Maintaining Dodge Intrepid/Eagle Vision

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I am looking to buy a 93-95 Dodge Intrepid or
Eagle Vision. I would like to know anything and
everything people have to say about their lifetime
and what it takes to maintain/repair them.


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    I also am looking to purchase an Intrepid. Once driving it around town, I felt great with the amount of room and space the car has. It is so hard in todays time to find a car that has that much space and you not spend the house for it. What I want to know is would I make a wise investment with this car. I've compared it with the concord and found that the concord parts are not easily obtained. True. Also, the engine of the intrepid is built by those that build racing cars. That tidbit came from a machanic that builds cars for racing. He gives it a 9.
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    The Intrepid and Concorde and Vision (used) are totally unreliable, check Consumer Reports. And the new ones, while more reliable, are supposedly not as good as the older ones in many areas.
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    Have 94 Vision ESI, with 48000 miles. I purchased
    it used at 28000 miles in November 1997. It was owned by an elderly gentlemen, who took perfect care of care. So far, the car has been wonderful.
    I recognize that the ride is a bit hard, but overall car performs well. I am concerned about
    reliability and had a small worry about transmission, as it shifted kind of clunky.
    Had transmission service performed at 40000, and car has been great. I personally think it is
    a good value, as it depreciates quickly, however
    due to negatives I hear about reliability, I would
    buy an extended warranty. I have driven for over
    35 years, and it is one of my favorite cars.
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    Just bought a 95 Intrepid, 94k miles, everything works fine but the rear breaks are squeeking... took it to the service center and they told me i need new break pads, but some other said it's just the type of material they use...anybody has the same problem ?
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    I just bought a 99 Intrepid what has Traction Control.. The salesman told me I should turn the Traction Control button off when it's not raining. But I can't remember to do that. Does anyone know if he was correct? He mentioned that if I had it on all the time it might hurt it. Doesn't seem "logical" that it would be set to come on -- when the car starts up -- would make better sense to have it off and then when it's raining the driver could cut it on. Could anyone shed any light on this subject.
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    I couldn't recommend with a clear consience the Intrepid, Concord or Vision. I dumped my wife's 94 Concorde with 52000 miles after replacing the transmission at 41000 miles, the water pump, cam drive belts and cam belt tensioner at 47000 miles and finally the fuel injection rails, injector o-rings and spark plug wires at 51000. After a huge phone battle, Chrysler paid for the transmission, and after another phone battle they paid for half of the cam belt and water pump repair. Chrysler refused to consider paying for the fuel injection repair even though three months after selling the car we received a recall notice for leaking fuel injection components.

    It is truly a shame that Chrysler can design terriffic looking, spacious, good handling cars, but then leaves final engineering to the customer. To make matters worse, the local Chrysler dealer in North Atlanta, Troncalli, was unresponsive and not interested at all in satisfying us as customers.

    Regarding the traction control, the only time you should turn it off is if wheelspin is desirable, such as getting out of a snowbank or "rocking" the car to get out of mud or sand. Otherwise, leave it on to do it's job.
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    Thanks Tasillo for your comments. Sorry you have had bad luck with Chrysler products. I just traded in my 94 Concorde -- had 78,000 miles on it with absolutely no problems until the past six months. Starting having some alignment and suspension problems, had a new water pump put on it.....just got the feeling that it was starting on downward spiral so I got rid of it. I'm a single working woman and don't want the hassle of dealing with car repairmen. So far I'm enjoying my Intrepid. Don't know why that salesman told me to turn off the Traction Control to save it's use. I've had my car about six weeks and maybe it's all in my head but it does feel like it's not riding as "tight" or "smoothly" as it did when I first got it. But even so -- it's better riding than what my Concorde had become. just couldn't keep that card in alignment.
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    I have a 94 eagle vision with 100,000 plus miles
    and have only had air cond problems.
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    Well, I have a Vision TSI '94 with 77000 miles
    on it. The extended warranty expired a month or so ago with 75000 miles. Just Friday the car started overheating and it turns out that I need a new water pump + timing belt etc. costing me 1500$. So they engineer their cars perfectly, they start falling apart right after the warranty expires.
    Since I now invested in this car I do not want to get rid of it directly, however I am afraid of further repairs.
    To the point of the original post: I had several elctronic problems (AC and transmission).
    Also, the brake disks tend to warp(known problem)
    which can get expensive. So you should expect some hefty expenses. However the car handles excellent and is fun to drive. That is the reason I still own it.
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    I ditched my 95 Vision TSI with 45,000 miles on it. I bought it used at 24,000 miles so I don't know how it was maintained prior. The transmission was clunking down into first gear at stops. The air conditioning was not working for the second time. Most of the interior door trim was becoming loose or falling off. Multitude of squeeks and rattles and other unknown noises. The brakes were terrible after replacing rotors and pads I was still getting a shuttering during high speed braking.

