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Ford Edge Tires

good_handsgood_hands Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Ford
Anybody know how much "bigger/wider, etc" the tires can be on the edge? I have the SEL Plus (245/60/18). Not too concerned about going larger than 18, but wider would help the handling.

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody?


  • Might want to call your local Ford dealer, or a reputable tire shop in your area...Dunno if I'll like these OEM Hankook tires - haven't heard/read anything really "good" about this brand...In a few years they'll probably be replaced with some Goodyears, or Michelins :shades:
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    The best info I have found is here:

    This allows you to see how different sizes will affect the vehicle.

    The largest I would put on the stock 8" rim is 255/55/18. This would be less than 2% error on the speedo and safe tire on the rim...
  • Does anyone have any info regarding why cables can be used on 17" wheels but not on 18" wheels on the 2007 AWD Edge? We'd like to carry them in case we get into severe conditions but the glove box manual says we can't use them on the 18's.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    There is not enough clearance . The chains or cables may hit the inside of the wheel wells.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Is there an echo in here?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    Yes. I didn't see your post when I posted my comments.
  • dgp13dgp13 Posts: 3
    We're looking hard at an 08 Edge and have driven the Limited with 20" tires. Feels good to me, but I am not a tire expert by any means. What is the value in getting 20" tires (Pirelli, in this case) vs 18", and further, what are my options in case I'd like the dealership to provide another brand tire vs the ones on the vehicle now?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    The 20's will ride a bit harsher and usually cost more to replace than 18's. Otherwise it's strictly looks. You'd have to negotiate any tire or wheel swaps with the dealer - depends entirely on what they have in stock and what they're willing to do. But I doubt there are a lot of tire choices in the 20" size.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Replacement Michelins for the 18" size on the 2008 Limited are $196 a pop. I would imagine the Pirelli's in 20" will be more than that. As time goes on there will be more manufacturers making these sizes and costs will come down. Just not at first.
  • drmad7drmad7 Posts: 4
    My salesman, myself, AND the sales manager thought the "18 Michelins would be the same price or lower than the "20 Pirelli Scorpions on the Limited I was purchasing. They ended up taking off the "20s and putting on the "18s. I bought the vehicle on Friday 2-29-08 and the Tire Pressure System needed some work so I took it in. I priced out the tire prices and guess what?! The Scorpion 20" for a set of 4 was $570.00 installed. The 18" Michelins (that I have!) are over $1,000 for a set of four! I was crushed. The sales manager had offered to take $600 off the price if I had taken the 20"s!
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Wow, that is a shocker! Should have ordered the 20's for my wife's Edge. Oh well, I hope that once some aftermarket tires becomes available the prices for the 18" tires will come down.
  • I was looking at getting a Ford Edge as a winter car / daily driver since I have family members who work for Ford. I am a big wheels and tires kind of guy and I was wondering if anyone knows what the wheel widths are for the 17", 18" and 20" wheels? Also, what is the speed rating that is on the corresponding tires? I was trying to research this and unfortunately the Ford website only gives diameters of the wheels and the size of the tires with no other information.

  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Will 18" stock Edge rims (the non-chrome 10-spoke) work on a '08 Taurus? I'd love to replace the stock 17's on my new Taurus with the Edge rims which I think are the best looking wheels Ford has ever had and one of the best looking stock rims out there.
  • macrodmacrod Posts: 1
    My 2008 has the standard Michelin 18", just returned from 800 mile trip thru mountains.
    Most stable vehicle I have ever owned.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    I haven't seen or heard of any personally but yes, there was a bad batch of Chinese valve stems. Ford uses them as do many aftermarket tire shops.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's a blurb about them:

    "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has opened a preliminary evaluation of China-made tire valves in more than a million 2007 Ford vehicles, including the Edge, F-150, Fusion, Mustang and Lincoln MKX, after receiving 37 complaints from consumers."

    China-Made Tires Valves in 2007 Ford Vehicles Under Federal Investigation (Inside Line)
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    But it's not just Ford - many aftermarket tire shops use them also.
  • I am looking to replace those crappy Hancook stock tires on my 2007 Edge. From what I have found out I can put 235 R 65 in 17" or 18" to be in line with what they recomment. I want to put something like scorpions on there or hopefully something cheaper but with similiar looks without changing wheels right now. Anyone got any suggestions?
  • To resurrect the snow cables / chains issue from above - can someone tell me what snow chain/cable restrictions exist for the 2010 Edge, for the various wheel/tire sizes? Has the clearance issue for larger wheels/tires been corrected?

    Even with AWD we have chain laws that go into effect in the Sierra, and I will not buy a vehicle that cannot have chains or cables mounted. (I guess another question is - if there are still clearance issues, does Ford offer a solution that would meet chain law requirements?)
  • dtonndtonn Posts: 2
    Just had a bad valve cause a flat tire on Highway drive. 35,000 miles 2007 Edge
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    Hi, all. I was thinking about purchasing a used Edge AWD with about 79K on it. Haven't actually seen it yet, just thinking about it. We know we DO want AWD/ 4WD in something. I was just wondering how the AWD system in the Edge works. And as for the tire cables to provide extra traction, years ago there was a company that made a product called "Z-Chains" which were actually cables rather than chains. Now this was quite some time ago that I saw this, and I'm wondering if this or another company out there still has this product. Is the Edge's AWD system a 'full time" thing, or does it activate when it's needed? Thanks for your help and have a wonderful day!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    It activates the rear wheel torque whenever wheelspin is detected on the front wheels OR if it anticipates that wheel slip might occur based on steering angle, throttle position and yaw sensors. E.g if you're accelerating around a curve or if you nail the throttle from a stop.
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