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Help! GMC Jimmy ABS Problem after ball joint repair

ginnyr1ginnyr1 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in GMC
My Jimmy was running fine, and I had replaced the brakes & turned rotors in front from normal use. All was good, car ran about 2k miles. The front end had a loud squeek when driving, and the upper and lower ball joint on the driver front was replaced and the squeek went away. At the same time I had all 4 shocks replaced. Different shop from the brakes.

When I picked up the Jimmy, the ABS now engages almost every time you use the brakes, especially when braking while turning. The shop went through everything and cannot find a cause. They put on a sensor tool (I am not a mechanic, so whatever this is called I don't know) that showed the readings on the sensors (3 -- 2 front and 1 rear) and it showed other readings, including ABS engaged yes/no. Drive the car, sensors read the same all the time; hit the break the sensors still read the same BUT the ABS engages and the tool confirms this.

What sets off the ABS to make it engage? The feeling is awful and not really usable in everyday conditions because of the feel and the noise of the ABS going off. I had them pull the fuse to disengage the ABS, but that also stops my cruise control.

Suggestions on what could be wrong? This shop replaced sensors, no difference; caliper, no difference; reset the computer (unplugged it 20 minutes); and then had no idea what to do. Any clues here??



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    repairdogrepairdog Member Posts: 948
    What year and the sensors are in the hubs up front. In tansmission on rear if 2wd or transfer if 4wd. My guess would be they broke a wire on the brake or shock job as they have 2 wire mounts to keep them out of the susp and shocks way, or they are unplugged up on the frame (about 2' of lead then a plug). Or the mount in the hub, if in wet/rust areas, has rust which raises the sensor up a tad and GM bulletin that it acivates the ABS so have to clean the mounting surface without getting crap in the sensor hole - hard to do - or get new hubs if over 100k as they will fail soon anyway.
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    ginnyr1ginnyr1 Member Posts: 2
    It is 2000 Jimmy, 4 door, 4WD. If the sensors has problem shouldn't the tool have shown strange readings? Why would ABS go off if the sensors all have the same reading?
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