Help! NISMO 2 or 4WD? Traction Package?

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Right now, we are trying to negotiate tow vehicles... we want the Nissan Frontier NISMO, which has the Bilstein shocks for rough roads and locking rear differential. Much prefer the ride of the 4 x 2, which has a 6300 lb. tow rating and drives like a dream, but not sure how it would do pulling 5,000 lbs. on unpaved roads that could get sandy or a little muddy--if it could do it, we'd go with that one for sure.

Otherwise, the 4 x 4 has a decent ride too, just is heavier because of the 4WD suspension, so has tow rating of 6100 lb. and not quite the same zip as the 2WD, though still very good.

The 4 x 4 has an optional (but very hard to find) traction package that helps with ascending and descending hills under slippery conditions and with vehicle stability and control if the driver starts to skid out--since this package is so hard to find, we wonder if it is really necessary and would even be of use to us--any input is much appreciated, since we want to make our purchase this week!


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    I am currently in the market for a NISMO 4x4 and I will insist on getting the stability control.

    I have vehicle stability control on my Toyota minivan and it has kept me out an accident on two different occasions. It corrected a severe hydroplaning on the freeway in a heavy rainstorm and a severe slide on a patch of black ice. I will never buy another car with stability control.

    If you do some research on stability control (on Edmunds and elsewhere) you will find that it is a very useful technology for preventing single car accidents.

    It's too bad that Nissan makes it so hard to get on the Frontier.
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    Thanks for your response--good to know!
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    Sounds like you'll need the Nismo 4x4. The VDC is well designed. It'll help keep you out of harm's way and is barely noticeable, unlike some systems from other makers. Nissan's has been likened to the one used on the Porsche. Nothing wrong with that! It is very subtle.
    I own a 07 Frontier Nismo Crew 4x4, and I believe it is the best mid-size on the market. You won't be sorry.
    Here in Canada the VDC(stability control) is easy to find on the LE and Nismo.
    I don't tow, but these little Titan's are rock solid.

    Good luck to you!
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    Hey everyone! We just brought home our new baby last night (got home at 1:30am to be exact)... a stormy gray 4 x 4 NISMO Crew Cab with traction pkg, fosgate, sunroof, sliding bed extender and carpet floormats for $300 under invoice ($28,000 US + taxes, $55 doc fee, and then we will have to pay registration fees separately here because we bought it in CA and live in AZ). Hope we did okay on this one... we are still learning the art of negotiating and know we probably could have gotten them down a few hundred more, but we both had a horrible headache by that point--had to drive to a part of SoCal that has so much smog you can't see the nearby foothills...dreadful place! But there was seriously not one single CC model with the traction package to be found in all of AZ!

    See my comments under the other discussions on New prices paid and test drive comparisons with the Tacoma.

    Would love to hear your feedback and input.

    We did end up with a much darker color than we wanted--- the white one that we test drove yesterday had a weak engine and something quirky going on with the traction package. There were only 2 other NISMO 4 x 4s with traction packages in surrounding states--and these were a 12 hour drive from us! Local AZ dealers wanted to obligate us to purchase without having tried them out first plus pay full MSRP to do a delaer trade because of their freight charges (plus who knows if either of those models would have driven as well as the one we bought... we found a huge varation in the performance between identically equipped models of the same Frontier)? So, we went with a color that is nice but way too dark for hot AZ, and have decided that as soon as the paint shows a few scratches, we will get it repainted a lighter color... I know it may sound crazy, but this one drives like a DREAM! So, any suggestions on getting as close to the factory quality paint job as possible at non-retail prices?

    Also, we did not buy any of the dealers' marked-up add-on like Lojack and the Karr system because we knew they were overpriced and several of the features of the Karr system duplicated what the Frontier already comes with standard (at least on the NISMO with audio package). Any suggestions on supplemental security systems (and if they are really necessary)? We do live in the city rated 2nd in auto theft in the whole nation, so it is of some concern, but not enough for us to have panicked at the dealership and signed up for all their gravy-train extras.

    Happy Trails and thanks again for all your helpful input!
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    So tent2tt, you decided against the big deisel or the Tundra? I was reading your earlier posts asking about gas mileage while towing and not towing. I am making a trip from San Antonio, TX to Asheville, NC in a few weeks. On the trip there, we will not be towing and on the way back we will be towing a 28 ft enclosed car trailer with a car and extras for a total of 7,000 lbs. I can let you know if you are still interested in finding out the results of the Tundra 5.7 in a double cab long bed. This should be a great test for this truck. I will have about 3,000 miles before the trip and it will be about an additional 3,000 for the trip with extra driving around town. Just let me know.
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    Hi there,

    Yes, we ended up with a Frontier and love it so far, but haven't towed anything with it.

    I would love to know how your Tundra does--I am quite sure it will do great towing 7K lbs. You got yourself an awesome truck there! Congratulations!
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