? The car is only 2 years old, and it's still under warrenty. When I first heard the noise, it sounded like my tire was going to fall off.
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    jliberatorejliberatore Member Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2004 S80 bought with 47k miles. I constantly hear rattling in the rear and the left front makes a loud noise when I make a slow, sharp (parkling lot) turn to the left. I tried a $500 bearing fix recommended by a garage and it helped some but it remains. This car is very frustrating. Plus I am replacing a lot of bulbs so I seem to have a car like many others; very expensive to own and operate.
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    madhurao1madhurao1 Member Posts: 10
    Having the exact same problem and at the same mileage point. Also losing coolant. If you find out any thing about this please let me know. Thanks!
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    cchase17cchase17 Member Posts: 2
    Ugggg, I"m loosing coolant too. Not alot but enough for the warning to come up in the messages window. Then I just add some to the overflow and its good for a couple of months. I can't see any leaks on my garage floor when I park it. And I'm still hearing the clunking noises. The dealer says my shocks and struts are fine. I'm frustrated.
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    jmanderjmander Member Posts: 1
    99 Volvo S80 T6. Bought and shipped to Korea when a U.S. contractor there. I probably had the 3rd or 4th S80 ever shipped to Korea so was quite pleased to be driving what was a unique eye-catcher at the time and nothing on the road could keep up with the T6 power. HOWEVER, in 3 years had the front strut bushings replaced 4 times, a control arm replaced once, the water pump once, the injector throttle body cleaned 3 times and other stuff done that I lost track of. Since it was under warranty a some of this was at no cost to me, but it was painful to be in the Volvo shop about every 6-9 months. The Korean staff was Volvo trained and certified and the facility managed by a Swede (imported from Sweden of course). So they knew what they were doing and did a good job. The 3rd time I had it in for front strut bushings the Korean service manager told me the front end was actually a design from one of the other, earlier volvo models and it was not robust enough to handle the weight of the car and engine. Made sense to me then and still makes sense to me now. The front end can't handle the normal wear and tear that a bumpy road throws at it and it beats itself apart over time. I used to think the poorly maintained Korean roads was a prime culprit but I have had the car in the U.S. for over two years and just replaced a number of front suspension parts again. With the S80, beauty is only skin deep. As soon as I settle some other debts I am getting rid of it, hopefully before it drags me to the shop again.
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    vickiengelmannvickiengelmann Member Posts: 2
    Hi all, I have a Volvo S80 T6 with 80k on it and have had numerous problems: engine cooling fan just went out for the 3rd time, also loosing coolant, again. Front suspention has made a bad noise since we bought it in 2001, with only 100 miles on it, and has gotten progessively worse. There have been 5 recalls on the vehicle. In your search engine, type in "recall Volvo S80" and it will display several sites, click on the autobuyguide.com and you will see the recalls on the vehicle (or any other for that matter). I've already tried getting my car fixed using the recalls, but Volvo Corp pretty much said "too bad for you". The recalls are expired, and the rep also said, "there is normal wear on a vehicle". I am disappointed with Volvo Corp as they have not been willing to stand behind their product (as I assume any car mfg is) so what does one buy to get a good quality vehicle from a company that will stand behind it's car. I have liked the kick this car has, but am tired of the problems, and refuse to put any more money into fixing it... going to sell it, or trade it in for something else. Vicki - Reseda, CA
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    kphippskphipps Member Posts: 1
    The clunking in the suspension is one of two things.

    1) Check the rod ends that connect to the sway bar. The sway bar in front and rear have a rod end about 8" long on each end of the sway bar, 2 in the front and 2 in the rear, inexpensive and easily changed.

    2) Check the body bushings. The car is a sub-frame unit and has body bushing tying the frame to the actual body. Not too expensive, somewhat difficult to change.

    Loosing coolant on the T6?

    Inspect the coolant overflow hose at the block connection. This is easily done by any reputable mechanic. All the air induction tubes to the turbo have to be removed, remove the shock tower stabilizer, then remove the timing belt inspection cover, upper first, then lower. The lower is difficult to remove, due to the connection of the hose to the plastic cover, you have to disconnect the hose from the resovior, then from the cover, it is a quick disconnect fitting (poor design).

    Upon inspection, you will find a "Plastic" elbow the hose is connected to will be slip fitted in to the housing and will be cracked or broken and leaking. You can obtain another plastic fitting at any parts store, small overflow hose, and clamp.
    The plastic in the housing will have to be removed. I used a 6" carbide burr and a cordless drill to remove the material safely, then slip the hose on your new elbow and install in the housing, thread the hose through the lower timing cover and reconnect to the overflow resovior and re-assemble.

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    jg585jg585 Member Posts: 9
    i lived in pitttsburgh for 22 years. the roads are a mess. am considering an S80, but after reading these emails, i think i'll go back to toyota. i drive a buick lucerne. tremendous ride, but miserable seats. very serious back problems with it. i live in western ny
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    jbdesignsjbdesigns Member Posts: 1
    i also have a 2000 s80 T6. it has developed a clunk on the passenger front. i have replaced tie rod bushings up front that were worn but that was not the cause of the noise. i had it to my mechanic today and his diagnosis is that the strut mounting bracket is broke and is allowing the front strut to move up and down making the noise. i have had him order the part from volvo and will have it installed in a few days. i believe this is the problem. maybe you too.

    fyi, i had my coolant flushed today as well. so far no coolant leaks for me :) 98k miles.

