Hyundai Sonata Timing Belt

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Hi.. Have a question.
I have replaced the Timing belts on my Sonata 2000 2.4lts engine.I have stricly followed the Belts installing information.But when i got to the timing marks.It kind of confussesd me a bit.As of the Oil Pump Timing.It stated that there is a plug that has to be removed,In order to be able to push a screw driver in.But icannot take the plug out as it is badly corroded.I just wanted to know .Why does the oil pump needs to be timed.I never saw this before on any other engine.Please a reply would helpwith any information.Thank You


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    Where are all the Sonata Expert?.Or are there any Sonata experienced Mechanics!!.On this Forum.
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    You could try posting in the Technical Questions discussion. It's not vehicle specific, but someone there might be able to give you some ideas.
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    the balance shaft has one setting/mark but the oil pump which is to the right of thecrank when looking at the eng, it has three positions when u line it up to the mark it will return down ,turn it then set it will pull up,turn and set again and when it is released it should return to the mark even if it is moved up or downand released,and when you are done with the belt spin the motor and for every 3 complete cycles the balace should line up that is 6 crank revolutions or 3 cam revolutions
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    What's the mileage that you changed the belt out at?
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    changed belt at 144580 Kilometers.It would of still not have to be replaced at that mileage.But my Son was driving it.Must of got some water contamination in the gas tank.It Backfire once and started but was missing a lot.Have it running now ,Replaced the two Belts,Crank Censor.Cam Censor,Water pump,and all the Pulleys and Belts Adjuster,Also replaced & Coill pack.Darn Transistor kept on Burning out,But found the problem,Was whoever had installed the AutoStart device.Had the ground wire not installed properly and got hot and burned some of the wires bundle that it was that it was bundled with it.Thank You for Asking.These Sonata are Amazing CarStill have it ,But i have purchased a Sister of it.A KIA Magentis what a luxury machine this is.
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