2006 Grand Caravan rear end rattle

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Just purchased a used 2006 Grand Caravan. There is this rattle in the rear end somewhere that is driving my wife NUTS!! Even if you go over a little bump this thing rattles. When I am at home shaking the van and jumping on it I cant duplicate the rattle. It sounds like it is on the rear drivers side. Can anyone help to try and narrow down what this might be?


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    Make sure the spare tire is winched tight against the floor.

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    Make sure the jack and tools in the jack compartment are secure.
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    I have the same feaking problem on a 2002 es
    at first I thought it was coming from swaybar links chnged them and still the proble is there
    in my case it seems to e coming from rear or middle of passenger side
    what I did notice is that when the van is loaded with passegers and cargo the noise goes away

    did you resolve your rattle problem?
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    Well, I have a 2008 Grand Caravan and after about 2000 mi I was getting the same type of thing. Taking it to the dealer, they heard the rattle and come to find out, the rattle was being caused by... get this... non-lubricated weatherstripping (seals)on the liftgate and side doors. Dealer told me Chrysler had a TSB on this problem which said that these vehicles were assembled at the factory with unlubricated seals.and once the stipping was soaked in lubricant, the rattles were gone.

    Now it makes sense that it rattled less with a load because the body would flex less.
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