    Every time I took it to a mechanic they told me that I should have something else checked out or replaced. It was a money pit. Probably the last time I take a chance on a used car unless I know the owner.
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    Does anyone know where the turn signal flasher is
    located on a 95 Intrepid. I've just about broken
    my neck trying to find it under the dash.

    Thanks, Bob
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    look under driver side dash -it is a small black plastic flasher unit near the fuse panel
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    I bought my 95 interpid ES with 89000 miles - now has 110000. purchase price was cheap, but spent about $3500 so far in repairs. Water pump, timing belt, ac, suspension, brakes, fuel rails (recall), oxygen sensors all replaced. Trans was barely making 1-2 shift, but I put the correct fluid in and is working fine.
    No matter what, I love the way this car handles and drives. Plenty of room, looks good, rides great, very comfortable. this is still my favorite car.
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    i purchased,new, a 1993 and 1994 eagle vision esi, as i thought them to be extremely beautiful cars,which they are like most chryslers. i recommended the cars highly for their looks and handling.

    now, i've posted the following concerning my problems, which was promptly labeled a "story' by a pro dc commenter, who's major input into any chrysler site consists of trashing and insulting the opposing viewpoint,calling people liars and concentrating on the really important automotive issues like the color of his intrepid, and what kind of "wing" to put on his trunk. so please pro-dc faction, put a lid on it,these are the problems i encountered with these dc prodcuts and this is the maintenance site where these problems should be identified and discussed, intelligently.if you don't agree with me, at least do it in a civilized and mature way.

    the following represents what i went thru with these cars, and is presented for your information, so make your determination as to what car to buy based upon your own evaluation.if you find chrysler is the product you want,buy it with my best wishes for a reliable vehicle.if you've had no major problems with an intrepid,concorde or vision i'm happy to hear about it, and hope the reliability continues.

    1993 eagle vision problems covered under warranty:
    2 new water pumps, a fuel pump, a catalytic converter, abs module, defective window seals.

    1993 eagle vision problems not covered under warranty:
    new transmission at 70,000 miles cost $2000
    new engine computer cost $800
    defective polycast wheels, no satisfaction from dealer or chrysler-center cap kept coming off, replaced them 3 times at $40 per cap, tsb indicates chrysler know about problem with wheel lugs needed to hold cap breaking off.

    1994 eagle vision problems under warranty:
    new transmission at 38,000 miles
    new water pump, electrical system problems,new alternator.

    1994 eagle vison problems not under warranty:
    transmission cooler lines cost $719
    defective polycast wheels- ditto as above

    the '93 was dumped for a '98 intrigue which has been trouble free for the past two years and 25,000 miles,'94 has been sold and i pick up a 2000 subaru legacy gt limited this saturday.

    based upon my owner and dealer experience i won't purchase another chrysler product.the dealer compounded the problem by stalling and putting off repairs to the two cars, warranty covered or not until the problem became serious.the transmission warning signs were a sloppiness in the travel of the gear selector and a distinctive clunk when changing gears, until vehicle would not go into reverse, hesitated in reverse, or the vehicle stalled. the dealers response when i complained about the problems with these two chryslers, "chrysler builds lousey cars, by a new buick from us". good luck my friends.
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    thanks for your response. i too have only bought american, but picked up my subaru this past saturday.i love my intrigue,but i inderstand that there are owners who don't, and don't take what they say's unfortunate that the dc sites are dominated by a pro-dc faction who sees issues like colors,plastic spoilers and front end bras as more important then delivering a transmission that can last 100,000 miles.
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    I've a 97 Vision TSi with 34700 miles on it. Bought it new and it has been a great car without any
    problems until a Jeep/Eagle dealer performed the Fuel Injector O-Ring recall service recently. The car now
    is experiencing rough idle in stop and go traffic. I've taken the car back to the dealer and they reprogrammed with no avail. This recall is for all Chrysler vehicles with 3.5L engine built between 93 thru 97 and just wondering if any one had experienced similar problem after having the recall service performed.

