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Well, I am about to purchase a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6, 90,020 Mi. Loaded, Cruise, Power Moonroof, CLub Cab, Black/Black. Bench Seats. asking $6,400 now for the cons. Lengthy crack up driverside window that is un noticable unless looking for it. it goes from the bottom to about halfway up. it is not in the drivers view or anuything, Powermoonroof uyou have to press 20times to get to open/close.

I dont know if this is a problem but it look like the A/C Compressor pulley stops movings. when looking at the engine headon, the top right pulley will stop and lockup then start moving again.
Sometime is feels like its missing while idling. and all 4 tires are bare, also I guess it sat for 4 weeks before anyone started it, so the battery was completely dead, and there looks like that blue crusty stuff is around the battery cables, however he is including a brand new Interstate battery. what would you guys do. buy or pass it up? oh and the bed is all tore up from no bedliner.


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    and where are the cup holders it look like the ones with 4WD, but it has no 4wd just RWD. do the cup holders slide out or something or is it jujst lacking them?
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    I am not sure about your cup holder issue since I have a 200 Dakota Sport with a 5 speed (my cup holder is on the floor next to the shifter, and there is only one). But about the truck, I know from my truck the idle is normal to feel a little miss thats how a V6 feels sometimes but I'd do a tune up (plugs, wires, fuel filter, and air filter). For the corrosion around the battery cables that can be brushed off with a wire brush (make sure to dissconect the neg). Now about the sun/moon roof there maybe a relay that is bad or the motor is going. The A/C pump can be easily replaced. All in all not too much work for a truck, but I would pass it up since there is no 4x4 KBB says truck is worth $5,900. I would not pay more then $5,000.
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    greetings all
    I'm thinking of buying a 1998 4 cyl. 5 speed Dakota, I don't need a lot of power,just creature comforts
    anybody have gas mileage figures or words of wisdom about this vehicle.
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    I've been looking for a newer dakota to replace my '94 SLT ext cab and noticed that starting in 2005 it appears the rear bench seat is now just 2 seats. The reason I bought my current pickup was that It was the only one in its class to fit all my three kids (10,7,3) in the back. Now, it looks like I'm stuck with either getting an '04 or a club cab.

    Is there any way to make the back of a 2005 into a bench seat like the 2004's an earlier? We do not want ot get a quad cab as we like the bigger bed of the club cab.


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    i recently purchased a dakota sport v8 4.7 2002...the manual was missing...can anyone tell me how many miles i have left when the gas light goes on?
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    Can someone explain what this is? I cannot find anything on Dodge's website, only 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions.
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    Dodge refers to the 545RFE as a multi-speed transmission because it actually has two 2nd gears. There's one ratio when upshifting from first, and a different ratio when downshifting from 3rd.

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    I have an '02 4.7 V8... when my gas light goes off, I have about 75 miles (highway) left. Basically you have about 4 - 5 gallons.
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    Off topic, but need help! Looking for answer from someone who owns a first gen 1996 Dak SLT. I own a Sport and recently had to replace the OEM alloy rims. Picked up a cheap set of (4) OEM SLT chrome rims, with chrome center cap. do the chrome center caps stay on???? I mounted the SLT rims with the lugs from my alloy rims. When I go to put on the centercap, it partially slides over the O.D.of the lug bolt circle, but seems to bottom out about 1/2" before resting against the face of the rim. Do the SLT rims have different lugs that the Sport alloy rims? Is there a special bracket that Im missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oh I'm in love with this damned truck, but my buds say stay away due to the transmission issues. It's a 98 5 speed manual ....anything else to watch out for?
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    I'm planning to move back up north in snow country and a local former Chrysler dealer has a 2001 Dakota 4X4 with only 34k miles. It's an automatic with the V6 and it's a regular cab. I have an 07 PT Cruiser convertible that I plan to sell or trade. Is this model year Dakota reliable? I believe it's got the 3.9 liter engine. Is the 3.9 more or less reliable than 3.7 liter found in more recent model Dakotas? Any advice is appreciated.
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