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getting the murano next week - 07 S...(it's all I can afford). I'm leasing so I can't mod too much. I was wondering if there's a way to hook my sirius receiver up so it works on the info screen...same for an ipod. the dealer said he didn't think so....figured this was the place to ask.
also: 2k total out of pocket, 18k / .15 overage / $379 mo / 39 mo. / black. in PA.


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    Hello. Can anyone tell me is they have successfully had the iPod connectivity kit installed in a 2007 Nisson Murano?

    My wife is looking at buying a Murano. We really want iPod connectivity. No need to carry around CDs anymore, when we have every song that we and our kids own already on our iPods.

    The salesperson at the local dealership told me that the iPod connectivity kit (30-pin connector to the bottom of the ipod) is now available as a dealer accessory. But, when I spoke with some people at the service desk, no one has actually installed one yet. They could not tell me if the radio controls or steering wheel controls would allow me to skip songs on the iPod, or if adding the ipod connection disabled any other options else - like NAV or Satalite radio.

    Sales person kept saying he was "sure" there wouldn't be a problem, but I really dontl feel like spending $40,000 on his "promise" that it will work.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Congrats on the new Murano! I tweaked the title a little to hopefully attract more responses.

    Check out iPod - In your car! while waiting for responses in here.
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    I test drove an '07 Murano today, and was shocked--shocked, I say--to find that it had a cassette player but no MP3 jack!!! I started to look for the 8-track slot, too! Surely they put one of those in this thing, too. There is a lot of slick stuff in the Murano, but the sound system offerings are from about 1989. Stunningly bad in 2007. What ARE they thinking? Nissan isn't the only one.

    I've been amazed to see how many '07 SUV models,including other high-end models, don't have MP3 jacks. What ARE they thinking? Oh, they're not.
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    I just installed a Auxillary input in my 2006 Murano. It is the same installation for the 2007. The only catch is that your factory radio has to be satellite radio ready. It is a very simple installation. The adapter is available at crutchfield. Good luck!
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    I have searched Cructchfield's site in vain for this adaptor and my Nissan dealer knows nothing about one. How can a $40K "luxury" vehicle NOT have such an input or, at least, a solution? I miss my iPod so much and this is SUCH a bummer! Someone must have a solution. I have a Navi system with CD Changer and Satelite. Somehow I think I am out of luck. Can anyone help?


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    I recently purchased a 2007 Murano. How can I determine if it has a satellite ready radio in it? I asked the dealer and they had no answer. Can I get the answer using the vin#?


    Jake [email protected]
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    We added the Nissan Ipod input for the Titan and it works perfectly.
  • amatistaamatista Member Posts: 15
    Add the Nissan Ipod input for the Titan. We did and works perfectly!
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    I have an 06 with the 6CD changer and XM. There would be an antenna on the roof for the satellite (mine is in front of the sunroof). Actually, there are two things up there, the stick up rubber antenna in front, and in the back there is a little hump which is an antenna too. I don't know which is for XM and which is regular. I think mine has a unit in the trunk somewhere too. Also, when I push the "radio" button to cycle through CD and the the radio bands, it also has an XM setting to choose.
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    I have a 2009 Murano S. Is it possible to hook up my portable xm reciever to the existing roof antenna since it is, if I understand correctly an xm antenna?
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    I was about to buy a Murano LE AWD.
    But I was stopped because in Mexico there's no option to change the audio. I can only get up to 6 speakers + subwoofer here in Mexico. That sucks.

    So I'm looking now at Outlander XLS with 9 speakers including 10" subwoofer. 650 watts! That's a lot.

    Does any one knows if it's really much of a deference?
    (after all, two of Outlander's speakers are very small, those near the windshields)

    Also If I get a bluetooth car kit such as parrot mk6100 will I'll be able to use the whole 650 watt output? or does parrot limits the sound to a lesser output?

    Thanks for your time.
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    better SUV than the Nissan Murano. I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS with the Rockford Fosgate 6 CD/AM/FM/Sirius stereo and mine has 9 speakers. But it is loud and hot and heavy. I pop some Foghat Live II in there and crank it up and I have a big 'ole rockin' time!

    BTW, where in Mexico are you at? I live in Willcox, AZ, about 75 miles north of the USA-Mexico border. I bought my Lancer GTS up in Avondale, a Phoenix burb. But I get my Lancer serviced at Ideal Mitsubishi, which is in Sierra Vista, AZ. That city is only about 10 miles north of the USA-Mexico border. Where ya at?

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    Near the boarder, but far from AZ. I'm 2 hours from texas southeast boarder.
    I'm in monterrey nuevo león.

    Yes I think I'm getting the outlander.

    Thanks for your answer.
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    you got back to that post quickly. I saw your post sitting there for a while and just decided to reply. Yeah, get the Mitsubishi Outlander. I really am digging my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in Rally Red, hotter than a firecracker in early July, man.

    Enjoy your Outlander and post back here how you like it, OK!

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    Am I the only one that thinks it is crazy that you are not able to see the Song and Artist info on the screen when listening to XM? On my Armada it shows the song name with the artist below it, that does NOT show up on the 2009 Murano.