    I'll be taking this car into another Chysler/Plymouth/Jeep/Eagle dealer (a five star rated) to look into this problem and will be happy to post the result of their finding if anyone is interested.
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    I have a 94 Vision TSI with 134,000k miles on it. I bought it with 88,000 on it and from reading the other posts, I now wonder if the trans was ever replaced....Anyway, my current problem is that my brake lights do not go on now when I hit the brake. I've checked the fuses, the bulbs, and even the wiring to some extent, but cannot figure out the problem. Before I take it to a mechanic, I thought I would check here to see if anyone else has gone through this problem. If you have and you know how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate and advice you could give...
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    The dealer is wrong. Leave it activated. The only reason for the button is to turn it off in the event you are stuck and need to rock to vehicle. Consult your owner's manual as well.
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    97 intrepid w 30000 miles. At 2500 complained about slight pull to right. Not torque related.Dealer rotated tires. Didnt help. Complained again at 11000 was ignorned. In Colorado on vacation 24000 miles dealer very receptive did alignment everything in spect/thought r/strut bent replaced it underwarranty. Seem much better. Pull is back again,had new brakes at 20000 miles,had read somewhere it could be a caliper problem.Car has been very satisfying.Great mileage.16city 25-28 hwy.great handling,a few problems with weatherstripping,and trim nothing major. Have extended 7/75000 warranty will not keep vehicle beyond that.Anyone who has some info it would be greatly appreciated
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    I bought my 97 Intrepid new 2 years ago and I hate it!!! I did all the research before I bought it and thought I was making the best choice. It has 40K on it and it's falling apart. I've had the AM/FM Cassette replaced, both back window side moldings replaced, rotors turned (all under warranty). The brakes still squeal very loudly first thing in the morning and the dealership says nothing can be done. I've fought and fought with them on it. The back weatherstripping/molding is coming off the back window now. Of course it's not under warranty now. The car pulls badly to the right and it vibrates horribly when putting on the brakes. I had the rotors turned when it only had 25,000 miles on it. In my opinion, no car should have to have rotors turned when it has so few miles. My husband and I tried trading it in on an Accord, and the car has depreciated so much, it's pathetic. I did have the recall work done with the O rings, but it still idles good. The only good thing about the car is it has lots of room. It has the 3.5L engine and I hate the gas mileage.
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    I have a 94 Eagle Vision TSi that has a major fogging problem. Three years ago during the winter, all of the glass surfaces in the car starting to fog, including the windshield. No matter what I did with the ventilation systems, the car still fogged. The problem is so bad now that it will fog even on clear, dry days when the outside air is about 10 deg. C.

    The car was sent in to the dealer many times, and they could not fix it, no matter how many times they tried. Eventually, a complaint letter was sent to the head office, which forced the dealer to carry out 2 TSBs that they had not done. They claimed that this would solve the problem. But this winter, when it got colder, the problem came back, and it is now even worse than before.

