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Comimng up to 50,000miles with my 05. I am wondering whether to get the esp warranty and also which one.
Has anyone had serious problems with their Nav after the 50,000 was up?



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    Be sure to check out Extended Warranties while you're waiting for a reply here.

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    Generally, they are never worth it. You'll pay around $1800 for the warranty I assume (and that price IS negotiable, by the way), and that would pay for a number of repairs over the term of the warranty. OTOH, if you lose a transmission, you may come out ahead.

    If your Nav were an 03, I'd recommend it, because that was the first new year out, and they were more problematic. However, the 05 has a great reputation. Personally, I have never used one when I have purchased them on Ford products. I wouldn't get it if I were you. YMMV.
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    I just posted about my 2004 Navigator! It JUST went out of warranty and now I think the transmission is going. I'm waiting to see if I get any information on here. My warranty was 4yrs./50,000 miles. My car has 50,800 miles!!! So I would say, YES, an extended warranty would be worth it. I never had any major problems with it before now, but a transmission is a major one! We did have a problem with the lift gate not coming down. Took it in and it was covered, luckily. I wouldn't purchase a warranty from a car dealer tho.
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    They are no different then health insurance. You hate paying for it till you need it, then your glad ya got it.

    I buy them. I have a 100K mile Premium Care on my wifes car packaged with a 60K mile maintenance plan.
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    The difference is health care could cost $100K or more. A car repair won't be more than a few thousand.

    It's always cheaper in the long run to insure yourself, assuming you can afford to pay for a repair. If, on average, extended warranties paid for themselves the warranty companies would go out of business.

    Some people buy them for peace of mind and that's fine. Others finance them so they're only paying a few dollars a month to avoid a large repair bill and that's ok, too. Just don't expect to save money over several vehicles.
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    Man that stinks.

    What exactly is it doing that makes u think it's about to fail?

    Has a mechanic given u this diagnosis?

    Here's a thought - it's possible Ford and the dealer would spring for an After Warantee Adjustment if you ask em nice.
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    It really depends on you. I know some people who never purchase an extended warranty. I usually check forums and car review before I purchase. It also depends on how long you expect to keep the vehicle. If you like to continue upgrading the way I use to and don't think you will have the vehicle long enough (base on mileage) to where it will began to experience a few problems then I would recommend no.

    I had a 2000 Navigator and purchased the extended warranty for $1200. About two years later after a heavy snow storm one of the modules were stuck in 4WD. Cost of maintenance and repair was well over the $1200 I invested. Though that was covered in the manufacture's warranty I still had a couple of suspension issues that occurred after 50K mi manufacture warranty expired. I had no out of pocket expense for any of the repairs.

    I now have a 2005 Navigator and purchased the extended warranty for $1400 (Platinum package: include everything with a few exceptions for low ticket items such as windshield wipers or battery) just because I like to be covered. And at the heavy weight of this vehicle and the amount of miles I put on it from long distance driving I think it's a good investment. The good thing about an extended warranty is if you sell the vehicle before the life of the warranty expires you can be reimbursed for the portion of the warranty you haven't used.

    Hope this helps with your decision.
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    i bought my 2004 nav in oct 07, 3 weeks before its 48 month warranty was up (only 39k miles) & took it to the dealership. at the dealership, they told me the vehicle had the best lincoln extended warranty and, yes, it stayed with the vehicle. it is good until 72 months/75k miles. since then, i've had about $7-8k worth of warranty work (rear a/c compressor, running board module, air suspension module, both front air bags/suspensions, 4 condensors, wiring loome (yes, with an 'e') for the front suspension, 10 days in the shop (60 hours) trying to solve the front suspension mystery, 12 day loaner (7 free days), front air compressor, conference call with Detroit engineers, regional field engineer came in to solve air suspension. too many moving parts - i would buy an extended warranty in a heartbeat for this vehicle.
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    I bought one or mine (an '04 Ultimate w/o power running boards). Haven't had to use it yet. Did u buy yours used? It must have been abused.
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    I have a 2004 navigator. When the warranty came close to running out at 50,000 miles I purchase the premium extended warranty that will take the car to 100,000 or 6 more years. The car has 65,000 miles on it and has been trouble free the past 15,0000 miles. Over all I can't complain about the vehicle.
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    My extended warranty just expired a few months ago on my 04 Navigator. I was looking at getting another e.w.. Now I have a possible future issue with my air suspension. My questions are:
    Is it worth getting?
    What would be the best option?
    I was looking at USAA, Fidelity, AAA, my credit union, and Ford.

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