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Ford Expedition Noises

nptxplantnptxplant Posts: 1
Hey guys, i have 2000 expedition, was backing out of driveway, place car in drive and heard a loud clunk in the rear somewhere. Since then, i will occasionally hear a wop-wop-wop-wop, almost like a flat tire sound, or something rubbing. Sometimes it is more metalic sounding. i have been all over the rear end of my truck, removed the wheels and brakes, inspected my coils, shocks, control arms, etc. I don't see any cracks broken bolts, ....nothing. It drives fine, it just makes a lot of noise at very random times, there is no consistency as to when or what conditions it happens with. There may be a slight leak of some sort where the rear axle/housing thing meets the tire. ALso, i believe i have narrowed the sound down to the right rear. Any ideas?


  • Umm, just a couple shots in the dark. I'm not sure how loud the clunking is, but you may try looking at your roof rack. The knobs that tighten it down may be loose and that will cause a lot of noise intermittently. Also, you could try looking at where your brake lines run to the rear wheels. Sometimes they'll pop out of the little clips and rattle around. Finally, inspect your engine mounts and the surrounding area. Every so often, if the engine mount or something similiar fails, the engine or tranny or whatever will rattle around. You won't notice any driving differences but it will end up shaking your catalytic converter and exhaust assembly around, this tends to make a lot of noises, with vibration from time to time. Oh yeah, if the big bump you heard pulling out was you hitting something with your rim, you may have bent the rim and this will cause noise and vibrations too. Those are all the things I've ever found. Hope it gives you some ideas.
  • Recently test drove '07 Limited. Overall impression was fairly solid, but could not get past persistent noise/squeaking coming from dash area. Anyone know whether this is endemic of all recent model Expeditions? Any fixes or recalls? Just wondering whether this could have been isolated to this particular road test vehicle.
  • I have an 07 and it has that 'squeak' from the dash. It appears to come from the vent piece that is attached to the dash up near the glass. I think they need to put more felt tape on these pieces.
  • Please help...While driving at a very slow rate of speed or when turning (after driving for 45mins or more with 4-5 passengers) my expo makes a very loud and annoying metal to metal grinding/squeaking noise...the noise is loudest in the right area when you stop you can get on the running boards and rock the expo and it will still make the noise but my next morning it won't do that again. The dealer can never re-create the problem so they have no clue..any suggestions on where to begin?
  • Had the same problem with a 1998 Lincoln Navigator. Could never figure out if it was coming from the right front dash or the passenger door. Dealership never figured out either. My 2007 Expition doesn't have any noises yet. The Navigator was almost a cracking sound.
  • Do you have a limited slip differential? It could be the differential.
  • ggerg3ggerg3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 EB Expo, I have noticed some kind of whining noise coming from behind the driver's side dashboard. I first noticed the noise a couple of months ago, but it was very faint. I took it to my mechanic, he could barely hear the noise. Since then, the noise has increased. It's no longer a faint noise, it is now very pronounced, but it's only when sitting idle. Once I give it some gas, the noise goes away. As long as I'm driving I hear no noise, the moment I stop at a red light, the noise resumes. I have lifted the hood listening for the noise, but I hear nothing from the engine area. I wonder has anyone else experienced anything like this before?
  • Does anyone know about a noise coming from underneath the truck around maybe the cat/heat shield? I noticed that when I accelerate at a slightly normal pace, I get a metal rattling noise as I approach the shift point going into 2nd and sometimes 3rd. Maybe it's the heat shield?
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    I notice when it's hot outside I hear more creaks in the dash area in my 07. Maybe because its black, not sure. The older Expys had a more solid feel to the dash.
  • been having the same issue, driving me nuts. Have you had any solutions to your posting ??
  • I have had the same problem, Any solutions to your post ??
  • me too. I also have had that noise on my 07 limited. It came from the right front brake for a few miles and then quit and won't do it again. Im having brake failure that ford cant get to repeat either and think it might be related.
  • I have been having the same problems on my 06' EB. The noise I have comes at random times while driving, I felt it happened most often when I hit a small bump or made one of my FRONT wheels articulate on the arm (pothole, bump, turning, etc). I described the sound as someone spinning bolts in a can, or a rattle. Well finally! the guy at the shop got the vehicle to repeat the sound, his description was a ratcheting noise. Their diagnosis was a small vacuum leak which was causing the 4WD system to try to engage on that tire and then 'bounce' away. It went away for a while (few weeks) and now it's back, so 2nd time in let's see if they think Vacuum leak again. Taking it in tomorrow.

    PS. They told me that they've seen the problem on F150s but never on the Expedition, but given the similarities I'm not surprised it could come over to the Exp.
  • nothing yet. my brother has a neighbor/good friend who is a mechanic. i'm thinking about letting him take a look at it. i'll let you know if anything comes of it.
  • OK, 3rd time at the shop and the dealer through some parts at it; a LOT of parts actually. They replaced the control arms (those massive hunks of metal), the knuckle joints (they called them 'knuckle', I'd call them the half axle joints that connect to the tire), and the vacuum pump and lines that control the 4wd. All under warranty.

