Toyota Tundra Electrical and Lighting Questions

uncledaveuncledave Member Posts: 2
Toyota Customer Service recently advised me that foglights are only available from factory on new vehicle. Has anyone added factory fog lights using Toyota parts?


  • doggboysdoggboys Member Posts: 17
    Haven't added fogs yet but it seems to be prewired for them. In front of the wheels below the headlights are plugs that are taped up. I was wondering what it would take to install. Sorry more questions than answers.
  • viper9viper9 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone installed the TRD aftermarket dual exhaust on their 2007 ? I have a DC Limited with a short bed. Wondering how it sounds. Thanks
  • viper9viper9 Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a set of Hella driving lights and a Westin Bull Bar for mounting. I'll let you know how it is to install.
  • zmeagainzmeagain Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2007 tundra with the factory trd dual exhaust. It does have a slight resonanse at certian rpm's. it varies with what gear i'm in (6 spd. auto)
    I think it sounds great. another added benifit is that the wife says it gives her a head ache so she will usuall stay out of my truck!
  • brycedbryced Member Posts: 3
    i have noticed the same thing on mine but what about the switch for the fog lights is it a dash mount or is it on the handle for the headlights a factory set of fog lights might be expensive due to the switch set up.
  • brycedbryced Member Posts: 3
    i checked it out the fog light switch is on the handle for the headlights this would be a really expensive install I believe i would go with something aftermarket making sure it had a factory look maybe factory fog lights aftermarket wiring and Toyota sells push button toggle switches to turn them off and on for a more factory look.
  • keeptruckinkeeptruckin Member Posts: 3
    Unfortunately you are right. I am going to check this weekend to see what a dealership wants to install them, but a friend of mine told me about a website, They list OEM foglights for the Tundra, but not the '07 yet. They list a number to call for availability, but I haven't checked it out. I'm betting it's going to be a lot cheaper than the dealership.
  • drewkeithdrewkeith Member Posts: 1
    You can find a good aftermarket fog lamp kit that would look just as good as factory. Take a look at the following set available from blinglights:
  • lambo59lambo59 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 toyota tundra limited with a trd package how's the dual exahust you think i should get it?
  • brycedbryced Member Posts: 3
    well your truck already has dual exhaust until the muffler but remember when you put true dual exhaust on your truck you will loose low end so if you tow a lot this will hurt you but if you only tow light loads or no loads at all i say definitely go for it.
  • coolbreeze069coolbreeze069 Member Posts: 2
    have you ordered from this it good?
  • coolbreeze069coolbreeze069 Member Posts: 2
    have you ordered this kit?....if so is it good?
  • 2uzv82uzv8 Member Posts: 1
    Hello i have a 2001 toyota tundra acess cab v8 4x4 with the 2uz engine. i have used this truck for snow plowing for the past 2 years and recenty replaced the battery with a very expensive high quality battery. I always turn off lights, radio, heat, ext. before removing key from ignition and occasionaly have problems starting in the cold mornings. i just had the altenator checked and it did excepional as well as the battery. I looked at local part stores and they list a 70 and 100 amp altenator. How can i tell which one i have? ------- Trucks Modifications Timbrens front, air bags in rear, aem intake, piaa headlights, rhino liner. diamond plate bed rails. 10" sub under rear seat. mobil 1 full synthetic fluid in engine, tranny, f&r differentials, transfercase, Stainless header and y ipe, 7'6" snow way plow. This truck is totaly set up for my needs snow plowing and towing my roofing trailer. I have loded over 45 bundles of shingles in this truck. and towed my trailor 800 miles with only stopping for fuel. Great truck takes abuse and keeps on going.
  • hirshberghirshberg Member Posts: 1
    I see you got the bling lights as well cool do you think you can give me any tips on putting then in I am going to do it this weekend.
  • rtk2rtk2 Member Posts: 1
    when driving my door locks click to unlocked and my door open light stays on and the light above the rear view mirror stays on even after turning ignition off
  • riserriser Member Posts: 10
    Can you explain why putting dual exhaust will lose low end performance? And will dual exhaust increase gas mileage? Will it affect performance in any way (i.e., burn more oil, increase noise too much, cause ignition problems,)??

    Is there any engine modification that will increase gas mileage (i.e., air filter cartridge, electronic tuning kits, etc.)???? I see all this advertised to increase HP, so it would seem that it would increase gas mileage at least on long highway trips???
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    The factory is usually pretty good when it comes to maximizing HP, torque, and MPG. Assuming Toyota has tuned the intake and exhaust to near perfection as they tend to, adding an aftermarket exhaust will cause a loss of backend pressure resulting in loss of torque on the low end. What you will notice is that it will rev higher on the high end. I always assumed people got those catbacks more for the go fast sounds than for performance. Also depending on which brand you buy, it could make the in cab resonance intolerable. Been there done that.

