Volkswagen Golf Transmission Troubles

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I just got a 99 golf 2.0l gas, cheep igot it for only $600, 213000 ks, but it will not stay in reverse, the sec you give it some gas it pops out, tryed to hold it in but no,all other gears work fine ? I can get a trany cheep, but I would rather not replace it unless I have too,


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  • billr97golfbillr97golf Member Posts: 2
    help, my 97 golf has 160,000 miles and running great. Lately if i shift quickly tfrom 3 to 4 it would grind slightly, and has been making a whirring sound in neutral. I suspected a aging synchro.WHile driving around town,the trans stuck in third, cannot move shifter at all.When i decelerate in gear the shifter actually pulls even more forward against arm pressure.Any ideas what went wrong, or time for a new gearbox
    ? thanks bill r
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    Recently I have been having some weird problems with 99 Golf (old body)

    Like when I left the gas, there is a loud sound like as if ur sticking a baseball card in a bike tire and it's only when i let of the gas or if i am in neutral or braking coming to a stop and it sounds like its coming from right in front of me inside the engine area. At first my friend and I thought it was a wheel bearing, until yesterday. I was driving home from my friends house and my car was shaking like crazy when accelerating and it sounded as if something was dropping out every few seconds, like it was a big bang and then it would jump a bit. I came to another stop sign and went to put in first and let off the clutch and nothing happens i just revved the engine. So i tried it again, same thing, so i turned it off and tried again, nothing. So i put it in neutral and my friend pushed me to the side of the rode. I tried from second, nothing and then my friend pushing me got it rolling it a bit and i tried third, and nothing again. Then when we were sitting at a stop again, we noticed that when u let out the clutch all the way, while your in gear that the car doesn't even stall. So then I let out the clutch again and tried to go, and i revved the engine, and still nothing, but then we noticed that the Speedometer hit 30mph and i was sitting still. I don't think its the clutch because I just had a new one put on when I bought it 4 months ago. I think the place I bought it from sold me a piece of crap if you ask me, b/c i had to replace the clutch that same week, also i had to get my reverse fixed b/c when i would try to put it in reverse it would jump out of gear, so after i got that fixed the next day the check engine light comes on and i got it check out and my mechanic says the code is in Evaporated Emissions, also recently it when starting theres a squaling noise coming from the engine area and it sounds like its the air pump (which go for 849.99 brand new) and now this. The dealership i bought it from told me the evaporated emissions is my problem b/c thats something they don't cover so tough luck for me he told me. The car is just about to hit 100,000 miles... Anyone have any suggestions of what i can do?
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    Alright, i have a 1999 jetta with the 5 speed manual. Probably the same car as what you have. It started making the same noises yours is making. I just sunk $2200 into a tranny rebuild and it wasnt the problem, the noise has gotten a bit more quiet, but is still there. I havent gotten the shaking, but my car has 66k on it. It may be a wheel bearing, i havent looked into that for mine yet, i was thinking about taking it apart but im trading the car in tuesday for a legacy gt. But i will tell you this, any part for that car, is very save up before it goes into the shop. And i bet you...with your clutch not grabbing, look and see if they replaced the pressure plate, or flywheel, that could be a problem.
    you can message me back here or on aim at mael686
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    Hi ,

    I just baught my 99 Golf and it has 86000 km and all of the sudden its making that same noise you guys are describing, ( like a card in a bike spoke) did you guys ever figure out what the noise was? i would like to find out sooner than later before it gets worse!! any info would be much appreiciated! Thanks Danielle
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    When I am sitting idle wether in park or drive with my foot on the brake the rpms fluctuate, not by much but they do. It also feels as though it wants to stall. Does any one know what could be causing this?
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    so i got this 96 golf just in march and it started this weird bucking thing when i would accelerate a few weeks after i bought it. so blah blah go through a bunch of [non-permissible content removed] and just end up taking it to somehwere to check out the transmission. turns out its that and torque coverter and some other small [non-permissible content removed] but i figure i need a whole new transmission. was trying to find out if it would be cheaper to get a used manual transmission (unless it would just be the same price as a used automatic transmission) and then just do the rest to change it over. a freinds mom of mine had a 06 beetle that crashed out with all the parts for it but i dont know if they were convert because its so much later than my golf. what do you guys think? :-( its a pain in the butt and i need to do this at as low a cost as possible... if yall can think or know if they are interchangeable let me know! thanksssss
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    Did you ever find out what the problem was as I have exactly the same problem on 98 model I bought recently?
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    len who are you asking?
  • lhiebsch2lhiebsch2 Member Posts: 5
    hey so i am new to this website just wanted to say what up to all. i bought this car and it test drove smooth and had no problems. a week or 2 after i bought it, it started doing this weird bucking when i would try to just keep a constant speed, and stop when i could accelerate more. its been kinda getting wrose so i took it to a transmission place they offered tp check it out for free and of course they said it was the transmission. i dont know if they just want my money or if it actually is the transmission. they want $599 just to drop it and open it up... :-( what would anyone suggest? get a second opinion?
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    Before you sunk any money into it, you should have taken it back to the dealer. VW warrants the drivetrain for 10 years or 100,000 mi. which ever comes first. But, if your not the original owner, than that's null and void.
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    yea i bought the car at a used car dealership and it has 105,500 on it. that sucks right after the warrenty went up, thats probly why the original owner got rid of it... ill probly get rid of it and get a jeep or something
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    if the car isnt running, the shifter works in all gears. when it is running i cant get in any gears except reverse, but it grinds. all my linkage seems fine, and the clutch dosent have any more or less plays than before. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT?? I CANT KEEP DRIVING MOMMYS CAR
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    Hi there!

