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Nissan Altima Smart Key



  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    You know, I had'nt even given it a thought about the ramifications of another key outside of my possession and your comment makes a lot of sense. Time to raise hell with someone. Why am I getting that sinking feeling in the pit of my oversized tummy? Thank you for the heads up.
  • I had my 2008 Altima at the dealership today for some warranty work to be done on my drivers door (a hole had worn in the rubber seal around the door, which they replaced), and I asked them to try again (2nd try) to program two additional spare keys for me. They were successful today. The cost including labor was $140 for two keys ($70 each). I now have 4 I - Keys for my car, which means I can carry a spare with me at all times, my wife can carry a key to my car with her (great when we are travelling), plus leave one at the house for other family members to grab when they need to use my car.
  • muledoggmuledogg Posts: 1
    What dealership is this... Mine just quoted me $170 for a singe key and FOB. They also said they had to have the real key insert otherwise wothe the new fob or it would not work, sounds like I am being fed a line. I would like to contact a dealership that knows what they are doing..
  • My dealer is in Donalsonville, GA (Cramer Motor Co.). The additional FOB's do not have key inserts (to lock and unlock the glove box). I have been told that those keys can be copied by any key maker. My primary concern was the I-key to start the car and lock and unlock the doors.

    When the spares are made, you must have both original keys with you. They program all four keys at the same time. The key insert stays the same. It works like any physical key.

    My dealer may have charged me his cost for the spare FOB's. I have bought several cars there, and they have always tried to accomodate my needs. It doesn't take much time to program the keys, once they learn how to do it.
  • acesk8eracesk8er Posts: 16
    I just bought a 2009 Nissan Altima, sweet ride. Anyway, I would like to get a couple of extra key FOBs to have as spares.


    1. How do you tell the difference between the old ones that were recalled and the new ones? (There are lots of them being sold on ebay and elsewhere, I'm thinking that many of those may be older bad stock.)

    2. I wasn't supplied with an "intelligent key number plate" per the manual. I was only given two PROX key FOBs when I took delivery of the car. Does Nissan still supply a metal "number plate" with new cars?

    Thanks in advance for replies.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Does Nissan still supply a metal "number plate" with new cars?

    I got it w/ my '07.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    1. you probably can't. I definitely wouldn't take a chance, especially since you won't save that much money. even if you get the fob's from ebay, you'll have to go to the dealership to get them and your current fobs reprogrammed. plus, you'll be unable to get door keys that will unlock your doors.

    2. the key number plate isn't for the intelligent key per se, but rather for the metal door key.
  • acesk8eracesk8er Posts: 16
    I called the salesman and asked him about the metal key plate and a couple of other things. At first he asked me to look for it in the case that the various manuals came in. When he called me back he said that NIssan no longer supplies one. Yeah, right... I probably won't ever need it but it's annoying that they managed to lose it.

    The salesman offered to sell me extra key FOBs at $30 each, this would be for FOBs without the metal keys. The metal keys are $76 each, I don't know if that includes cutting them for my car. He estimated re-programming all of my FOBs would cost me $50. WTF??? I figure that the programming should be gratis since I just bought a $30k car. Anyway, what do the FOBs and programming normally cost?

    Thanks for replies.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    Well, 30 doesn't sound bad for the fob. not sure on the programming. if they will do all the fobs for 50, then it sounds like a good deal to me. they can't just program the new ones, they will have to do all of them.

    I own a 2007 atlima, so I had to take mine in for the Ikey recall. And just to do 2 fobs took them about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. From what I understand its a fairly complicated process that can take awhile. (they do it to make the system more secure). so given that, I would consider $50 more than fair.
  • yocolyocol Posts: 1
    this has been very helpful to me.last evening at 7pm I bought a used 2004 armada.we drove home,showed it to our adult children at their homes and went home and parked in the drive way.about 1pm today one of our sons wanted to test drive the car but it would not start.we went out and tried different things..we searched the manual,called the dealer(he had no idea what it could be other than we must have done something to the keys or security sx.said we would have to wait until monday because parts and sevice are closed. stated hehad no idea what could have happened. I think you have shed light on the situation.I plan to return the car because I donot want to get stuck somewhere because I forgot and put the keys near my phone.thanks so much.
  • acesk8eracesk8er Posts: 16
    I took the car to the stealer this morning and purchased two additional FOBs and one additional mechanical key. A second mechanical key is on back order. The whole process took perhaps an hour.

