Suzuki XL-7 Real World MPG

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Please report on your gas mileage for your XL-7 in here. Include any additional information that you may think will help others compare their mpg to yours, including your city/highway driving mix, how many miles are on your odometer, aftermarket tires (Plus size), etc. Thanks!


  • guxuguxu Member Posts: 32
    My 2007 XL7 2WD Limited is just over 5000 miles. Highway mpg is 22-24. Local (light traffic) is about 17 mpg.
  • kc5ytikc5yti Member Posts: 38
    My 02 is averaging 18 over the 58K miles it has on it. I get about 18-19 on average in the city/highway mix. I see about 20-21 on the highway.

    Our 07 gets between 16-20 in the city. This depends greatly on the driver, route, and traffic. I have seen as high as 28 on the highway, but more typical is 24-26 on the highway at speeds of 65-72.5. I try to stay away from 75+. :)
  • jobraxjobrax Member Posts: 1
    I've had my 2007 for two weeks. So far, averaging 22-23 on highway, 15-16 in city, but I'm used to driving a smaller, sporty car so I guess I'm still driving the XL7 that way!
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    2002, we get around 20 MPG average. When cold weather hits it drops a little and four wheel drive doesnt help.
  • tresalyntresalyn Member Posts: 1
    On a trip from Colorado to Oregon and back our 2007 XL7 averaged just over 22. Most of the trip was at 75 mph or a bit over. There was some minimal city driving and of course Oregon roads only allow 65.

    Around home with a constant mix of highway and city we usually average around 21.5.

    We're very pleased with that.
  • dave42nydave42ny Member Posts: 9
    2007 XL7 Base with AWD - After the first six weeks and totaling 3000 miles, my AVG MPG is 21.3 (combined). The Best tank yielded 25.09 MPG (all highway) and the worst was 18.3 MPG (mostly city and rural). The cold weather has moved into the North East and gas mileage should decrease. Additionally, I now switched to Mobil 1 (my first oil change).
  • slinky1slinky1 Member Posts: 42
    after about 8000 miles on my 2007 AWD xl7, i am averaging about 18-19 mpg , 50% hwy, 50% city driving, and i can be a bit of a lead foot!!.
  • dave42nydave42ny Member Posts: 9
    Update... I currently have 14,650 miles on my 2007 XL7. During the winter months I was averaging 19.3 to 20.1 MPG (70% hwy, 30% city/local driving). I did another Mobil 1 5W-30 oil and filter change about 1,000 miles ago and I'm averaging 21.2 MPG. I do my oil and filter changes every 6K - I put on 2K a month.
  • kbrown1999kbrown1999 Member Posts: 5
    My wife says she gets 50 miles less to the tank with the air on. I have to have the belt replaced on it, but that shouldn't affect it.Thinking about changing to high performance spark plugs. Great vehicle. Has 104 k and drives like the day we bought it, no squeaks, runs great.
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    I wish I could get the type of fuel economy that everyone else is listing. I have a 2007 XL-7, 7 passenger AWD with less than 13,000 miles on it. Since new I have never experienced any better than 13 city and 16 highway. It has most recently dropped to 12 city and 14 highway. We were told initially that the car had to be driven and as the miles accumulated the fuel economy would improve. Conversely, the economy has only suffered as has my wallet. Although I can't say for certain that others have had this problem, I have noticed that there are no less than 8 used 2007 XL-7's on the dealer's lot as I write this. I love the vehicle as it is comfortable, rides well and has plenty of power, but the dismal fuel economy numbers may prevent me from leasing a second one.
  • tech7tech7 Member Posts: 1
    I purchase a 2008 from a local dealer with 5000 miles XL-7 I have change the oil
    every 2,500 miles due to the black oil. I use a good quality oil Pen Oil . I was a engine rebuilder for 10 years and have noticed that cars or suv's that get low gas milage get the oil dirty quicker. Most of the time is is due to the fact of to much fuel entering the cyc which shorten the life of the engine and cost a arm and a leg in fuel. I was wondering if anyone has heard about a chip change for the computer in this suv or can I change one of the parimeter in the computer to adjust fuel .

  • suzuki_azsuzuki_az Member Posts: 1
    I've found that Pennzoil gums up in the Suzuki engines at about 2500 miles, especially during the summer, or when driven hard with higher engine temps. Pennzoil has a higher wax content than other oils which makes it smoother when fresh, but causes more sludge over time especially in engines that have hot spots within them. I've had my best gas mileage with Formula Shell conventional oil, or any fully synthetic oil such as Walmarts own brand.

    The other thing that increased my gas mileage and stopped rattles was to change the oil in the transfer case and the front and rear differential. Most new owners don't change that at 3000-5000 miles but it's strongly recommended so that you can get rid of the metal shavings as the parts wear in. I did it myself and it wasn't hard.
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