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Nissan Altima Audio Questions



  • habiemhabiem Posts: 22
    Yet another plea for anyone with info on the iPod interface kit. None of the dealers around here know anything about it, other than they charge $380-$480 for it. I know I can plug in via than aux in, but the iPod interface is a separate thing. I'm curious if I can browse playlists via the car stereo controls, or if it only allows me to move through the current playlists. Basically, just curious what additional control it gives me - I don't mind the cost if there's really a benefit. Thanks.
  • lsquaredlsquared Posts: 1
    I'd like to 2nd habiem's request. Does anybody have any information on this?? My dealer didn't have a clue (though they seemed very sharp on all other aspects of the car), and said they've never actually installed one. They were estimating about $300, but couldn't even tell me exactly where it would mount, much less anything about the functionality. I'm sticking with the AUX input for now....
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I don't believe the iPod adapter is available on the NAV equipped Bose systems. From what I have seen, the iPod adapter works much like all the other other words, the Bose system pretty much makes the iPod look like a multi-CD changer to you. As for the specifics on this particular unit, I can't say.

    Have you gone to the Altima web-site and looked there? I'll check and see what info thay have on it...if any.

    I'm not surprised that no one at the dealer knows anything about it...
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    The following is straight from the Nissan web-site, accessories page...

    Designed just for Nissan, this system connects via the Altima radio so you can listen to, control, and even charge your iPod, all while it's hidden in your glove compartment. (iPod not included.)

    The stereo interface is compatible with any iPod equipped with a dock connector, Generation 3 and above. Be sure that your iPod is updated with the latest firmware

    The hook-up shown in the picture shows a standard iPod docking cable, so I would say my earlier post is correct.

    I hope this helps...
  • myearsliemyearslie Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Altima with the Bose package with the same symptomatic rattle only mine is on the drivers-side door. It only happens in the mid range with certain songs/sounds and it goes away if I push my arm down hard on the arm rest.
  • habiemhabiem Posts: 22
    busiris- thanks for the reply, but I think that's the problem - the nissan site is vague and everyone that's posted about it just has a guess. I think we're looking for someone that has it installed and can provide a definitive answer. For example, can I control playlists from the Bose system - if so, how does it work? The nissan site indicates you can flip songs from the steering wheel, but says nothing about playlists, etc.
  • I'm bloody livid right now...

    I take my car in to get the iPod interface to be installed. Almost 4 hours on Friday, they say they're having difficulty and ask me if I can bring it back on Monday when they have a Nissan Tech there to help. I return Monday morning.

    After not hearing from them all day, I call Monday afternoon to ask when I can pick it up. The response I get?

    "Apparently the iPod interface doesn't work with the Nav system model, only the regular radio." - which is contrary to what I was told when I purchased the car. Honestly, it was my final selling point to BUY the car. I wanted an iPod interface I could control via the nav system - otherwise I would have gone with my other car choice...

    I have read in another forum that, quote "theyre in the process of developing an ipod interface for the alty's with the nav system.....i cant wait for that....according to another member on here he talked to the people at Nissan and they said sometime in July." though that really doesn't tell me much - nor does the guy at my Altima dealership know anything of this interface...

    I am beyond irrate right now. I just spent over $30k on a car for a specific set of features I wanted, was told I could get, and now am being told are not available...

    Anyone have any information re: a potential interface for the nav system coming out?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Anyone have any information re: a potential interface for the nav system coming out?

    Man, I feel your pain...been there, done that a couple of cars ago myself.

    Your best bet is to try and see if they have anything. If anyone will, it will be them, and they are extremely helpful. Get the phone # from the site and give a tech a call...

    Good luck, and let me know what you find out...I have the same NAV system in my Altima.
  • carbar1carbar1 Posts: 3
    The only reason I went for the Nissan Altima and not the Jetta was they said they'll match the ipod interface.
    Now no one has a beastly idea on how to make it work with the nav system, some even tell you that you have to disconnect your cd changer and XM!!!
    The aux input sucks!.
  • I just purchased a 2009 Altima 2.5S (conv, conv plus, and connection packages) w/ ipod adaptor. The adaptor works really well in my opinion. From what I can tell, it would only work with the Bose system (non-nav), as it shares an output with the XM radio (meaning the XM will not function if an ipod is connected). You can control everything through the Bose system (even though it was a little difficult at first). My only complaint is that it restores the default of random off/repeat on when you restart the car. I like shuffling my playlists when I listen to them, so I have to make that change often. Other than that, it's a great accessory. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them.
  • That still wouldn't help those of us with the Nav system... :-\ I was *TOLD* by my Nissan dealer that it would pop up on the screen for navigation options...

