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Honda Passport No Start Problems

jmoyles2jmoyles2 Member Posts: 1
Having a wierd problem with 2000 passport. When I turn the key to start, the following happens:

[A] the fuel pump relay "buzzes" for about a second

[B] about a second after that, a device on the fuel rail starts making a rapid clicking sound that goes on for about 2 seconds. While this is happening, the internal check engine light seems to be flickering rapidly on/off in sync with the clicking. If you are standing in front of the truck, facing the radiator, the clicking is coming from some sort of sensor or device that is at the back right corner of the fuel rail (close to the firewall). It is some sort of cyclinder that has a wiring block with 2 wires on one side, and what appears to be fuel in/outs on the other.

[C] During this whole process, the fuel pump sounds very sick. It's running, but it sounds like crap.

[D] after the above, the engire doesn't turn over. It doesn't do anything. If I restart the engine start sequence, the same behavior happens.

Some things I've tried that didn't change the behavior:
I've tried moving another relay of the same model into the fuel relay position
I've cleaned the posts of that relay (and all the others)
I've left the vehicle without any power (unplugged the battery) for hours
Cursing. Lots of cursing.

Now at this point, it sounds like a bad fuel pump, but these 2000 Passports have tricked me in the past. Has anyone else had experience with this, and if so - is this a fuel pump issue, or is their an uphill electric/sensor issue here (like whatever is making that clicking noise (see [b], or some sort of fuel cutoff switch gone bad)?

If it is a fuel pump issue - how hard is it to change to the fuel pumps for this model vehicle?


  • shadetree56shadetree56 Member Posts: 3
    Hello, I have an Isuzu Rodeo, 2001, having the same symptoms as yours with same frustrations. Did you resolve?

    I after various diagnostics concluded it was the Fuel pump, ordered one prepared to install and found no voltage to the pump. Went to the fuse relay box and found the relay was not engaging. Traced the control wire for the relay back the ECM. Only 6 volts coming from ECM, should be 12.

    Trying to be innovative I bypassed the control wire from the ECM by hooking up the Fuel Pump to another circuit hoping it was the only circuit affected. I got the fuel pump working, but still wouldn't start. I have not checked to see if the spark plugs are doing anything but I suspect they are not. I am researching but my theory at this point is some shut down circuit has disabled the ECM or the ECM is bad. Please advise me of your fix if you have discovered one. :mad: :sick:
  • shadetree56shadetree56 Member Posts: 3
    Problem Solved. If Isuzu had fixed it they would have replaced the wiring harness and charged a fortune. Theres no telling how many wiring harnesses have been replaced to fix this problem. After testing almost every circuit with a repair manuel to no avail, I was working with a technician friend who undone the computer from its cradle and moved it up and toward the front of the engine. A squeel started and low and behold it started. Trying to get the problem to repeat itself, their are 4 multi pin connectors on the left front fender (drivers side). Two of these connectors can shut the engine down. Unplug each connector and reconnect one at a time. Try to start. This fixed my problem. :shades:
  • cwilkinscwilkins Member Posts: 2
    I have a87 ford ranger 2.9 engine with 5 speed. After fuel relay clicks on it will not click off. Fuel pump runs all the time. Engine won't start..if starts it floods out. I've changed relays, cleaned and exchanged battery cables. It gets plenty of fuel, fuel pressure 40 lbs and hold, when relay switch by passed. 9 round wire on relay won't click off after 5 seconds fuel pump keeps running. changed relay twice. HELP
  • psyphrpsyphr Member Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 2000 Honda passport with about 113,000 miles on it.
    the problem is when I start it up it idles at about 1200 rpm. If i let it sit for 5-10 min. it will eventually go down. I dont want to do this every time I start the car. any ideas?

    Also, sometimes when I`m out driving the car will stall when Im idling. It has even stalled when I was just coastng down a hill. But it starts right back up with no problem. That was kind of scary because the power steering went out. It feels like the engine is not getting enough fuel sometimes.

    Plus, its getting really bad gas mileage. about 12-13 miles/gal. I can visually watch the gauge dropping while I am driving. There might be something wrong with the gas gauge. It only takes 12 gallons to fill it up and its a 21 gal. tank if Im not mistaken.
    Please help.
  • dontkeandontkean Member Posts: 2
    I had a 2001 Jetta that had similar problems. It was a fuel mix sensor that was bad, making the fuel too rich and stalling the car when we slowed down or stopped at a light. You might look into that.
  • hnda_psprthnda_psprt Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I've a 1999 Honda Passport. Everything was working fine until yesterday night. This morning, it all of a sudden did not crank up. Here's what I observed:
    (1) The battery looked like it was dead at first, (dim lights, etc)... but the lights dim only when I turn the key into 'ignition' position, till then it's fine (gives about 12V).
    (2) once the key it turned to ignition, all lights get dim, does not crank at all, can hear some buzzing sound that's it. On a closer observation, there was some clicking sound under the hood. there are two places where the clicking happens simultaneously, one in the fuse box at the fuel pump relay and one simultaneously at a pin socket on the top right part of the engine (don't know what it's called, a socket that connects into the engine with three/four tiny wires)

