Toyota RAV4 Noise from Chassis

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I own a 2006 basic 4wd RAV-4. I hear this noise (loud clicking/only one clicking) from underneth / front chassis whenever ONLY I shift to reverse to back up. Not happen on DRIVE shift. Anyone has this problem. Is it normal? Appreciate your comment.


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    I have a 2007 2WD V6 RAV4. Less than 2 weeks after I bought it new, I heard the same type of noise. I took it back to the dealer and after 2 hours of trying to find the source of the clicking, they determined the problem was in the differential. They decided to replace the entire transmission!!! Needless to say, I wasn't happy since the car was only 9 days old and only had 300+ miles on it. I still hear a click, but not as bad as before. I am taking it back to be checked out this weekend.
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    I also have a new 4WD RAV Limited, same issue. I noticed the snapping/clicking noise when shifting into reverse in my garage. The dealer has the truck and has replaced the left front axle and a number of suspension bolts and have retorqued others, to no avail. Today they replace the left front bearing assembly, all highly upsetting in a new Toyota. I'll only let so much be done before invoking the Lemon Law. My father has a 2006 Rav4WD and has no noise. It appears to be a growing problem. I think it's something in the center differential and can feel it through the floor.
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    I recently got my new RAV back after having quite a debate over "throwing" parts at my truck. Toyota didn't help either. As it turns out, the snapping/clicking sound is gone after the left front bearing hub was replaced. I was skeptical but haven't heard it in more than a week. The bearing hub internals apparently had some play that was exercised when the torque was applied after reverse was engaged. Also heard it in drive now and then. Good luck!
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    I got my RAV4 Sport 4WD 2006 last Feb 2006 and encountered the same issues about the clicking/knocking sound underneath the chassis early this month. I brought it to a Toyora Service Center and they diagnosed the problem is with the transmission shaft bearing, but offered to replace the shaft instead since it's still under warranty. Unfortunately, the shaft is a back-order part from Toyota and will arrive this Nov 10, over month after the issue was found, sad! Probably, there's a lot of RAV4 having these issue that's why this part was back-ordered. I'll let you all know if everything goes well after the replacement.
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    I own a 2008 Rav 4 4cyl Limited. Two weeks ago I found the same noise. Got my rav on December 2007, and after just 1500 miles I got this same noise. Can hear it when when going out from my garage (reverse), but also hear it on drive when starting to move after a red light (for instance). At the beginning I thought may be related to the brakes since I could hear the noise when shifting to reverse still with the brakes in, no movement at all; but when I heard it on drive, the noise came after releasing the brakes (when going green light) and starting to accelerate.
    Took it to the dealer, and after a week they said the noise was gone, I asked them what they did and said redoing some torque to the suspension. The noise is gone but I have the feeling that they didn't know what fixed the noise, and I think the root cause is still there. Did you ever get your noise solved? Do you have any updates? Please share. I haven't driven the car for a week. I'm taking it back to the dealer tomorrow, today I noticed they applied silicon (like the one from a silicon gun) on the brakes assembly, over some clips-like and the brakes..I wasn't happy about finding that...I think they tried to use it to remove vibration or noise from mechanical components
    Let's see what I get as a response tomorrow....
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    I have a brand new rav4 and I am getting the same clicking noise. Can you tell me what it turned out to be with your car? What a pain!
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    I dont have a click when I reverse. It is more of a clunk. If I give it the gas it will give multiple clunks. If I lock the 4WD it doesn't make any noise. The dealer has told me the factory computer says that it is normal and nothing can be done. It never happened until 59,000 miles with 1000 miles left on the powertrain. I have a 2006 and my neighbor has a 2008 because he liked mine. I drove his yesterday.....No noise. I hate the way they hear the loud clunk not unlike a hammer underneath it. They found a waterpump leak and transmission gasket leak and warrantee covers that. They said oil dark and discolored and want to change tranny and differential oil. To change them they use a pressure cleaning system to replace the oil and it will cost $450. I feel like toyota wants me to do this to cover the problem if it gets worse in the future but I have changed transmission oil in a 4 wheel drive John Deere tractor with 30 gallons for less.
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    I have the same SUV (2007 4WD V6 RAV4). The first year I did not notice of any problem, but the second year I start hearing a clicking sound when it is in reverse and only happens first thing in the morning. I took it to the same Toyota dealer two different times one year apart. The first time the mechanic said he only heard a normal brake pad slap and there is nothing wrong with that. The second time the mechanic said the noise is normal brake pad shift and the condition occurs when pads rotate into forward or reverse position when car is moved the 1st time in a new direction.

    To me I don't believe in that. Does anyone have a solution or any suggestions to this problem?

