Nissan Sentra Brake Questions

deannah42deannah42 Member Posts: 1
I have a 2001 sentra and the brake light has been on and I can not figure it out .The brakes seem fine.What could be the problem.


  • opie5opie5 Member Posts: 2
    Had a rebuilt altenator installed two weeks ago on my work car (94 Sentra). This morning both the brake light and batter warning lights came on when I started it. They seem to be lighting up and going off intermittently.
    Any ideas???
  • txn_egl_scttxn_egl_sct Member Posts: 20
    Have you checked fluid levels?
  • opie5opie5 Member Posts: 2
    Yep. It turns out that the voltage regulator they put in the altenator was bad. I took it in and they tested it and rebuilt it again.
    Thanks for the reply.
  • txn_egl_scttxn_egl_sct Member Posts: 20
    No problem... I always start with the easy stuff first. Than work my way up.
  • dcr924dcr924 Member Posts: 1
    The brake warning light on my 2007 Sentra 2.0S has been coming on intermittently - always while driving - goes out as soon as I brake. Car has approx 9500 miles, drives and brakes just fine. I took it to the Nissan dealer I bought it from and they said the brake fluid was fine and the brakes themselves were fine - no sign of a problem. They also told me that I should bring it in when the light is on so they can test to see what is wrong. Problem is, it goes off as soon as you brake, so I'm not sure how this will get tested. Anyone else run into this issue?
  • sentra_2005sentra_2005 Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced problems with their drums and discs warping? I have had a brake problem on my 2005 Sentra. Problem started at about 12,000Km (all 4), when Brakes are serviced, you don't notice the problem as much. Dealer says they warped due to heat need to be machined to fix the problem, I think it's a manufacturers defect and arguing that the dealer needs to replace under warranty which expires next year. I haven't come across any recalls . Anyone else experience this problem??
  • sentra_2005sentra_2005 Member Posts: 2
    Somewhere I did read about a recall on the master cylinder. You might want to check into that.
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    There may be a leak at the seal in the master cylinder that allows fluid to enter the brake booster assembly.
    . Go to for more information.
  • muffinmooremuffinmoore Member Posts: 1
    my car is not yet a year old and my brakes went out without warning.almost crash into strip center building,i was only moving my car up closer to sidewalk and it wil not stop.had to run in to a handicapsign and pole and throw it in park but yet they say nothing is wrong.anybody have the same experience because word up
  • txn_egl_scttxn_egl_sct Member Posts: 20
    Does anyone else have their rear brakes make a howling noise when they are in reverse while braking (ie: while reversing from a parking spot)?

    It's really noticable like a ringing from a vibration or something like it. it can be quite loud inside the car. All stopping functions are fine. It's just noisy occasionally.
  • radtech109radtech109 Member Posts: 1
    I have 2007 Sentra with now 50K miles. Took in for routine pad replacement at my mechanic of 15 years who's done many on other vehicles. He put on Wagner pads. Within 3 weeks, rotors warped. Took back, resurfaced rotors, replaced pads, 3 weeks later, rotors warped with louder noise than before. Took back, replaced everything including pins with all Nissan parts, resurfaced rotors. 1 week later, noisy rotors again, but not as loud as earlier, but then, it's only been 1 week. Mechanic didn't charge me for all the labour, only parts, but that has ran me 150$ extra. Now he saws rotors must be replaced for another chunk of change. I'm trading the car in. Never in my life have I had a car that had anything other than a few squeals with new brake pads. What's the deal?
  • tea4tea4 Member Posts: 1
    yes mine is doing that but only after my brakes locked up on me.
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Member Posts: 6,925
    After having driven numerous rental 2013 Sentras, I've noticed that the brake pedal are pretty crappy...spongy and go almost to the floor. Noticed this on nearly new ones and others with over 8k on the odo...I work moving rental cars here in South Florida. Wonder why the brakes are so crappy in these particular vehicles? All the new Altimas I drive, a bunch, don't seem to have this same issue and I remember my '03 GXE having pretty sucky brakes also. What gives?

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