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Pontiac Grand Prix Flashing low coolant light

doctorhardwaredoctorhardware Posts: 4
edited August 2018 in Pontiac
I have 1997 grand prix, with 3800 series II engine. This has start about 3 days ago. I have checked the coolant level, which is at the proper level. But before this latest problem started I have the abs light on, the check tire light and the track off light on. This all start after a 90 degree day in Chicago in may. It only happened when the temperature was over 75 and did not happen all the time, it seamed to happen the most when I hit medium sized pot holes or ruff rail road tracks. I have check the computer for any errors or problems, but there is not fault codes displayed. At this point I do not know what to check. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • pawlpawl Posts: 3
    A VERY common problem is the large wire harness on left (drivers side) front. The harness rubs the Air Conditioner Accumulator mounted below the air cleaner box. After it rubs enough, it will start to cause "Ghost" ABS problems as the ABS wire shorts to the accumulator. It WILL not set codes (usually). It WILL actuate the ABS system for VERY short periods of time (milliseconds). It will aslo play havoc with other subsystems, like the coolant level sensor.
  • I will have to check that out on Sunday my only day off the weekend. I will get back to you and let you know what I have found. I would like thanks for the heads up on where to start on trouble shooting this problem. :)
  • jrbakkejrbakke Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem on my 94 GP, could this also cause problems with the speedometer reading?
  • I have a 97 GP SE & My low coolant light came on today but everything is where it should be do you have any sugestions on what to do ? it came on after I went through a carwash but goes away
  • I have a 97 GP and my low coolant level light came on today and the coolant is where it should be but it comes and goes I don't understand it it is pissing me off do you have any feedback or suggestions for me ? anything will help
  • Look for the low coolant sensor which is mounted on the radiator,sounds like the connection is is loose or corroded. The wire harness that go to the sensor is a two wire connection. The sensor is a square box, you can look on autozone to see what the sensor looks like.
  • Hello,

    My low coolant light is on as well, and my husband has changed the sensor, hoses and also flushed the radiator. Meanwhile everything else is running smoothly and the coolant level is as was before right where it should be and is not low at all. Is there anything that my husband can check/replace in order to fix this problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Pawl,

    I too have every light on the dash on as well. I will check the harness. I have another issue that popped up. My temp gauge rises above 210 as I'm stopped and levels back to normal as I move. What do I check first?
  • I'm no expert by any means but where od you live? I've had my temp gauge do the same thing but it was during a very hot summer day in 98+ degree heat. If it goes back down I Would say there is nothing to worry about, but with your other problems compiled on top of that, I would definitely be checking everything from the wiring to the thermostat as it could just be the thermostat going bad.

    Anyway, with my car it was just due to the extreme heat of the day and when I was stopped in a parking lot the temp would go up and when I pulled out of the parking out and back onto the highway it went back to where it normally sits. Same thing happens at traffic lights, as my car still does that in really hot weather. The main thing I can say and I know it's not much help but at least you know the termostat is working. ;)
  • It is possible that the body control module is bad,need to get a wiring diagram and check the continuity of the wiring to the sensor to the bcm.
  • shaunkshaunk Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 GT and my check engine light is on and when i start my car after all the normal lights go off when you start the car the low coolant light stays on for a minute and my temperature gauge is all the way down. I think it's my coolant sensor but I've looked all over for it and I cant find it, any ideas on where it is would help. I know it should'nt be my thermostat because i just changed it 8 months ago and my coolant level is always where it should be.
  • I have a 1996 Grand Am with a 2.4 dohc. The coolant level light stays on even after I replaced the sensor. When I take the sensor out of the tank the light goes out. Whats up? Help me, anybody.
  • I have a 1999 3.8 Grand Prix. My low coolant light is on also. Is the sensor in the low coolant tank? Also, about the same time my light started coming on I noticed that my RPMs are reving higher than normal. The car seems to be running fine.
  • jortizjortiz Posts: 1
    I took my 98 grand prix to the pontiac dealer for maintnance and they told me that my low coolant light was on. I told them that i knew that but i didnt know why because my water level was always fine. And they said that my low coolant level sensor was shorted out. So I went and got one and repalced it myself today. I started my car up and for some reason instead of it flashing like it was before now it just stays on as soon as i start it even when the car is still cold. Help if anyone has any answers, PLEASE!!!. I'm getting ready to just get rid of it and i dont want to.
  • kboatmankboatman Posts: 1
    I'm a Grand Prix fan who currently owns a 97 GT, My questions is, Are the Transmissions in the Grand Prix & GTP the same? I have the oportunity to purchase a GTP that is having some transmission issues & I wanted to know before diving in over my head.
  • nocharnochar Posts: 1
    Disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then turn the key on but don't start the car. With the key on, pump the accelerator pedal 3 times, then turn off the key. Next time you start the car the light should be off, unless the sensor is malfunctioning. Replace the sensor if necessary, or don't replace it but check your coolant level often.
  • I think this is to reset the oil change lite ? But im going to give it a go anyway/
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I have a 94 Grand Prix and the low coolant light started flashing. The sensor had to be replaced. However, the cooling system is very important because other fluids (i.e. oil and transmission fluid) are cooled by it. I would not ignore the warning light. Good luck.
  • The pedal trick resets the computer, which clears any codes and thus the warning lights. If it comes back on soon after reseting, multiple times, you know there is definitely something wrong or the sensor is malfunctioning.
  • jammy54jammy54 Posts: 1
    nochar said:

    Disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then turn the key on but don't start the car. With the key on, pump the accelerator pedal 3 times, then turn off the key. Next time you start the car the light should be off, unless the sensor is malfunctioning. Replace the sensor if necessary, or don't replace it but check your coolant level often.

    Do you reconnect the battery before doing the other steps? (I would assume that nothing will happen without power, but want to be sure ...)
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