    Please advise me on this ....
  • luyueluyue Member Posts: 10
    I have the same problem on my 98 passport, when the car warmed up, there was no problem to fire up. it only happens when the car is cold.
    I checked the sparc plugs, they looks fine. over the weekends, the check engine lights went on, and disappeared this morning.
  • artie514artie514 Member Posts: 1
    i got a 1998 honda passport and there was no fuel coming to the fuel rail. i checked the fuel pump relays and switch the relays and got nothing. i thought it was the fuel pump since i could not hear it come on. i changed the fuel pump and the problem is still the same, the fuel pump does not come on. the fuses and relays are all good. is there a fuel shut off switch like there is on the fords?
  • drummerdotprodrummerdotpro Member Posts: 4
    When I turn the key on my Honda Passport it only clicks once and nothing else happens. When starting cold I have to turn the key between 5 and 10 times before it actually starts. It sounds pretty weak while it turns over, but eventually starts up.
    I have been reading other posts with similar symptoms and it has been everything from the starter, battery, alternator and plugs. I started by replacing the battery and it started right up, but eventually went right back to the one click multiple try starting process.
    Can anyone recommend what to try next?
    Thanks a lot,

  • mcghedemcghede Member Posts: 1
    ya im experiencing the same thing but only when the car is cold, it clicks but i have to turn the key a few times for it to finally come on, when its warmed up theres no problem. did you ever find out what the problem was?
  • drummerdotprodrummerdotpro Member Posts: 4
    Hey there, thanks for your response, your are the only one. Yup, that's the same exact situation that I'm facing. I haven't done anything yet because I don't want to pay someone to tinker and try several things. I'd like a solid direction before I do and right now I don't have that. Some people say to check the plugs and some say try a new batter which I did try a new battery and the same thing happens on a cold day. Someone who knows a lot about cars told me that it's "not" the starter because if it were it wouldn't start hot or cold.
    So, sorry that's all that I have so far. If you find anything out please let me know. You can email me directly too jeff@drummer.pro.

  • christophshanechristophshane Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    I have a 98 Honda Passport. It has been a reliable vehicle and a true blessing. I, too, am experiencing this clicking sound when I turn the key. Also, eventually the thing starts up. In harmony with the above posts, the problem began when the cold came to our area in TN.

    I'd turn the key, get clicks with each turn, after several tries it would start.

    My Haynes manual describes the symptoms as either the battery, the starter solenoid contacts or the starter motor contacts.

    I had my battery swapped out for a new one at autozone.

    the problem went away for 24 hours. The most difficult time to start it is in the early morning after sitting in the cold for 12 hours. After the battery swap, it started right up on first key turn the following morning.

    Now, I'm back to the same issue after 1 day.

    I'm going to crawl underneath and see if my contacts are loose, dirty, or broken. I'll repost if that helps.
  • jaysonbradleyjaysonbradley Member Posts: 1
    I have been having this problem off and on for over a year. I've had the battery replaced, cables replaced, plugs replaced, fuses replaced etc.
    It doesn't matter if the car is really hot or really cold, the clicking seems to be at random.
    Today I think I've figured out where the problem might be, but I can't figure out what the part is called.
    I've circled exactly what part is making the clicking noise plus after the clicking it sort of makes a humming sound, like a vibration or something.
    When I pulled out the cord to this piece the sound stopped. So I'm convinced it somehow must be this little piece.
    link title
  • drummerdotprodrummerdotpro Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for posting that Jayson, that seems pretty helpful if someone is going to try and replace whatever that part is. I've just decided to live with mine until it dies. Sometimes it only takes two clicks to start and other four minutes of cranking the key. Ive really become used to it and tired of "efing" with it. Thanks again for the info though, I will keep it in case I decide to replace. Also, let me know if you do replace it and all is well. Good luck...
  • 02hondapass02hondapass Member Posts: 1
    Finally got it fixed! I've had the same issues as stated in the other posts. Would take 5 to 10 times to start when cold. Would start fine once in was driven for 10 or 20 minutes and restarted. The starter did not need to be replaced completely. Just the contacts for starter were worn out and become to thin to make a proper connection. The part cost is only $15 dollars at the shop I took it to. Total cost after labor was $270. Would have been in the upper $400 if the starter was replaced. This seems like an easy fix for the mechanically inclined.
  • drummerdotprodrummerdotpro Member Posts: 4
    That is awesome, I'm glad to hear that it worked out! I'm next then. Thanks a lot for posting it's really helpful, this was very hard to figure out.

  • lockgremlinslockgremlins Member Posts: 4
    Hi -- my 98 Passport is doing what you described. I'm going to put in a new starter. Is your Passport still starting with no issues?
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