    All those bolt on products MAF, headers, exhaust, return a relatively low performace for the buck. If you want seat of the pants results, install that new supercharger that Toyota has for the Tundra. That one will surely put a smile on your face.
  • chappy_130chappy_130 Member Posts: 2
    How do I reprogram my keyless entry remote for my 2004 toyota tundra SR5 Double Cab?
  • chappy_130chappy_130 Member Posts: 2
  • partzonpartzon Member Posts: 1
    Have an 07 Tundra that has had radio problems from new.Turns off frequently and must reset.Sometimes it turns on by itself.Found another individual 2 miles away w/same issue.Dealer replaced his w/no hassel.My dealer put me on a merry-go-round.Contacted REP. who contacted dealer and replacement is ordered.Anyone having same problem? Seems it must be chronic fault w/ this model.
  • bmwk75sbmwk75s Member Posts: 21
    I never had a problem before, but this morning the radio turned off 3 times in a 15 minute drive. :confuse:
  • rbright13rbright13 Member Posts: 10
    the button inside the door is probably bad , that's why the light is staying on . Also that's why , when you try to lock the doors they unlock again . If the key is in the ignition the doors will not lock . a safety switch runs off of the button on the door to keep you from locking your key inside the truck. if the door light doesn't go off , than you cant lock the doors , they will automatically unlock again .
  • popeye13popeye13 Member Posts: 1
    On a Toyota Tondra v8 4wd, can you turn off your head lights at night while you are still driving? One person has told me there is no way to turn the head lights off?
  • mattwerthmattwerth Member Posts: 2
    I am at the Toyota Dealership where I am paying $440 dollars to have motor for my left rear door lock replaced on my 2007 Toyota Tundra. That makes ALL FOUR LOCKS that I have replaced now. Not one person at Toyota thinks that it is odd that 100% of my auto lock motors have failed.

    Is anyone else having a problem. This is my 2nd Tundra and probably my last.
  • mattwerthmattwerth Member Posts: 2
  • nick2000tundranick2000tundra Member Posts: 1
    I've replaced the rear brake lights (both sides) twice now. Every two weeks, one bulb goes out, I replace, then the other side goes out, and this process continues. Obviously its not a problem with the bulbs at this point, so my mind is going toward either fuses, or possible shorts in the electrical system. Has anyone had this happen or anyone have an idea if I'm on the right track?

    On another note, my dash lights are starting to go out... the AC/vent controls are dark, and now the low gas light has now gone out. I've found the process for replacement of bulbs behind the instrument panel, but not for the low gas bulb (I assume I'll have access to it during the replacement of bulbs behind the vent controls). Again, am I on the right track?

    Other than this stuff, the truck is a beast and will never die! :shades:
  • jgf1960jgf1960 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I've had the power door actuators fail on my 2007 Tundra 9 times in the 5 years I've owned the vehicle.
    The 1st 8 failures were covered by my extended warranty and the 9th occured just 9 days after this warranty expired. I'm now facing the same $440.00 fee form the dealership to repair this door.
    I've contacted Toyota Corporate about this issue and was told there has been no recall regarding this issue so I was on my own. Understandable if this was the 1st failure, however, they never solved the problem to begin with.
    I'm going to continue to contact Toyota about this issue in the hope that I'll eventually talk to the correct customer service rep. willing to help.
    If I don't get the results I'm looking for, this will be my last Toyota of any model.
  • kangpowkangpow Member Posts: 1
    My 2007 Tundra has the same thing with the power door actuators(8 times). Have you had any luck with Toyota Corporate?? I contacted them, they told me they have not had anyone having this problem!
  • chadmohlerchadmohler Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with my 2007 Toyota Tundra that is now out of warranty. I currently have two bad acuators on the back two doors. Have either of you had any luck with Toyota? Right now I am facing a $1000 bill to get them both fixed. Complete BS.
  • 08tundrasilver08tundrasilver Member Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Tundra and the left turn signal arrow started blinking fast. I thought the front bulb was bad so I replaced both of them and now both right and left front are not working and both front right and left arrows blink fast. What next? Both back bulbs work but just go fast.
  • tom2424tom2424 Member Posts: 1
    This has happened twice to us with our recently-purchased 2012 Tundra. Several weeks ago, the truck beeped and the doors locked while I was standing nearby (as if someone had hit the lock button on the key FOB). Today, my wife got locked out in the parking lot of the supermarket. Has anyone have this happen? We'll be bringing it in to the dealer, but would benefit from anyone's experience. Thanks.
  • belvettebelvette Member Posts: 13
    Have a 2000 Tundra Limited 4X4 that when the headlights are on the backup lights are also staying on. The backup lights seem to function correctly when the transmission is in reverse. Any idea what might cause this?
    Thanks in advance
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