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Got a new 2007 Tahoe Z71

brafaelbrafael Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I've had it 2 weeks and have put about 800 miles on it so far.
I like this car a lot. It rides almost as nicely as a sedan and handles well. There is enough space for my family, luggage and large dog. Highway mileage has been about 25mpg, city is about 12mpg. It is E85 ready, unfortunately there is only 1 station in my area that has E85 and I can buy normal gas for less than he sells E85 for. Before deciding on this I drove a Toyota 4runner,Sequoia, Landcruiser, Land Rover LR3, Armada, Ford Excursion, Jeep Commander and Aspen. The 4runner was nice, but it is too cramped inside and has no storage. The sequoiz, LR3, Armada, excursion and aspen drive awful. The LR3 was certainly the worst, uncomfortable too. I like the landcruiser, but it is a little pricey and did not have the storage of the Tahoe. The jeep commander drove nicely but it was not comfortable and had poor storage.
There are only a few things I would change on the Tahoe. It needs a larger rear window, it has blind spots like a semi. Chevy for some reason does not offer blue tooth and I do not have Verizon so I cannot use my minutes on the Tahoes phone system. I hate XM and wish they had given me the option of Sirius.
The engine compartment is the cleanest I've seen since the 1960's. My only beef there is the placement of the battery. I can only assume they put it there because they do not want people to change there own battery. It is at the rear of the engine compartment and has a support above it that would make it difficult to remove and difficult to jump start. Very bad design, there is plenty of space at the front of the engine compartment to put the battery.
It comes with 2 rails on the roof, but does not come with the cross rails. The cross rails are about $250, I think I will look for some aftermarket ones.

All in all I like the vehicle and am looking forward to long trips in it. I just need to figure out how to get a little betterr mileage in the city.


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