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Which Hummer do you like best?

hummerhummerhummerhummer Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in HUMMER


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Obviously a trick question..... :shades:
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    I like the H3 automatic with the luxury package, but I don't care much for the others.
  • Not as smart as mac24, thought about a 2wd colorado SS (per leeharvey418) with highway gearing and z71 badge. But just sat in Blue Beauty and convinced myself that I could enjoy an H3 Truck. Don't need two competent 4wd vehicles in the same garage, but. But, maybe after seeing the battery question raise its' ugly head again elsewhere maybe the H (no offense Horatio)doesn't have the wiring/battery problems in the door/fusebox/under the seat as the colorado/canyon.

    On a side note, saw an H3 commercial in the forest. Thanks marketing-been to our desert once-once is enough for a forest person. Almost smelled the forest floor.
  • kyle11kyle11 Posts: 11
    Hummer's are over rated.
  • kyle11kyle11 Posts: 11
    If you need a hummer you shod get a H1
  • kyle11kyle11 Posts: 11
    Do you like hummers
  • We like Blue Beauty and it may be our only Hummer. H3 is not a rubicon and it isn't a suburban getter (what is hummer after the h1-where are they going). Don't need a blinged out h3 because can't have/don't want an h2. Don't want a throaty v6(3.6/3.9?) small HX designed by kids and I don't care about it being "packed" (flex fuel stressed in the video-this isn't a very subliminal message of the things to come) and don't need a $50K v8h3 rockcrawler. Can't even replace the monroe shocks without a bank loan to get cognito's. Want shocks not struts/coilover. Can't even get a colorado/canyon that is respectable. These guys may force me to do what I suggested to others a long time ago. Get a frame, put in my power source without a computer and get what I want, even though I am almost too tired too old to bother.
  • Tell me dave, how do you really feel.
  • Of course, one horsepower plus one horsepower can be greater than two horsepower, if a stallion and a mare are involved.
  • cnqwstcnqwst Posts: 1
    H2 SUT gets my vote. Picked up an 05 White w/ Black Trim, 22" wheels, custom exhaust. rides great.

    Getting ready for camping season.

  •'s the only one I can afford
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    i have a H3 alpha and think it is just fine. i like the fender flares. :D
  • petastlepetastle Posts: 3
    I think H3 is the best.It is smaller and compact but retains the orignal trademark hummer style.It is far more refined and comfortable than H1 and H2.It is suitable for both on road and off road driving under all conditions.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    i agree it is a well built suv and will fit in most garages :)
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