    I have recently bought a 98 Golf Series 1 last Nov. About a month ago I had this weird bucking thing while driving, similar to other posts. Took the car back to the dealer and found out it was the oil cooler (heat transfer) unit. After finding water in the trans fluid and trans oil in the overflow tank he also said I need a new trans, preferably reconditoned one. Instead I got them to flush the trans and replace the fluid but the problem has come back two weeks later. The problem I have is that I didnt buy the car from a VW dealer but am paying for the extended warranty. The insurance company (for the warranty) said the oil cooler is not covered as it is not "inside" the trans, although I feel it is part of the trans. I have already spent $800 for the oil cooler and am looking at another $2500 for a recon trans.

    Is this a common problem with the Golf? Will the problem come back again?
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    Hey I have a 98 Golf. I can drive in all gears except reverse. When i try to reverse it spits it out if i don't push on the stick. and when i hold on the stick and try to back up like that it grinds and still spits out reverse. Does anyone know what ity might be? a random mechanic sawe me trying to back up and he assessed it and told me that my car needs gear oil. I tried putting it but tyhe gear oil leaks right out. Does anyone think that if i fix the leak on my car, the gear oil will fix my problem? or does anyone think its something else? i need help ASAP because i can't be spending a bunch of money on new tranny's.
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    So I have had this car for sometime now and it has had many many problems. Since I purchased it, it has always been jumpy when I push on the accelerator. Recently though switching gears and accelerating has been increasingly difficult for the car and it seems like it stalls out a little. It's an automatic, why is it stalling out?

    On may to the mountains the car started to get worse and the engine light came on. When I got to my destination I told my father and we put some oil in it and it seemed to work fine. When I got back home the car seemed fine for about 4 days even with AC on. On Wednesday the engine light came on after acting up. It now has problems even getting to 45 mph. It is on 4 rpm's when I try to go 60 mph.

    I was wondering what could possibly be the problem and what your tips on solving it would be. I hate to spend massive amounts of money because this car has been so troublesome. Just wondering what the problem might be. If anyone has any ideas spill them, really curious what is wrong and if anyone else has this problem...
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    Weird fault that the garage has not been able to identify.
    Auto gearbox reluctant to come out of second or third gear when engine or ambient temperature is high. oxygen and air flow metering system, between air filter and carb has been changed twice. Each time the car behaved faultlessly for two weeks, then back to old tricks. Can over come this problem by having the Air Conditioning on with blower on lowest setting.
    Feels like a sensor or ECU has become heat sensitive, when air con comes on, both fans are working on radiator.
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received
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    Hi, I have the same problem. Tried out a 2004 VW GOlf FSI Comfortline automatic (in Australia), approx 70,000ks; after a few ks, it was as if I was driving a manual, and putting the clutch in as well as accelerator down; high revs and no power; happens intermittently, and more often when under acceleration from lights etc. Very clunky in shifting down. Is this problem fixable? What would lead to such a problem in an otherwise beautifully running car?
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    It sounds like the shifter linkage is worn out or misaligned. I'd look down at the top of the transmission and look at the mechanism that moves you from one gear to another. There are plastic and metal pieces there that can bend or wear out.
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    Are you aware you responded to a post which was more than four years old? I'm thinking by now the problem has long since been fixed.
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    Hi I have exactly the same problem this evening with my golf. Did you ever work out the solution. is it the clutch plate. I have no idea and not sure what the repair cost is going to be. Any info would be well received mate.

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    Well, Mate

    I got bad news for you. Your guess is right. It probably is the clutch. When I had this problem it cost me 1300 USD to have the dealer repair it. Others in town didn't have parts to it, or were going to purchase it from the dealer also, so their quotes were similar. I was told it's an assembly, plate, wieght, and some other parts. The explanation I got is: that the clutch is electronic not a traditional cable so it's a complex job. It's not warranted since it's considered a wear and tear item like a brake pad or tires.

    Good luck
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    Hey everyone,
    my sister and her friend are touring NZ in a vw golf 1998 automatic
    the owner is my sisters friend Courtney, they have always had trouble with the car eg abs light never turns off, the brakes occasionally kinda graunchs.
    but the most recent problem is the car isnt selecting a gear at all, my sister has been driving it as its a manual as in 1st , 2nd, 3rd drive
    every now and then it will work properly but it seems to bunny hop, kinda like the automatic clutch is letting out to early.
    They took it to a mechanic and they said it needs to have a new air filter sensor which is 300 dollars, i don't know alot about vw but i don't know if that's really the problem
    if anyone can help it would be really appreciated
    cheers timcloake
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    I Have Golf 4 1999 , It Had transmission Gearbox problems 2 years ago,I replaced Whole GearBox kit,then same gearbox failed again 1 week ago,that I replaced with another New/used gearbox that Had reverse problem,solved after replacing with another Gearbox,these cars have nanufacturing defect,after passing the 100000 Miles , the gearbox starts giving failure ,sensor,and other parts,should be replaced as a kit to avoid wasting money like i did , replacing part after the other
    Take Car
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    I have put nearly a million miles on VW manual xmissions.... they are world renowned for having nearly 'perfect' shift feel. Never had any problems whatsoever... never even wore out a clutch!

    For long-term driving with lowest maintenance, an automatic xmission is not the right choice. Too many moving parts, too much maintenance and lower MPG as compared to manual xmission.
  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Ct.Member Posts: 1,165
    I agree. I put 289,000 miles on my 1980 Rabbit's manual transmission with no problems and the original clutch.
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