Ford Focus Instrumentation & Controls Questions

dj2bigdj2big Member Posts: 9
Just bought a 2007 focus ses sedan.

Wanted to know if the steering wheel cruise control bottons light up when you turn on your headlights?


  • matrixdude03matrixdude03 Member Posts: 1
    There is no heat coming out of my 2000 ford focus. The engine temperature heats up and remains average throughout the drive, but no heat is coming through the vents. After checking the radiator, there is a lot of "black sludge" in the radiator resevoir where the antifreeze is poured. The car is also getting very poor gas mileage. Could this be as simple as a radiator flush? Or is there something more important here? Nothing is leaking by the way.
  • steve136steve136 Member Posts: 3
    The dash bulb apears to have burned out on my daughters 2001 hatchback Focus. Can anyone tell me what is involved in replacing the bulb. Any insight would be helpful.
  • deaconbsdeaconbs Member Posts: 1
    I need some help. My dash lights and rear running lights are out. All fuses are OK. Disconnected battery and reconnected but problem still exists. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • ajgeorgiaajgeorgia Member Posts: 1
    Dash lights and lights around heater go on for second and then go off. I checked fuses but no issue there, I heard this may be related to heater blower fuse???
  • claudesclaudes Member Posts: 1
    We just got our 2001 Focus back from the shop for a very similar problem. Our dash & tail lights went out. Brake lights & turn signals worked fine. We thought that we had checked all the fuses & they were fine. ??
    It turns out that our license plate light connector rusted out & shorted causing fuse #42 to blow. I hope this helps.
  • steve136steve136 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info, I will keep that in mind. I didn't find the problem but the lights came back on after a week and have stayed on so far. Obviously there must be a bad connection somewhere.
  • steve136steve136 Member Posts: 3
  • lordlisterlordlister Member Posts: 1
    Hi, when travelling above 60mph, occasionally the speedometer dial goes down to zero and the radio goes quiet. There is no loss of power and after a few seconds everything returns to normal. Is this a major problem or potentially just a loose connection? Any answers would be greatly appreciated
  • scole1scole1 Member Posts: 4
    Hi, I do not believe they do. I have a 2007 SES wagon and they don't light up.
    I figure part of the point of having stuff on the steering wheel is that it is done by feel as you do not want to have your eyes off the road. I use the cruise all the time, after a while you just know where it is, kind of like playing the piano.
  • gwood1986gwood1986 Member Posts: 3
    yes i know what your talking about i have the same problem and nobody knows anything if you fix it let me know something and i'll do the same for you. Some people say it might be the throttle body sensor but i dont think so i havent replaced it.
  • steverino2steverino2 Member Posts: 4
    Hi... Did you ever find out what was causing this. I have the same problem.
  • steverino2steverino2 Member Posts: 4
    I am having a similar problem with my 2001 ZX3. My Instrument cluster lights are out, along with the dome light, parking lights.

    Just like you, the brake lights, turn signals and all other lights work fine.

    When I looked under the dash for the fuses, there was no fuse in #42. The manual does not list one in that position.

    By the way, my license plate lights are all corroded. I removed them and cleaned them and replaced the bulb, but I still have no lights.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • mlgardmlgard Member Posts: 5
    My ZX3 '00 had that problem years ago. After I took it to the second Ford dealer they correctly diagnosed a shorted wire. I paid about $75 to repair. Months later I read the NHTSA website about the Ford recall on that. This dealer wouldn't reimburse me stating my car wasn't produced at the facility the recall applied to. What a crock.
  • wcrollwcroll Member Posts: 1
    All instruments on my 53 plate focus go dead on me, then come back on usually when car has heated up. This intermitting fault seems to dissapear for about a week then comes back, Ive checked the fuses they are ok. Everything else seems to be ok ie lights etc so I suppose it must be something to do with the instrument cluster.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Curiosity question. What is a 53 plate Focus?
  • amandag1amandag1 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 Ford Focus ZTS with 70,000 on it. By owner, so no warranties. Right when I was about the pull out of the lot I noticed there was antifreeze leaking, I took it to my mechanic and he said that the Focuses are known for their Thermostat Housing Units the leak and such. Anyone had the same problem? And whenever I drive I can hear the (I guess) computer making noises and beeping, anyone experiencing that as well? Thanks.
  • lorddrago1lorddrago1 Member Posts: 19
    HELP! I can turn off car and my radio, blower, and wipers still work. Even if the key is removed.Replaced battery cable assembly then this started. Could have I fried the BCM?
  • jeromebjeromeb Member Posts: 31
    The Discussion Title is pretty much it. Beginning April 29, 2009, the speedometer redlines to 140 before I crank it. It holds that position for almost a second then returns to 0 mph. This event also resets the trip odometer to 0.0.

    The only thing otherwise was that I'd gotten a new set of tires installed on April 28.

    Is there any possible explanation for the unusual speedometer and trip odometer behavior?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,400
    This sounds like a simple gauge gone bad. Tires certainly have nothing to do with it, and I doubt there's anything mechanically wrong with the car that's causing it.

    So start with the gauge itself and connections to the gauge. I had a temp gauge that was behaving oddly that turned out to have a cracked electrical connector. When the car was decellerating the connection would open and close and the temp gauge would bounce down to zero and back up to operating temp. When accelerating, the connection was physically forced closed and the temp gauge read properly.

    But when you add in your odometer resetting, I'm leaning towards the instrument itself being fried.
  • jeromebjeromeb Member Posts: 31
  • jeromebjeromeb Member Posts: 31
    I have attempted no repair for 3 weeks. Sometimes it behaves as described, sometimes not.
    I deem it to be nothing worth spending money on.
  • jeromebjeromeb Member Posts: 31
    The problem seems to have resolved itself.
  • gmintergminter Member Posts: 1
    Wipers and blower motor will continue to run with switch off and key removed. Any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks.
  • johnem60johnem60 Member Posts: 1
    had thermostate leak myself , very easy to do and costs about £50
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