Lexus IS 250/IS 350 - Changes in 2008

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I am on the market for a new IS 250 BUT I am not sure if I should wait for a couple of months and get a 2008 model or use the fact that 2008 is on the market so that I can get a deeper discount on 2007 models?

Also, does anybody know if anything would be changing in 2008 models compared to 2007 models?
Does anybody know if the body style will be the same for some time or generally Lexus changes the style in every 2 yrs etc like Toyota?

Thanks a bunch..


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    I am in the same bort but don't have any new info. I don't think thet are changing the style as evidenced by the 2008 Lexus IS-F that looks the same. I do hope they raise the HP some as it is a littled underpowered for my taste.
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    As far as I know, the new IS-F will be a lot of horsepower and starting at $50k.

    As far as IS250/350 goes, it will be the same with the following addition:

    a) coin box
    b) backlighting for the outside mirror control
    c) illuminated scuff plate

    As far as MSRP, it will be 200 bucks more except for the AWD which will be 200 less.

    I was thinking the same and asking myself if i should get the 2007 or wait for 2008. I can get $3000 off MSRP now and I don't know if I will for the 2008.

    Else, I will be getting the 2007 tomorrow at my dealership.

    Any comments?
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    no 6MT for IS 350??; crying shame if not...when when when.
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    I can't find any information about the release date and expected changes for the 2009 IS 250 / 350. I'm currently looking for a new 2008 but I was curious about the 2009 refresh and wanted to better understand the changes.

    Does anybody have any details to share? I'm surprised that this late there hasn't been any reviews or sneak pictures. I have asked Lexus but all they told me was there 2009 should come end of Oct and there weren't any news publicized yet?

    Please somebody share some light on this... I'm surprised Edmunds doesn't have any updates on this yet.

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