    Contrary to what is stated in the manual, Nissan does keep key records and they can retrieve key data by VIN. The "key number plate" is not needed even if you lose all of your keys.

    Anyway, I now have 4 PROX key FOBs. I figure that having spares at different locations, etc., is a good backup plan. Thanks to all for replies.
  • I have a 2008 Altima that I'm generally happy with, except for the Smart Key. At the slightest touch the alarm will sound or the trunk will open. Who knows, maybe the doors lock and unlock as well. The key can be in my pocket, or it can go off as I'm unlocking a door to the house. Are there any solutions other than just putting the darn thing into a box?
  • Wife just got a 2008 Altima with only one key insert and one four button Smartkey.
    We got another Smartkey off ebay and now are trying to find programming for less than the $90-95 the dealers are quoting.
    Do any locksmiths have this capability?

    I got an extra door and glove box key cut at Walmart -works fine.

    My plan is to tie extra metal key under car to open door. Then keep extra Smartkey wrapped in several layers of aluminum foil hidden in car for emergenies. I tested and the aluminum foil works and the car does not know the Smartkey is present.

    I would be glad for any suggestions. Thnks
  • :confuse: the other day my car would not start. the key fob battery was low. i changed the batteries on my fob. now the car has trouble starting. sometimes it does and some times it does not. i had the dealership put the batteries in for me. i also checked the car battery to make sure it was good. any ideas? could it be a fuse?
  • tsstdhtsstdh Posts: 11
    I am trying to get Nissan/dealership to cough up a 3rd key to be used as an emergeny backup. I have read that you can remove the battery and still use the FOB in the key port ot start the car. So, you could put a duplicate of the mechanical key in a magnetic box under the car somewhere and leave the FOB without a battery in the trunk or some other hiding place. I don't like the idea of not be able to start the car if something happens to the FOB while away from the car.

    Anybody else used this method to prevent being stranded ?
  • Would a fob hold the programming without. The battery in it?
    A locksmith could only program 1fob for me--no spare --roger
  • tsstdhtsstdh Posts: 11
    I believe the FOB has a spot that is scanned by the car when it's in the port. They call it RFID, which is something they do with packaging labels. No juice required. The spare would only be good for plugiing into the port to get the car started, unless you put the battery in, then it would be full function. You couldn't leave the battery in and leave it in the car because it would be like leaving your key in the car.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 190
    My Murano is an 06. My key fobs have a metal key inside of them. My car is NOT a push button. It is almost like a normal key start car, but you don't need the key. You just turnthe key slot area without a key in it. I understand that if my fob stops working, I take out the mecahnical key an insert it into the "normal" key area. This means I can make copies of the real key and use them to start the car, I don't need piles of fobs. Haven't found out if I need the dealer to make the metal key for me. I should check this out I guess!

    My son has an 08 Altima and from what I'm reading here he will be stuck if he loses his fobs?

