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89 corolla

pzegerspzegers Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Toyota
alright, looking for the 5 W's of performace upgrades for a 1989 Toyota Corolla DLX carberated engine 1.6 Liter. Anyone?


  • solohonsolohon Member Posts: 1
    get rid of it there is no way u can tune this pig unless wanna spend lots-o-$$$$$$ wit a swap! drop her off at the curb and run! trust me its not worth it!!! the 1.6L CARB is a dog no matter what u do! the body of her is very subtile wit a jdm twist if done rite! unless u can afford an jgte motor stup dont worry bout it...move on to the hondas!! GOODLUCK JUNIOR!
  • puretappuretap Member Posts: 1
    dont listen to the hontard, try to look for a nice carb holley makes a good one, unless you get a higher performing carb you cant increase your air intake, the nice thing about the carb year is you can custom your fuel to air ratio, get a nice header set with larger exhaust piping to let it breath, back compression is a fairy tale from newbs, the more fresh air you get in the chamber the faster and harder its going to expand and back compresion doesnt allow all of the exhaust to release, think of it this way a 1.6 is a 1.6 whether its honda or toyota they still have the same displacement and to be honest toyota motors are built with more integrity in the valves and cam and piston ring, the correct motor to swap is a 4a-gte and you will smoke any piece of [non-permissible content removed] civic on the road, people chose honda because fast and fur [non-permissible content removed]. weight reduce, any thing that you can live without, buy lighter body pieces, ditch power steering, ac, ect.. quad plugs, good wires.
    my ae89 does great with all of this and makes civics eat [non-permissible content removed]... best of luck
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