Aftermarket DVD screen installation for a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

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2007 Pacifica TRG/FWD with both decks and no factor screen. The new after market screen has RCA inputs. I need to find the 12-way harness for the factor radio and ,if the make it, conversion kit to RCA. If not, a wiring diagram for the 12-way connect to slice into. Any ideas?


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    Did you look on ebay where the sell the factory dvd systems with all wiring and diagrams for $250?
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    I installed two Alpine 7" widescreen headrest monitors in my wife's Pacifica for the kids to watch. It is working well. Our model is a 2007 Signature Series FWD, that like yours, came with the 6 DVD in-dash changer but no outlet for the video.

    I bought the dealer'$ book$ for the car, so I was able to track down the right wires using the Wiring Diagrams book. I'm not much of an electrician, so I spent an exorbitant amount of time testing wires and connections just to be entirely sure that I had the right signals.

    Here's some hints about tapping into the system:

    - The DVD player's wiring harness runs behind the right side windshield piller. If you take this cover off (pry out the round screw cover, take out one screw - easy), you will find a 12 pin connector (C204) that would connect to the harness of Chrysler's roof-mounted monitor solution, if it were present.

    - I unmounted this harness and pulled it back down under the dash from whence it came. I then spent several hours testing connections and hooking up the monitors in a bench test fashion, to ensure I had discovered all the right signals. Here are the ones you care about:
    Pin 3 - Video (GY/OR)
    Pin 4 - Right Audio (GY/WT)
    Pin 5 - Left Audio (GY/OR)
    Pin 6 - Video Return (GY/DB)
    Pin 10 - Audio Return/Common (DG/WT)
    Once I had all these probed and tested, I chose to cut this connector off, and get at the wires directly. I shopped around hard for a cable assembly that would just plug in and give me the RCA outs I wanted, but they just don't exist. Anyway, once you cut off the connector and strip back the harness' wrapping, you'll find these signals pretty easily as they are grouped logically. The video signal is run in a small coax-type of wire (inside wire is signal, outer jacket is the return). The audio signals are routed through a stereo-type of wire with left & right grouped together and shielded as well with the return.

    - Once I had isolated and stripped back these wires, I spliced them into a high quality audio/video cable with RCA jacks. Now I had what I needed to plug into the controller box for the monitors.

    - The monitor kit I bought was the Alpine PKG-M780 for about $500 (shop around). I mounted the box up under the dash, above the glove box and below the air bag system. There's a pretty large cavity there and a sturdy bracket/brace running over the glove box. There's no straightforward way to attach to this bracket - so you'll have to wing it if you use it. It seemed hard for me to find a good place to mount the box, so I just did what I could in this area. Nonetheless, this is an ideal location for keeping the Audio/Video wires short and away from any sources of interference.

    - I pulled out almost all of the center console plastics and housings. The books were useless for this task, since it seems like they've undergone some design changes since the books were written. It is fairly straight forward, though. Once these plastic covers are removed, you will find plenty of space to comfortably route the monitor wires from the box, along the console, and pop them out at each seat location.

    - I was really nervous about running the wires up the seat, until I saw how the seats come apart. The plastic cover on the seat back just pops on and off. It has some really good sized hooks, and you kind of have to bow the hell out of it, but once you've pryed it off, you'll see the best way to reinstall it. So, once the seat backs were removed, it was supa-easy to run the wires up the back, avoiding any pinch points, and getting them to the head rest area. I only had to poke my wires through about 2 inches of foam at the top.

    - I chose not to cut into the headrests for now - they seemed a little skinny for this 7" monitor. I could not get spare headrests from the dealer (they were on allocation), so I chose a cheap bracket solution from Pyle for now (Pyle PLTND Universal Mounting Bracket x2). I'll eventually install them nicely, but I think I may need to shop around for color matched headrests from a different model of car for a better fit with this monitor.

    I guess that's about it, in a nutshell. Good luck!

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    You need to buy the Chrysler DVD Remote Control. I got one on eBay for about $25. We point this remote at the dash to turn on the 6-Disc DVD player and control the DVDs. The kids use it from the back seat pretty easily.

    -------- Here's where I decided to spoil the kids --------

    I put a PS2 console under the passenger seat and ran it's outputs back along the console to the monitor box. This monitor system has 3 inputs, so I just _had_ to do something...

    So, at this point in time, we can run three independent tasks in the car's audio/video system simultaneously :)

    - One or two persons can watch a DVD playing on the car's DVD changer from the back seat. We can choose between playing the audio over the car's speaker system or use the Wireless headphones that came with the monitor system.

    - One or two persons can play on the PS2 from the backseat (which doubles as a second DVD player, if they can't agree on what to watch). I installed two Logitech wireless PS2 controllers and keep them in the center console. PS2 sound comes across the Wireless headphones.

    - The driver & passenger can listen to a CD or the radio over the car's audio system while all this is happening, assuming the backseat riders are using the Wireless headphones.

    Now, all this was less than $800, which may seem like a lot to some folks, but when I investigated "Professional" installations of headrest monitors alone, I was quoted $1200-$1600, and nobody was happy about trying to hook in to the Chrysler DVD Player - Most were pushing the purchase of a new head unit.

