Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon Hybrid Electrical and Lighting Questions

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I own a 2003 Tahoe with a factory towing kit. I recently hooked up my travel trailer and noticed the trailer brake lights did not work. The Turn Signals work, the backup lights work, also the running lights work. I replaced the bulbs and it did not help. I decided to try my little landscape trailer and I have the same problem. I then measured with a voltmeter and found that I was not getting 12 volts on the right and left signal pins at the connector on the Tahoe (7 pin). I saw the voltage rise when using the turn indicators, but nothing when the brakes were engaged. The brakelights on the Tahoe work fine, as do all of the lights and signals. I am perplexed. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks


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    I also have a 2003 Tahoe and have the same problem but only with the Left Brake Light. Trailer lights work fine on my other truck. When I hooked up my trailer brake controller I bought the correct GM cable because the 2003 was different than previous years. Mine brake lights have worked for 4 years now, until now. Let me know if you get an answer.
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    I have a 2004 Tahoe and my tail lights don't work on either of my 2 trailers. All the other lights seem to work fine.
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    I unplugged my trailer brake controller (Tekonsha Prodigy) and the brake lights worked. I plugged it back in and they still work. I don't know why.
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    I'm going to rename this discussion to handle electrical and lighting issues with the Tahoe/Yukon hybrid. That way we we'll have all the electircal stuff in one palce and not a bunch of single question single answer topics.
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    i own 1 1995 tahoe 2dr-4/4 350 problems is sometimes i go to start it up and the tach does not work and the transmission indactor lights is dim and is flashing and check gauges lite is dim and starts up,i then put it in gear and it starts off in high gear.i have replaced the ecm.this happens intermittenly.please help :confuse:
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    Let's keep in mind this is the Tahoe Hybrid forum. There are other forums for discussions on non-hybrid vehicles and you'll probably get many more views and a better chance of a response.
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    My #5 speed on the fan switch stopped working. I replaced the blower resistor with negative results. I heard that it might be a in-line fuse under the dash but not for sure. Any help

    Tommy D
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    my service 4 wd message is showing on the screen. how do i service the 4wd or how much should it cost to get done? Also, my battery meter is moving past the highest point, i have changed my alternator and battery and checked both and they are working properly so what is causing this meter malfunction?
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    I have the same problem with a 2003 Tahoe, left turn and tested on three different trailers, neighbors truck operates all three fine. Was wondering if you were able to solve this problem and would share.
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    I have a 2008 Hybrid tahoe and it has separate fuses (under the hood) for each signal and the brake.
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    I have a 2008 Hybrid Tahoe. I have installed a trailer brake controller and it does not work. There is no voltage at the 12 volt wire to the brake controller with the engine on. The brake signal to the controller is good when I press the brake pedal. The brake controller fuse (15 amp) in the under hood fuse box is good and has 12 volts on both sides of the fuse. I have checked the other trailer fuses (signal and brake) and they are also good. What am I missing ?
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    I think I may have an electrical issue because fuses are not blown. My 2005 Tahoe's rear defrost stopped working which also controls the heated mirrors; the driver's side bottom part of the seat no longer heats; the dummy lights on the left hand side of the sterring wheel for the Information and Source no longer light.

    I checked the fuses for these items and they are not blown. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can look for?

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    I just found this so I assume you have fixed it by now. If not, there are two wires near the battery in the engine compartment that need to to be connected to the two screw fittings in front of the battery box to make it all work. Instructions are in the owners manual but hard to find.
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