    I have a Murano LE with the Navigation. I did see a picture of the Murano screen on an LE without the Navigation, and it DID show the information.
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    Hi, I have a 2009 Murano SL with premium package, tech package, & DVD (no nav system). So the auxillary inputs are behind the center console. This is o.k. for hooking up my ipod, but I obviously would prefer an ipod connectivity solution that plugs in @ the bottom of the ipod & that enables me to control it through the stereo. Plugging it in through the back requires a fairly long cable and also creates a difficult charging solution due to the location of the power outlets.

    Since the ipod integration kit comes with the LE, I was wondering if there is some way to have such a kit installed on the SL. Does anybody know of a good solution for this? Thanks in advance.
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    HI I just got a Murano SL w/ the intelligent key system. I was sitting in it and wanted to play with the radio but couldn't figure out a way to turn on the radio without the car engine running. Is there a way? Thanks
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    Just press the start button without putting your foot on the brake. Happy listening.
    However, this is a top secret procedure, so don't tell anyone else. Promise?
  • bradpennockbradpennock Member Posts: 32
    Press the Start button a second time without your foot on the brake to power the windows so you can open and close them. Press a third time to shut the electrical power off again.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Didn't know that one --- thanks bradpennock.
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    Cool thanks
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    Now, is there a way to continue listening to the radio, conversing on bluetooth, etc, after shutting down the engine? sales guy tells me nobody's asked about that before. I can't imagine I'm the only one in the world who shuts off the engine while finishing a call, or continue listening to the radio when I'm waiting for somebody in the car, or get annoyed but lack of retained accessory power? it works for the windows until you open a door (and on most american cars), so why not the radio too?

    2009 Murano SL w/luxury package
    -awesome car (except for a few human-factors engineering details like this one)
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    Just hit the start button without foot on the brake for the radio -- hit it again for windows. Go back to the sales guy and ask if he knows how to do it next oil change. Don't let on you know. Keep asking whenever you see him.
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    hehe thanks Jayrider, but doesn't exactly answer my question.
    I'll rephrase: Is there any way to change the push-button sequence, from:
    OFF -> ACC -> RUN* -> OFF (the default)
    to: OFF -> ACC -> RUN* -> ACC -> OFF (desired)where * = (start, if foot is on the brake)

    so that when I get somewhere and turn off the engine, I don't have to wait for the radio to reboot before continuing to listen to music and/or talk on the bluetooth?
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    Can't help you there -- sorry.
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    Just bought a 2007 SL w/ Bose, w/o NAV or SAT. Can somebody tell me if I can get XM to run through the head unit, or if I will need to buy a stand-alone unit? Also, is it possible to get both XM and iPod connectivity, or is it an either/or thing? Last question, if I can get XM to run through the head unit, how do I do it?
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    There is an eBay vendor that sells XM + iPod connection kits for 2003-2008 Murano's. I just ordered a similar kit that provides XM + Aux input. The kit is supposed to provide full XM radio control from the head unit, as well as display iPod album and song info on the Murano display. Apparently you toggle between the two modes with the SAT button.

    Here is a link to the XM + iPod kit: XT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4634Q2em351Q2el1262QQhashZitem150238843346QQitemZ1- 50238843346QQptZSatelliteQ5fRadio
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    i got mine from icarkits dot com and have had no problem
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    I think I understand you, this got me, too.

    When you're parked/done driving, double press the start button, two full presses quickly...say, both presses within one second.

    With my '09 LE, the radio stays on, the engine stops. I haven't tested this with the Bluetooth, but I think this gets you to where you want to be. Everything is on, but the engine is off...and you get there seamlessly.

    When I first tried to make this work, I'd turn the car off (one press), and then press start without the brake (second press). It would take over 5 seconds to start everything back up.

    Hope this is what you're talking about. It made me so happy to find this "feature."
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    EUREKA! Just ran out and tried it, the accessories stay on, Bluetooth and everything! going to take a little practice to master the touch (some of the second taps didn't register; maybe didn't push hard enough?), but that's EXACTLY what I was looking for! My faith in engineers has been restored. Too bad tech writers and the local sales folk and techs weren't aware of that "hidden" feature, would have saved plenty o' fumbling with the cellphone deep in my jeans pocket in desperate attempts to salvage the call, and, more recently, gas (and dirty looks) while idling at my destination until the call was over. Thanks stevemile!
    Now, if there was only a way to tweak the auto volume adjust timing (not sensitivity) and speed-sensing wipers so they wipe immediately when releasing brake pedal after a full stop (as opposed to halfway through the intersection)...
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    ... your help and opinions do count on this guy...MO LE 2010...nav, the question....the DVDs in the headrest are another $1500....should I considered getting this (you know grand daughters rule!!!) aftrwards?...are the cheaper after market installs? much?...any issues oerating the DVD?....and most important..IS IT worth it?...
    Thjanks a lot to all for the advice....the LE loaded with AWD,DVD,NAV and mud flaps..$42650 sticker...whoa!!!!.....wonder about how much close to invoice I will be able to get it
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    Just bought a new 2010 LE murano. Was going through the XM channels and found that its skipping from 98 straight to 115. Is that normal? I can't find anything online about it. Just looking for some input before I call the dealer.
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