30,000 service - Factory versus Dealer Plus?

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My 2006 4 cyl is due for its 30K service. My dealer has two types - Factory and Dealer Plus. Could someone please tell me which I should select. (Last time for the 15K I went with Factory Service - $41.85 v. $188.89) The Factory serice for the 30K is $222.80 and the Dealer Plus is $365.99. The Dealer Plus includes cleaning battery terminals, brake inspection, clean/adj rear and parking brakes, lubrication. minor trans service (4 qts), throttle body service. (What is that?) The $143 difference is a chunk of change! Ouch! Any input and advice will be greatly appreciated! - Newfy2


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    Well, your dealer's price is right in line with what the Edmunds Maintenance Guide says the factory service should cost (for my zip code). But....

    The factory 30k service is supposed to include brake inspection. It's also supposed to include replacement of the rear differential and transfer case fluid and engine oil. Maybe they want to charge extra for that under the "lubrication" item on the Plus service? (link)

    Throttle bodies can get a bit clogged and sticky. I have to clean the one on my Nissan minivan occasionally (about every 30k come to think about it!) with some $5 spray cleaner. Otherwise it wants to "jump" off the line at stop signs.

    I'd pass on the Plus service and clean the terminals myself. And ask that the factory service include what Toyota requires or get a good answer why their factory service is different from the manual. Dealer profit really isn't a good answer, unless you're the dealer.

    You did get a good deal on your 15k service, unless they skipped some of the fluid replacements.
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    Just do the factory required maint. to keep your warranty intact. The plus is fluff. Hope this helps.
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    Thank to all for the advice and saving me money! I took it and just got the Factory Service. They even accepted a competitor's coupon for 10% off, so I got out for just a tad over $200 instead of closer to $400. THANK YOU!!!
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