    ..I was lied to...
  • I'm glad for you but it doesn't work for me. I have the nav and XM 6 disc Bose system. As if it was my fault I want it all, I'm buying a Harmann Kardon system with it's own screen for the ipod which I'll mount on the wheel or dash for now. I checked with Nissan again last week and got their tired old answer ''we're sorry, it's not available yet'' I feel lied to as well. I would've gone for the VW.
  • bcallbcall Posts: 1
    Hi, just bought a 09 altima 2.5s with ipod kit, but i'm clueless about how to hook up...

    Is there a cable in the car or am I to use a cable from apple? The radio has an external source plug, I assume that's where it would go? or is this all in the hidden compartment just in front of the gear shift, below radio?

    I'd appreciate any help figuring it out...
  • Step 1) Take it to Nissan dealership
    Step 2) Ask them to hook it up.


    Sorry. Stupid joke.

    The cable that connects to your iPod should have come with it, and comes out through the glove box. The connector plugs in to the external source plug on the back of the radio (I believe).

    As the rest of this thread implies, I hope you don't have the navigation system otherwise you're about to run in to some serious (impassable) trouble.
  • Add me to the voices of people saying they've been lied to as well.

    I asked about it at the dealer and they said it was possible. I also researched it online and Nissan's own Web site talks about iPod compatibility. Nowhere does it say that this is not the case for NAV units.

    I wish we could do a class action lawsuit or something. This is a major reason why I purchased the car, and had I known that the iPod integration wasn't possible, I would have purchased differently.

    It's been over a year here...
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    -"seems like most are complaining about the bose system, so just curious, is anyone out there happy with the audio system?"

    -- "I have the Bose system with NAV, and I am very happy with it."

    happy even with the hissing sound????
  • I'm In where do I sign up?
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    thanks for the detailed reply over a year ago :-) i did not know that this topic was still active. now it shows as one of the top picks on google! anyway, I went through 4 visits at the dealer, replaced amp, radio, still no fix. i knew it was a waste of time and money for Nissan, but I had to do it to prove my point that it;s the design. i am loyal customer of nissan, we have 4 ALTIMAS IN THE FAMILY!!! 1999, 2005x2, 2007. my next step is to write a formal complaint letter to nissan hq. with the information in your post, I will be able to draft something meaningful, i hope. i still love the car, but the radio issue and customer service has really put a huge dent in my relationship with this company. :-(
  • Just had to part with my 1996 Maxima after 412,000 miles and I'm considering a 2009 Altima. This question is for someone who has successfully gotten the Nissan iPod interface to work...

    Does it come up immediately and let you browse by album, artist, title or playlist using the radio controls, and show the song information on the display?

    I looked at a Ford Fusion first, because of the voice controlled Sync system, but when I plugged in my 80 GB iPod the Sync system indexed for over 10 minutes, then said it couldn't index everything (evidently I exceeded the capacity). But I also looked at Honda and was impressed how quickly the USB interface let me search using different criteria. If the Altima works that way I'll be happy. Unlike Ford and Honda, I can't find an Altima on the dealer's lot with the iPod USB feature already installed so they can demo it for me.
  • On faith I bought the iPod interface when I bought my Altima coupe. I had to wait a few days for the parts to arrive, but it is now installed and working (and now the dealership knows what an iPod interface is and how to install one.)

    I have Bose without Nav, by the way.

    The interface works ok, but it's a little difficult to figure out at first. The iPod has to be detached for the XM to work, but that's ok with me. Two things I don't like: (1) When you move from track to track you see the "channel" (track) number first instead of title information, because the radio "thinks" you're switching XM channels. But a second or two later the title (or artist, or whatever single piece of information you choose to display) appears. And (2) The iPod controls are disabled while it is connected. Some third party interfaces have a "hybrid" mode that lets you use the radio or iPod controls, whichever is faster for the search you're doing.

    The USB interface in the low-end Hondas works better, and Ford's Sync works great (if you don't have too many songs), but this interface is ok and I really like my Altima coupe--especially now that I have a spoiler on it too!
  • Unfortunately this thread was citing the Bose *WITH* Nav system that they can't make work...

    Almost a year after purchase and I'm still bitter over this.
  • Ok, here are a couple more things that I don't like about the Nissan iPod interface, and they're both biggies...

    On my radio I have to hit the "seek" button to find a category, then hit the "tune" button to select the category (like "album"), then "seek" again to find a particular album and "tune" to select the album. If the album I'm looking for begins with "L" or "S" I may have to hit the "seek" button a couple hundred time to find it. I'm getting carpel tunnel syndrome from looking for stuff. Plus while you're looking for the album the radio keeps flashing the category name "album" so you can't see the album name clearly.

