Torrent's Towing Capability?

promompromom Posts: 2
Does anyone know if the 2006 Torrent can tow a small rv?


  • Torrent is rated to tow 3500 pounds with the right hitch. So if your trailer comes in under this loaded up, it should be able to. Check your trailer's manual for a dry weight, and roughly calculate how much stuff you've put into the trailer. My 12 foot popup's dry weight is roughly 1900 pounds and I've added several hundred pounds of camping junk to it, so I'd have to say it goes down the road around 2500 pounds total. Gross combo weight shouldn't exceed 8,000 pounds. That's your vehicle weight with all your passengers and gear plus the fully loaded trailer.

    I mention the right hitch. Make sure you get a hitch with enough tongue weight capacity. I have noticed several aftermarket hitches that I've looked into with only 300 pound ratings. I'll probably spring for the GM accessory hitch, as it's the only one rated at 400 pounds that I've seen so far.

    I haven't towed anything with our Torrent yet, but I did tow my 12' popup (17 feet from hitch to rear bumper)once with my sister's Chevy Venture, and it wasn't a very satisfying experience. Of course a big problem there was how narrow that van was, and how the trailer whipped the van around more then I felt comfortable with (tail wagging the dog), as compared to my Chevy Astro with the 4.3 (which tows great!).

    The Torrent being wider and not as long, I'm hoping it will be more commanding of the trailer then the Venture was. And also with the 5 speed, I think it'll have an easier time keeping the engine power in it's sweet spot then the Venture did.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56

    I just bought a 10ft pop up weighing in at approx. 1600lbs our first trip is coming up but towing from the dealer home seemed to be a breeze, and little trips around the block to get use to it were no problem.

    It was easier to tow the heavy trailer than a little storage box on wheels which I felt every little bounce, but the heavy trailer was pretty smooth. The hitch I put on is rated for 3500lbs which the truck is rated for so why go any higher. The hitch is called Hidden Hitch with weight transfer ability meaning it could transfer approx. 500lbs of weight to the front if the back end of the truck sags to much.

    hope this info helps, after the big trip I will let you know more
  • jmac9jmac9 Posts: 4
    with my torrent i towed a uhaul trailer from ontario to edmonton alberta without a problem. and it weighed about 3000 pounds. it handle really will.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    Just got back from a trip with our 10ft trailer. It pulled rather easy. No sway at all. It was quite smooth
  • promompromom Posts: 2
    Just to get things straight. You pulle a 10ft pop-up with your torrent? Is it front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? How far did you travel and how did the gas mileage do?
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    I have a FWD and yes it was a 10ft pop up trailer we travelled just over 200kms and the mileage wasn't bad converting what I used to a full tank I would have gotten about 50-75kms less on a tank. which isn't that bad considering total weight was around 2000lbs. oh and none of this was highway driving
  • My company is giving me a new Pontiac Torrent with the FWD 3.4L V6. I want to use it to pull my boat that is 19.5ft and weighs 3300lbs. The only relevant upgrade option I can choose is to pay $1600 out of pocket for the All Wheel drive with upgrade. Do you think the AWD upgrade will make enough of a difference to justify putting out the cash? Do you think I NEED the AWD?
  • indrgbindrgb Posts: 115
    I've only towed a few times, none with a FWD vehicle. I would think AWD would be much better pulling the boat out of the water. If the ramp is steep or if the concrete is slick, FWD might spin. If you can swing the $1600, I would do it. My 2c.
  • moverguymoverguy Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 AWD and I am planning to tow a pop up trailer, probably a 10-12 ft one. How is the braking when you haul yours? Do you have a trailer brake?
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Posts: 56
    THe braking isn't that bad. I dont have trailer breakes but I heard that they make all the difference. 10ft trailers dont require them but I believe a 12ft does require electric brakes.
  • Our car 2007 Torrent had 68,000 km on it, and we drove over 5000 km from Toronto to Northwest Territories with a 6ft by 12ft uhaul trailer weighing over 2500 lbs, two adults and 1 child. Mind you we did every possible tune up before we left. But, thank God the car took us their safely! We stopped every night so it wasnt constant driving. And, also you have to make sure the trailer is packed very well. Now that we are here, there is some stabilitrak issues and we are so remote I have no idea what to do, but we are pleased with our car during the drive!
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