    Why would they change it? The push button looks way cooler, but doesn't seem practical in the long run.
  • tsstdhtsstdh Posts: 11
    I think your son could follow the same plan I have. Get a copy of the mechanical key made and use a magnetic hida a key box attached under the car to get in. Have a FOB stashed inside the car with no battery to get it started. I am trying to get Nissan to give me a third FOB for that purpose. The FOB is 36 dollars and they want 100 bucks to program. That's a lot of money for an extra key. I think your right, it's technology over kill. It is nice not to have to dig for a key to get going and I am just getting used to that. I will post what Nissan's answer to my request is.
  • tsstdhtsstdh Posts: 11
    Got the dealership to make me a key for 70 bucks. . A lot for piece of mind about lost keys. Nissan area advisor left 1 message. I tried to get in touch but no one was available due to being at away from her desk or on another call. If Nissan covers my cost I will post. The Ikey is neat, but posess a real problem if it gets lost
    or broken while you are away from your car.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    FYI, my brother in law just paid $105 + tax for ONE '03 Accord key. Many dealers charge at least 120 + tax.
  • tsstdhtsstdh Posts: 11
    I thing the dealerships probably make most of their money in the shops and maybe used cars. I don't know. Anyway, it was a new car purchase so the dealership wanted to establish some goodwill. They may have been reimbursed my Nissan for the key because I did email the company about the issue. Anyway, the keyfob
    works without a battery to get the push button start to work and I can hide it in the
    car out of the weather and hide the mechanical key under the car somewhere. I haven't found a spot for it yet.
  • I purchased my 2009 Altima 2.5S in late April 09. It had been on the sales lot since fall 2008. Love it!. . . but

    The "low battery" indicator light for the SmartKey FOB came on before Christmas (about 8 mos. after purchase). I replaced the battery with a new one. Now, less than 2 mos. later, the warning light is on again! What's up? Anyone else have similar problems? Thanks.
  • I have only had to replace my battery once so far I have 2007. I keep mine in my purse, and I believe (and this is pure speculation on my part) when I have my purse in the back seat rather than next to me on the passenger side seat the battery drains more quickly. Is your battery/FOB often kind of hidden?
  • 1. you don't have to replace the battery right after you see the warning light. You can use at least a couple more months.

    2. Use good batteries: Energizer or Duracell. You can find them at Walmart for decent price.
  • Thanks for your above comments. The incident which generated my earlier post occurred when my key fob was in my left coat pocket, very near the ignition button. I'm still getting warning messages about low (fob) battery. On one occasion last week the car did not start at all, and a "no key" message came on. I took the key off the fob, inserted the fob in the instructed place, and the car started right up. Later that same day I forgot about the earlier problem. Got in the car with my key in my pocket, and it started right up. It's started normally ever since, but the low battery message continues to come on.

    I will replace the battery at some point with a better grade battery. The recent ones I bought from Radio Shack ("good to 2016") probably are not the best. I note the ones that came with the fob originally are Panasonic.

    Will appreciate any additional comments, insights. Thanks again.
  • spnspn Posts: 1
    Have you had any luck with your smart key not being so sensitive? My husbands goes off all the time when its in his pocket. I was thinking maybe you could get a cover for it.

  • wh040508wh040508 Posts: 4
    "My Car" is the Nissan but my husband carries a fob all the time and constantly is setting off my car, other things he has done is pop the trunk open and open both front windows with the fob. Our garage is under our family room and he will set it off while we are watching TV, it is very annoying the only small benefit is it is funny to see the cat freak out. I am slowly trying to train my husband to hang his keys up when he comes home rather than leaving them in his pockets. The fob to my car is on the same key chain as the keys for his car.

    Note the opening of the windows is done by some funky combination of pressing various buttons and he has figured out what ones do it but I couldn't tell you what the combination is.
  • pati524pati524 Posts: 1
    To open the windows touch the unlock button then touch again and hold it down. The two front windows will open and stop when you let go. Helpful on a hot summer day but unfortunate when it happens on a rainy day and you are unaware. I speak from experience. Can't even count how many times I come out to my car and the trunk is open.

    It would be very helpful if Nissan would make a clip-on plastic cover to protect the buttons when in your pocket.
  • tas22tas22 Posts: 1
    After a couple years of no problems at all with my Altima the 'low battery' light for the key fob comes on when I start my car. Also, lately I cannot open the door when I press the button on the handle of the car unless the fob is basically touching the handle. I have changed the batteries at least three times in the last month. The key fob seems to operate remotely fine. I can lock and unlock by pressing the lock and unlock buttons on the fob itself. Also, the low battery light on the car doesn't always come on (more frequently than not it does come on though). On one occasion a 'No key' symbol came on. . .
    Wondering if anyone knows what the problem might be?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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