    I dont hear the noise anymore... but dang... that was a lot of parts.
  • My '07 Expedition EL has a loud and very annoying A/C vent squeak that sounds like a cricket chirp. I've taken it to the dealer several times and they have "adjusted" and lubricated it with no success. If you place your finger in the vent and hold it down, the chirping stops. Does anyone else know of this problem?
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    When does it chirp? When you go over bumps? Yes, I hear this too. I wish I could pull the vents out and put felt tape on the plastic to plastic sections.
  • It chirps when I drive over any little bump or rough spot in the road. It's loud enough that you can hear it over the radio. If you place your finger inside the vent and hold it down, the chirping stops. So sometimes I'll be driving down the road with my finger in the vent. Unfortunately, when the cricket wakes up on passenger side I can't reach it while I'm driving.

    I've asked the dealership several times how to pull the vent out so that I could service it myself but they always have to check with the "vent guy" to find out how. They claim that they've "lubricated and adjusted" the vents twice. They haven't chirped since the last lubrication, but I've only driven it once since then so I'm not convinced that it's fixed.

    I talked with another Expedition owner who said that he would just pull his vents out and put vaseline on them. However, he has an '05 and the vents simply pop out. Apparently, the '07 vents don't pop out so easily.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    I have the shop manual and your right, you just don't yank them out. It doesn't look horrible though. I can email you the pdf instructions if you would like. Email me at bmwolfe at yahoo dot com.

    I now have a weekend project!
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    My wifes expedition started making a loud ticking noise last night in the back right rear panel somewhere..i never could locate it but it would go off as soon as the engine was killed....anyone have any ideas? we are still in warranty at this point..just wondering what this is and how long it takes to fix?
  • i had a similar noise and noticed it was when i tried to switch the rear air source from the top vents to the floor vents. the clicking noise was the rear air door actuator. i took it in and they fixed it free of charge, under warranty.
  • glen_cglen_c Posts: 4
    I have an '04 EB and have the same squeak. Touch the gas or hit a bump and "squeak" from somewhere in the dash. Funny thing is though, it doesn't squeak during the summer...I guess the fitting or whatever it is swells in the heat and fits tightly.
  • If the noise I had is the same as what you are experiencing then I have the fix! The noise in my dash was coming from the passenger side airbag cover. The cover does not fit very well and when I pulled up/out on the upper portion where it meets the dash, the noise stopped. I remedied this by taking a thin piece of cardboard (from an oatmeal box) and folded it to where it was thick enough to fill in the gap between the dash and the top part of the passenger side air bag cover. I stuffed it in the gap to where you cannot see the cardboard if you are in the passenger seat. I did this on both the right side and left side. Solved the squeak! Let me know if this solves your squeak.

  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Great idea. My airbag cover just above the glove box is the source for a lot of noises. I will check it out.
  • latallatal Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Expedition. I hear a "chirping" kind of sound coming from the front right side of the vehicle only when I am accelerating. It does not make this sound when the car is in park or neutral when reving the engine. I had a friend check the belts and they checked out fine. Any ideals?
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Check the front shocks. I had a bad shock that chirped at different times. If you have any amount of miles-over 75K you probably need new ones anyway.
  • I have an 03 expedition and am having the same problem, it just started a few weeks ago and is driving me crazy. Did you ever get this fixed??
  • latallatal Posts: 2
    Ok. Here it is...... A friend had asked around about my problem and a couple of places said they have never heard the noise before. I then took it Tire World because they had changed my front brakes in the previous week of the oncoming chirping. They said to take it to an exhaust place. So, I did. They told me that it was a broken bolt in my exhaust manifold and it could cost me between 250 - 500 to fix because there maybe other problems and the seal would also have to be replaced. By the way, I am a female and began to think I was being taken advantage of. So, I told this to a friend who works at Ford. He said that he would take a look. Well, there was a broken bolt. But the manifold was also warped, and other bolts had broke. They had a lot of corrosion. Well, after all that was fixed. It still makes the noise. He said it was a belt for some kind of part that would cost 500. I stopped listening to details when he said that it will be okay if I can withstand the noise factor. He checked over everything else and things looked great. So, to make my long dragged out story end and come to your answer. Its not fixed. Sorry for the details. Good luck with yours. Let me know what happens.
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114

    I never got it fixed but figured out the problem..for whatever reason mine stopped doing it.....but the problem is the motor switch or door for the rear AC/Heat gets stuck and keeps trying to complete the transition....i guess mine became unstuck when we switched our rear AC from heat back to AC....since that time it stopped ticking. The noise was coming from the rear passenger side wall panel..kind of between the second and third row seats....mine is under warranty so i will take it in eventually to get it fixed.
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