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Volvo XC90 Car Seat Recommendations

interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
edited March 2014 in Volvo
I need help finding which car seat will fit best into the xc90. I like the Graco Snugride but just read that it does not fit well into the Volvo XC90. I really want that seat since it is rated tops for safety. Does anyone have any experience with it or recommendations? Thanks.


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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Be sure to check out Child Car Seats That Fit.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    jccai1jccai1 Member Posts: 113
    Not sure if you already got an answer in the other forum.

    We have a Graco SnugRide seat. It fits fine in the middle of the second row seat in our 05 XC90. No problem. It's a 7 passenger model, so the leg room in the second row is shorter. If you have the 5-seater model, you should have even more room.
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    interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Thank you for your response!
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    sky23213sky23213 Member Posts: 300
    Please check if Recaro have introduced their infant car seat. Judging by the rest of their product line, you'll be writing a cheque the moment you see it. I know we did with the Recaro Young Sport.
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    interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Thanks, I just checked, and they only have child not infant seats. I will keep it in mind though!
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    abxcabxc Member Posts: 1
    Why does the Graco SnugRide seat not fit well? We plan on using the seat in our XC90 because of its rating as well. Does it not fit in the outboard seats using the LATCH connections?

    Once we got the seat I was planning having the town's police safety officer install it.

    Anyone have the SnugRide installed in an outboard seat?

    The other forum did not appear to have anything specific the XC90.....I wish Volvo got their seats certified in the US.

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    interestedinterested Member Posts: 18
    Here is a website that was helpful...http://carseatdata.org/compatibility_search.php?tun=home
    Also, I went to the store and put it in my car to see how it fit. It fits in the center seat in the second row (where I understand is the ideal location), but it is tight especially if you like your drivers seat pushed back like I do. Go to the store (eg, Babies R Us) and try it in your car. See what you think. We just may have to work a little harder. Plus, if you get the matching stroller and have a dog you want to bring with you on trips like I do, it will fit but tight. I put one side of the 3rd row down and will plan on putting the stroller there. The dog will sit in the third row seat that does not have any baby stuff. Quite complicated to get the items rated the safest. Good luck!
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    davidhoffman19davidhoffman19 Member Posts: 4
    Here is another link I found helpful that summarized info on various Models of SnugRide plus other seats from Graco.

    Graco Seat Info
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    eadsdreadsdr Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know where we can find replacement seats for our 1990 volvo. not having any luck!
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