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Honda Civic Bluetooth Questions

heyreyheyrey Member Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Honda
Hello all.

I just purchased a 2007 Civic LX Auto and thinking about Honda's Blueconnect Bluetooth hands-free cell phone connection through the stereo. The setup looks very clean as the kit is installed around the dome light. However they are asking $695 plus tax. Has anyone used Blueconnect? Are there cheaper alternatives that won't break up the look on the dashboard/stereo? Thanks.



  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    when did honda come out with bt for the civic? is it on their website?
  • heyreyheyrey Member Posts: 8
    Dear eldaino,
    I purchased my civic last Thursday at Rock Honda in Fontana, CA. I saw the brochure and spoke to the service department; the installs are straightforward and they have been happy with the convenience. You can find it on a google search.

    Last weekend I went to a stereo shop and they said I would have to purchase a blue-tooth compatible radio, dash kit, blue tooth module for about the same price to get hands-free cell phone capability.

    I will just have to save up and get it through honda because I think it will be a cleaner install.

    heyrey :confuse:
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    hmmm...sounds like a dealer thing and not an actual honda made bluetooth unit. but hey, if it doesn't void the warranty and they are willing to install it and guarantee it, go for it!
  • heyreyheyrey Member Posts: 8
    You are right. It is a dealer add-on, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I found out that it will cost around $700 to get bluetooth enabled in your vehicle. There is cheaper product called parrot, but I haven't heard reviews about it, plus, you have to mount it on your dash and that is what I am trying to avoid. For now, I am just going to use a wired ear piece for hands-free communication.

    Here is more info on blueconnect:

    heyrey :D
  • heyreyheyrey Member Posts: 8

    You got me motivated to do research. The distributor is autointelligence at: http://www.autointelligence.com/ai/blueconnect.asp. I called them up, in San Diego it is sold through Fry's electronics and can be installed much less than through honda. They are compatible with a wide range of automobiles.

    heyray :)
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    really? thats cool, i wish i would have had bluetooth when i had my civic. best of luck to ya!

    from your post i assume that you are in cali, i was born there and lived there for 17 years. i remember going into fry's... great store! even better than best buy!
  • heyreyheyrey Member Posts: 8

    It seems Blueconnect has been out for a while; I have seen other post for Toyota and GM suvs. They are even sold on eBay.

    Best of luck,

  • cavucavu Member Posts: 1
    You can get it from www.collegehillshonda.com for $388 !

    Does anyone know if this will work in any Honda besides the 08 Acura??
  • dlborlandodlborlando Member Posts: 1
    Just got Blueconnect installed at CarToys today, 375 out the door on my 07 Accord Coupe. Installation was about 1.5 hours and looks great. Works great, but the people I talk to state I sound like I am in a tunnel. I am useing a Treo 700p from Sprint, hopefully I can get rid of the tunnel sound.

    Anyone else have any feedback?
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