Toyota Highlander Cargo Carrier

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Does anyone have a hard cover cargo carrier? I'm researching carriers and would appreciate any input -- thx. I own a 2003 AWD Limited.


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    I've used a Thule on our '04 V6 AWD. It does noticeably reduce your highway fuel mileage, can't give you an exact figure but from what I recall it was one or two MPG. It's been a great alternative for extra storage, particularly of light-weight bulky 'stuff'.
  • derekgaddyderekgaddy Member Posts: 32
    Thx for the reply. Can you tell me what Thule model you have and is there much noise from the carrier while driving?
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    Sorry, just saw your message and had to do some digging. We have a Cascade 1500. The size and dimensions were just right...69" long, 32 wide and 16.5 tall. The other Cascades were too long in my view at around 90". I do not recall there being any problem with increased noise; it might be that I'm too excited when going on vacation to really notice. I mount it as far back as I can on the roof racks so that it doesn't interfere with the lift gate when open. It looks good on the HL, too.
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