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    yappleyapple Member Posts: 3
    Is there a step by step procedure available 4 the above work, T.Y. , bob
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    fruizfruiz Member Posts: 3
    Did any body post a step by step directions of how to install new struts in your 2005 S80 Volvo?
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    fruizfruiz Member Posts: 3
    The dealer told me that My S80 front struts are leaking and that replacement would cost me around $2,500. What would happen if I just let the struts go bust? Thanks.
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    fruizfruiz Member Posts: 3
    Does anybody know what type and brand of struts I should by for my Volvo S80 T6 Turbo sedan? The dealer wants 2500.00 to do the job. I want to hire a mechanic but I would like to order the struts via the net.
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    encal97encal97 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 04 S80, I have several complaints:

    1. Since the beginning, when the car was new, it did not have a good turning radius and since I replace the original tires, the tires rubbed the wheel well.

    Volvo's solution: To replace "wheel stops". I have paid numerous times (about once every 6 months) since replacing the original tires (Volvo says it is not a warranty item, extended or not) to correct the problem. I was told by the service tech that this is a common occurance, it sounds strange to me that this is "normal" and everybody has to replace the wheel stops.

    2. The transmission has been replaced, under extended warranty right after the manufacturer's warranty expired and the extended warranty went into affect.

    3. There has been a knocking noise under the front left (driver's side) floor board for over a year now. I have paid for Volvo to find the noise 5 times at $200 (totalling $1,000 for the extended warranty deductible) since April of 2009 and in February 2010, I complained to the service tech, service manager and owner of the dealership, so they "fixed" the problem with no charge to me ($200.00). Volvo kept the car over a week so they can duplicate the problem and try to "fix" it. It is May, 2010 and the vehicle has been making the knocking noise under the front left floor board since about a week after they "fixed" it last. The noise is now occurring on the under the right floor board as well as the left. The knocking noise occurs sporadically and is hard to duplicate when test driving with a tech, though it has been done and thus the guessing game begins to find the problem. The knocking noise occurs under varying conditions such as going straight, making turns, turns in the road, going over slight imperfections in the road, bumps, slow, fast, pulling into the garage, etc., it 's just very random. Yesterday I have asked the dealership to get in touch with the manufacturer and have a representative sent out. While on the phone with the service manager, he studdered when I suggested the rep. Can anyone help find the solutions to the issues?
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    encal97encal97 Member Posts: 2
    Got my car back today. Volvo replaced the wheel stops AGAIN. Wheel stops weren't the problem the last 7 times it was brought in for service on the thumping noise, I don't know why it will be the problem this time. They have replaced the wheel stops several times in the past. Looking at older posts on this site about Volvo S80's, this problem goes back to at least 1999.
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    cavu2cavu2 Member Posts: 1
    The story I am about to relate might seem unbelievable, but it is true. I experienced the same clunking noise in my 1999 S80 T6. A distinct noise was coming from underneath the floorboard on the passenger side whenever I accelerated or stopped fast. It became pretty clear to me (after living with this for several months) that the noise was coming from something round that would roll along a flat surface then hit a barrier at the ends of its travel. By alternately lifting and lowering the front and rear of the car, I was able to pinpoint the spot underneath the car from which the sound was coming. The only way I could find to get into the cavity was to drill a small opening from underneath the car, then I enlarged it enough to get a magnetic 'fishing' tool in there. I was shocked to find two "C-cell" batteries with expiration dates of something like 1993!! I am certain that the batteries were placed there by some mechanic - there's an opening in the carpet under the passenger seat through which you can drop items that end up under the floorboard. I patched the hole with an aluminum plate riveted in place and sealed with silicon caulk. No problems since. Sorry this happened to you too, and hope this helps.
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    north_starnorth_star Member Posts: 1
    I was just browsing through and saw your post.
    I would recommend that you personally call the Volvo customer service hotline.
    The hotline will put you in contact with a Field Service Engineer. This is an excellent way to get the help you are looking for especially when you feel you are not getting solutions from your dealer.
    I received excellent help and rectified all issues since going this route.
    I was truly impressed with the Field Service Engineer. It was so great to finally have someone who was there to listen and take the time to get all the pieces of the puzzle put together.
    I hope you get the answers and have your Volvo functioning properly soon. Best of luck.
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    spankey1473spankey1473 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I've been having issues with my S80 to the point my wife doesn't feel safe to drive the car anymore. She's afraid she has to drive it like an old woman afraid to hit a bump and have something go wrong.

    I bought my car second owner and was purchased used with roughly 75,ooo on it. It now has 132,000 on it and it's all highway miles. I drive 50 miles a day to work.