    Does anyone out there have this same problem? If so, let me know what's going on and if there is a fix for the proble
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    just read your post,#22 and know what you're experiencing. however, my chrysler experience was two fold, as i owned a 1993 and a 1994 eagle vision ,both purchased new from the same dealer.
    my list of problems:
    a new transmisiion in each car at 70,000 and 38,000 miles.cumulative repairs-3 water pumps, a fuel pump, alternator,abs module, catalytic converter, engine computer, defective front window seals, defective polycast rims, transmission cooler seals. the new tranny at 70,000 miles cost $2000,cooler lines $800,engine computer $800,polycast rims no satisfaction from dealer they're still on the cars.
    i dumped both cars for a 1998 intrigue and a 2000 subaru legacy gt limited.resale value was negligible, nobody wants these cars.bite the bullet, and get rid of it, the aggravation, and lack of accomodation on the part of chrysler and the dealer with respect to these cars isn't worth keeping them.
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    Try posting your problem at You'll have better luck getting an answer to the fogging problem at that web site.
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    The Chrysler supporters keep repeating that the current model is much better than the previous year. That probably is indeed true but with all the problems they still have the older ones must be a complete disaster. I agree with a previous post the pro Chrysler faction that has hijacked the topics in the Sedan group, indeed are very thin skinned, their dear Chryco products are sacred.
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    I bought my 96 Intrepid used at 27,000 back in Jan 1997. It now has 78,00 miles on it. So far I've had in in for numerous front-end problems and it still pulls to the right. Lots of brake problems, it is rough stopping at fast speeds. The black plastic moulding on the windows is going bad. And it is currently in repair for the second time for transmission rebuild. The transmission was rebuilt only 14 months ago at 56,000 miles.
    My extended warranty runs out at 100,000 miles so I will be trading it in soon. At this point the only things I still like about the car are the interior size and the engine(it has the 3.5 liter engine). I am driving a 4 cyl rental car and I hate that it has no power.
    I am disappointed with the 96 Intrepid and I will not even look at another Chrysler/Dodge car. I am thinking of going back to Honda as I didn't have near the amount of maintenance.
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    Thats the only out the DC huggers have, they have to make themselves believe that the current crop of DC junkies are better than the pervious years> I had a 99 and I woulndn't want worse than that.
    Ruley: good move to get away from the DC stuff, I don't know alot about Honda but I'm sure it will be much better than anything that DC produces.
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    I currently have a 97 Intrepid about 84,000 miles. Over the past several months I have started to notice a rather "loose" handling feeling in the rearend at higher speeds. This back of the car seems to sway from side-to-side and the problem has recently gotten much worse. It also seems to be worse with people in the back seat or with a full trunk. I have tried rotating the tires with no success. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I'd like to share my gripes about my 94 Intrepid so other potential buyers may want to stay away from Chrysler products

    I bought the car brand new in Jan 94. The brake squeaked in the first month after I picked it up from the dealer. Dealer said it's normal, because this is an organic brakes. I believed them. About 7K miles, steering wheel vibrates when brake is applied. Dealer turned the rotors and blamed it on my pattern which is bumper to bumper traffic. Just a bunch of bull. Any way the problem went away, but came back 5K miles later. I got tired and ignored the problem until I did the brake job with the local mechanics at 30K. The brake has been perfect after that. Lession learned: Chrysler put out lousy product. Chrysler dealers are incompetent scums.

    Later my ABS controller was shot and replaced.
    Finish on plastic trims are peeled off like cancer. Window seal shrunk and no longer attached to the door.

    The last straw came last week when the car hit 86K. The transmission got stuck in second gear couple of times. The car somehow recovered over the night. Later the tranny jerks when it shifts to next gear. A local shop checked it out and want $1800 to rebuild the transmission. I don't know whether I want to fix it and keep it for a little while or find a way to get rid of it without spend much more money on this junk.

    I would think twice before buying another Amirican car, especially one from Chrysler.

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    I have a new 2000 Intrepid ES w/less than 2500 miles and have had problems with filling the gas tank. It has happened twice now. I start to fill the tank and get approximately 1/10 gal and the pump shuts off. I repeat the fill and the same thing happens. The last time it took nearly 25 minutes to fill the gas tank.

    I brought the car to the dealership and of course, they didn't have the same problem and could not find the cause. They admitted to only attempting to fill the tank, and when they did not replicate the condition, did not look further. They indicated that it was Chrysler's position that no work could be performed if the condition could not be duplicated. Has anyone experienced the same condition? I enjoy the vehicle, but cannot tolerate spending this amount of time filliong the tank.
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    My apologies if this is overly obvious but on the chance this might be helpful...

    I had the same problem with my '89 Accord. If I put the nozzle all the way into the tank (like you are supposed to!), it behaved the same way you describe. If I only put it about two-thirds of the way in, it wouldn't cut off until the tank was full.

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