    Thank you.
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    My 2006 RAV4 have lound banging sound when i put it in reverse. It started with misgear noise 2 years ago. Now it cannot go backward. It is in a shop for a rebuild transmission. Let see if the transmission fixed the problem.
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    Whirling sound developed after 84,000 miles on my 2008 RAV4. Toyota dealer wanted $85/hr to tear it apart the rear end and diagnose the problem having no idea what it could be but thought possible a coupler that cost $1400. Anyway not wanting to pay $85/hr for on the job training I took it to a speciality 4x4 shop who swapped out the differential for $1000 with a used one only to have the same problem but worse.
    Anyone experience this ptroblem with their RAV4 ? Help.
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    I too have a whirling/buzzing sound that started about 3 weeks ago on my 2006 RAV4. I have about 145000km on the vehicle. My mechanic diagnosed rear differential front coupler. He called Toyota to order parts and was told the front coupler part has 200 already on back order. This seems to indicate a sign of an issue to me. Yet my vehicle, wrt mileage, is out of warranty. Grrr.

    Had to get front and rear right side wheel bearings replaced last spring. Not so happy with Toyota. My Honda accords never had these kinds of issues.
  • tigermapletigermaple Member Posts: 3
    Actually just got the RAV4 out of the repair shop, the differential was the problem not the coupler. Having difficulty getting parts from Toyota a used differential was obtained from a wrecking yard that solved the problem. The bill came to $1069.00 US including labor, the used differential was $700. Hope this helps. Interesting, the Toyota dealership where I bought it also told me it was the coupler which costs $1300 alone, but like you said it was back ordered.
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    SAME! my 2008 RAV4 whirling noise turns out to be "rear end " work. How's that for a specific answer from Toyota! When pushed they told me carry assembly($2500)and maybe a Viscus ($800) plus labor! What's worse is i had purchased the extended warantee offered by dealer but i have 102,000
    miles and they won't cover it! I will NEVER buy a toyota POS again! I have had over 15 cars in my lifetime and NEVER has something like this that points to 100% poor quality workmanship happened to a vehicle of mine.
    Toyota customer service is unhelpful and that is putting it mildly. My advice is stay AWAY from Toyota obvioulsy grew too fast too soon and quality has gone into the toilet.
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    To bad, liked my RAV4, but sold it rather than ever having to deal with the service department manger at the dealership ever again at Steet Toyota in Johnstown, NY who must work off commissions.
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    Most of them do, it seems.

    Confessions From the Dealership Service Department.

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    Is anyone having this problem on a newer model?

    I have a 2015 Rav4 from Carmax [if that matters]. Purchased with 35,000 miles and 1 previous owner from Florida.
    Whats is going on
    When I am backing up and turning out of my drive way or parking spot and my wheel is turned to the right [so I can back out and go left] 75%-100% of the way it makes a knocking/clicking sound, sometimes hollow sounding.

    When I got the car there was a few things wrong that Carmax quickly fixed like warn struts due to being tied down for transport to right, and a loose axle. Those were what thought may fix the knocking sound I was getting while reversing and turning my wheel but have still not resolved.

    I got the car July 2018 and it is not May 2019 and the problem is still happening.

    The situation I am in now is Carmax transferred my car to a dealership to get inspected to resolve the problem but the dealership is saying this is a normal sound. The dealership is saying it is something called a "Brake Shift" my breaks readjusting when the wheel is turned far in one direction. My comeback is BRAKES DON'T MOVE! Things are not supposed to be rattling/moving around under your car while you drive, it just isn't an okay sound! Also when you google Brake Shift, nothing comes up and if this is a "common" thing across several models you would think you could find it somewhere online....

    I do not know if it is because I am young or a women but they are not taking me very seriously. Carmax is refusing to take back my car until I am satisfied with the dealerships resolution. They have had my car for 2 weeks now and no work has been done on it.

    I was really hoping someone could tell me what to have the dealership check to resolve this problem. I have also seen a few posts where this noise was ignored by the owner for a few years and then the Transmission went out. I do not know if this is related but it is scary.

    This is my first grown up newish car. I only wanted a Rav4, I would not budge on the car because it fit my needs space wise but I have heard nothing but great stuff from Toyoda and being a very reliable vehicle. Since this is the last car I want to buy for the next 10+ years and grow a family into.... I was frustrated to be receiving a "broken" car. To top it off I am spending $50 over budget monthly for it which I thought I would save on maintenance.
  • Baama2Baama2 MARYLANDMember Posts: 2
    I am having similar situation. My 2015 Rav4 has only 30K and when i put on rivers 50% of the time, I hear a clocking noise. I took it to different mechanics but they could not figure out but just guessing. Some says draft shafts others say engine mount. sometime it does not make any noise at all.
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