    Since I've owned it for the last two years I've sunk well over $8,000 into it!!! And I'm still paying on it :( Nothing worse than having a car you owe on and then to dish out well over $8,000 more into it...... Can you say VERY Upside down on a car's equity????

    Both front lower control arms
    Sway Bar and Linkage
    Both Front Ball Joints
    All new struts and mounts around the entire car (Yep all 4)
    Rebuilt Transmission at 128,000!
    Ignition Coils
    Multiple Alignments.

    Now the car is again making serious squeaking noise in the right front wheel area when I go over bumps. It's so embarrassing to be driving a "Volvo" and have it make this noise. My buddies laugh at the fact I'm driving what is supposed to be a top notch safe car and it's always in the shop. When I bought the car I was going to take it to a Volvo Dealer but the nearest one from my house is over 30 miles away so it makes that not feasible.

    I have been getting most of my service from a very reputable local garage, but it seems every time I fix something another thing just pops up. I tell ya I'm going broke on this car. I hate to cry about this but an average consumer can NOT afford to have these issues with what should be a great reliable car....

    I complained to Volvo Headquarters and a guy did call me back. He said shame I wasn't taking it to a volvo dealer because then he would be able to help. They offered no assistance with transmission because I was 28,000 miles over the extended 100,000 warranty.

    I tell ya if you, I used to love driving this thing. Comfortable and quick and great on gas, but man it costs way to much money to upkeep. Sorry, but not sure how much longer I would be pushing the "Volvo For Life" slogan.....

    :( Spankey
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    guyanacologistguyanacologist Member Posts: 1
    sry wrong post...but if your car is still squeeking and you have changed your struts ball joints which is just your hub assembly and control arms it could only be your strut mounts or outer tie rods which both are feasible to fix....you say you have sunk 8000 i bet 6500 of that was just labor....matthewvolvo shows how to do it at home if you have the TIME to install your own parts...Ebay has alot of good prices and since your from the states it all ships within 4 to 6 business days...goodluck and try trading for a newer one they are much more beautiful and awd
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    ohrosemanohroseman Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 S 80 with 12000+ miles on it. The noise has not occurred during drives with the Volvo service reps. They have assured me they have checked wheel bearings ect and can't find and problems. When it does occur it's a steady humming noise. If I shifted into neutral and rev the engine or change lanes the noise stays the same. If I stop and start up again the noise is gone. One of the last times I got out of the car and I thought I smelled a burning odor by the rear wheel drivers side. Any thoughts on what this might be? OHRoseman
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    thecouvthecouv Member Posts: 1
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    moelovermoelover Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2011
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    moelovermoelover Member Posts: 3
    the only way you will get noise from your front end is if the parts are worn out.or broken.front in parts are very cheap online and with alittle work you can change for free come on MEN get alittle dirty and save the money tools are a great investment for any car you have, and once you start you will always have the will to fix things.and if its a job u think you cant handle then take to a local shop..
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    moelovermoelover Member Posts: 3
    ill do the job for you for 2300$..lol nah reall leave the dealerships alone buy the struts and shocks your self take to the local dealer they should charge about 200-250 total job should cost you around 600-700 ,,good luck
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    raiderromo34raiderromo34 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Volvo s80 turbo with all kinds of issues. I have tried to repair a bunch of them I bought this car used, and noticed that a lot of similar Volvos have the same issues. when you hear a clunking noise at the front of the car, its usually the control arms ($60.00 each online) and sway links ($20 each online). on most of the Volvos, the boots for the cv axles ($60.00 each carquest) also start to make similar noises. a big issue has been the shock mounts. I have not replaced my yet, but that's the next step. also the hub bearings also make noise. I would suggest not buying cheap aftermarket parts when replacing these. a lot of the ebay or internet parts wear within 1 year. they use cheap rubber,and they tear quickly. I did go this route just to replace the torn stuff, because I am selling the car. another big issue is the Mass air flow sensor (ebay $26.00), it must be cleaned (every 6 months) or replaced if bad , and also clean the throttle body every 6-8 months. this will avoid any serious repairs down the line. this vehicle have a huge problem with the throttle body. so if you keep it clean you will be ok. change the oil every 2000 miles. do not use cheap oil either. these vehicles have a oil trap (kit $169.00 at europarts) that gets clogged very easlier and causes problems. when clogged it can create back pressure and blow oil seals and create oil leaks. (bad design by Volvo) This can contribute to issues with oil getting into turbo and causing irratic idle. I have done a lot to my vehicle. I have a noise that is coming from the front tire. seems like a scraping ( doesn't do it all the time), and a slight click/clunk when wheel is rolling. the only thing I cant think of, is that its the axle I replaced.. is probably bad, (either striped at the tranny), or that the bearing in the wheel is bad. I will keep you updated. evap. issue are common on this car. make sure seal on gas cap is in good shape. I had a small evap leak code pop up and I replaced a bunch of vaccum lines, and the gas cap. this fixed the issue. You should constantly make sure vaccum lines are not cracked. if it looks semi bad, replace it. you have to stay on top of these cars, so that you don't have serious problems.
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