    The second thing is that you can only drill down two levels--select category and then select item in that category. Then it starts playing everything for that item and you use "tune" to jump from track to track. So if you select "Artist" and then "Beausoleil" it doesn't let you pick a particular album, it just starts playing everything for Beausoleil.

    I think I'm going to go back to using the AUX port, although I don't always get a good connection with the Aux cable and the sound crackles or fades from time to time.
  • Scratch that about having to hit "Seek" repeatedly. You can hold "Seek" down and go through the list of Albums, but it still displays the category name for every item before showing the album name, which is annoying.

    Sorry about the Nav thing. I thought this was a general audio thread.
  • realmz1realmz1 Posts: 4
    I recently was given a set of Rockford Fosgate 12 inch subs in a box with a pretty nice RF AMP. I toyed with the idea of changing out my stock head unit for a bells and whistles aftermarket unit to mesh well with my new subs and amp.

    I visited Best Buy and selected a nice $450 Pioneer touchscreen unit and the associate started asking me questions about the stereo system I had wondering if it was the Bose upgraded system. Well I bought this car a few months ago used and don't know if it is the nupgraded version. is there a way to find out visually without taking the car apart? I noticed on the rear deck grills that there is a NDSS marked on them. And in a little reading some newer model Altimas have BPSS.
    I am hoping to have the regular non premium version it would help on Best Buys ripoff tactics on their wiring harness and install charges. I then can locate the correct wiring harness myself for alot cheaper.

    Thank you in advance for any information!
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    My son just got a Pioneer touchscreen installed today. He has the non Bose in a 2008. He almost was able to do it himself (first time) but I knew he wasn't 100% sure about where to ground it (turns out he was right, but I worry!) and had no idea where to hook the wire that is supposed to stop you from using it (DVD) while driving. He got the faceplate and wiring harness from a local car..whatcha call it, one of those places that does tint and audio and stuff....for a good price...ended up paying a guy to install it because of that pesky green wire..Oh yeh, the shop bypassed the safety feature, MOM is not happy about that.

    He got the special ipod adaptor that lets you control the iPod from the head unit touch screen. That was $50 at Best Buy, but he got the head unit from Amazon for a much better price than B Buy. It came quick with free ship. Model AVH-P4100DVD, for only $425, way less than B Buy. That iPod thing is way cooler than the standard hookup where you control the iPod through the iPod.

    I am nervous for when he hooks up his subs. His amp is way powerful (had a larger car before). I'm afraid he'll drain his alternator and battery....Does anybody know how hard to replace the alternator in these? In is old car it was a Bi#tch to get to. He's not worried, just me!
  • realmz1realmz1 Posts: 4
    I have been advised to install a capacitor to save the alternator and battery wear with my system. That might help. would your son happen to remember how they bypassed the safety feature on the unit. I am trying to find out how to do that with mine.
  • I have a 2008 Nissan Altima with NAV/Bose System with XM Radio. The radio never has experienced static. However, now whenever I go under something it cuts out. I called XM and they resent the signal twice and that did not fix it. I called again and they told me this is normal and to basically just deal with it. Is anyone else having this problem? The radio has worked perfect without static for 18 months, why now would I be getting static? Thanks!
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    He has a capacitor, though I've read they don't help in reality, he seemed to think it helped in his old Taurus.

    I didn't get to ask him about the bypass, but I've googled it (car dvd player bypass--try something like that) and seen many sites that explain it. He has a switch (like an on/off toggle) that is in the compartment under the unit. I think it is wired into the "safety" wire that is supposed to go to the parking brake. For some reason he can turn it on and off...I think after the safety warning comes up he flips it...

    Be careful...I really think it can cause an accident. A girl around here just killed a guy when she drifted onto the shoulder, where he was parked getting something out of his trunk....and she wasn't even on the phone or high or drunk!!
  • realmz1realmz1 Posts: 4
    I passed on the capacitor as well. I found a bypass relay for the unit and it worked fine. No switches to toggle. I mainly got it for my daughter and long trips. I won't be viewing dvd's while driving personally. I have found out however with the unit that the radio stations are now fuzzy and static filled. So I guess I will be investing in an XM radio or purchasing the HD tuner unit for the deck.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    They sell an antenna adaptor. that may be all you need. He bought a dash kit (faceplate) a wiring harness with all those colorful wires and a separate antenna adaptor that has only about 2 wires, one plugs into the back of his radio. He got these parts at a place that installs auto audio, but we first heard of the antenna adaptor on Go to their site and look around. The antenna adaptor is part of their "install" kit. We didn't buy from them though because Amazon was cheaper.
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