    I would never consider installing the factory DVD monitor after seeing what is possible with the aftermarket solutions. In addition, prices keep coming down on this stuff and headrest monitors keep getting bigger & better.

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    Great information, if you haven't already we'd love to have you write a guide about this!

    Go to submit it! :)
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    I got a new overhead monitor for my pacifica touring 2007 but I can not find harnesses to connect it to the dvd changer in-dash.
    Any suggestion!!!
    Also I searched the web to find template to cut the roof of the car, but also I did not find anything...
    Please help... :sick:
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    In my new pacifica touring 2007 I take off the right side windshield piller and I did not find the DVD player's wiring harness (no 12 pin connector (C204)) !!!
    Only 2 cables exist : 1 thin and the other is thick.
    Any idea?
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    I dunno...

    Did your Pacifica come pre-equipped with the 6-disc DVD changer?

    Just to be crystal clear, by "the right side pillar", I mean the one on the passenger side that is located between the windshield and the passenger side window.

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    - Yes, it comes pre-equipped with the 6-disc DVD changer...
    - I re-checked the right side pillar and no harnesses or connectors found , only 2 cables: the thick one is for antenna...

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    my car is come with 6 DISK DVD CHANGER, but not harness or connector found, I seardched Ebay, found the MR CD1. ask for $250 for just a cable .......
    any idea? where we can found this harness

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    hey, my name is jay. i my wife has a 04 pacifica that sounds to have the same set up as yours. It has the 6 disk dvd -cd changer but no monitor. I have not been able to find any plug to go from a aftermarket monitor to the factor you have any idea if the manual that you have is for that year as well .....

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    I have a 04 with the 6 disk dvd/cd changer also....i took the left pillar off and saw the same wires and skinny one and a thick one....i could not trace them too far because they went farther back then i could feal them.....have you found anything out with your to get it to work????need help bad
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    I have a 2005 Pacifica with a 6 disc CD Changer factory unit. I tried connecting the aftermarket monitors that go on the headrests but could not get any video to those monitors. I installed a DVD and heard it fine on the radio speakers but nothing was playing on the monitors. I have seen alot of discussions on here and it sounds like all I need is a wiring harness, is that true?
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    What you need is the (overhead) wiring harness, thats what everyone on this post needs if you have the 6 disc dvd with no monitor and want to install the monitor, but thats not the only wires you will need.

    Trying to figure this out has not been very easy. There are several wires that you need. This place has the (overhead) wiring harness but its 214 bucks. siteid=215327&chapter=&Sectionids=0,2648&groupid=2657&subgroupid=2658&componenti- d=0&make=7&model=Pacifica&year=2006&graphicID=NS04295&callout=3&catalogid=2&disp- layCatalogid=0

    This site has a full of list everything that you will need and actually how to do the install

    For wires you will need number 2, (overhead harness), number 7 (extension harness), number 9 (power harness), number 10 (jumper harness) number 17 rev.rdv jumper harness.

    All of these wires are not cheap. I found number 9 (power harness) on ebay for 75 bucks. You will also need the (stud colar fastners) number 4 and number 6 (hex nuts) to secure the dvd monitor to it in and make sure that that plate is up in the headliner to fasten and secure the montior to before you go cutting.

    If anyone knows of a cheaper place to buy all of these parts from please let everyone know.

    I got the dvd montor off of ebay for about 100 bucks.

    Good luck
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    I am hoping someone can help.
    We have a 2007 Pacifica Touring. Has cd deck and separate dvd player. We have had an after market monitor installed (power acoustik). Currently video works, sound works through car speakers (not RF). Wireless headphones will pick up the sound, but driver can still hear the sound even with headphones activated.

    I am trying to get this vehicle to operate dvd system separate from cd/radio using headphones. Can get system with Pacifica remote to show headphone mode on control panel, but can still hear sound in car. Also, when I change mode after putting in headphone mode to go to radio for example, power is cut from DVD player.

    I thought this vehicle was equipped for the rear to watch movie and use headphones while driver could listen to radio.

    Can anyone help???

    thank you in advance!
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    Hello all I recently purchased a 2004 Pacifica my wife wanted me to change out the stereo so she can play ipod and iphone so i ordered the mount and harness got it all hooked up turns on and gets power but no sound out of speakers so after hours of frustration and research i found out there is a stock amp i found it but it is the brain of the stereo and will not play music through the speakers without a $130 dollar adapter so my question is can i either in the wires in the harness in the dash or the wires at the amp can i cut and connect together to bypass the amp dont really pay $130 for a little black box or rewire the whole car. Thanks in advance
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    I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. The radio was bad so I replaced it with an aftermarket Boise 7inch touch screen DVD/CD player, I had BestBuy install and they insisted I needed an $85 dollar wiring harness. Now I am adding an aftermarket Pyle overhead DVD screen. Where can I find an extension to reach from overhead dvd to in dash dvd/cd 6 changer. If you can email me with any help! [email protected]

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