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    My 4.6l has a problem with the wet and cold. Every morning I start my truck, it sounds like the belt is slipping. I've had it in the shop on different occasions. The belt has been replaced three times and the last time the tensioner and idler pulleys were replaced. This cured the problem for a short time and then it started again. And the colder the weather the worse the squealing. If anyone else can give me an idea for a permanent fix, it would be appreciated.
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    I've heard a shot of spray silicone lube on the belt while the engine was running would cure the noise, but I'm a bit leery of lubricating a friction-driven belt myself. Do at your own risk.

    Diagnosed the engine knock as being a bit low on oil. (My Bird has a leak.) As long as I keep an eye on my dipstick, it doesn't do that.
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    do a search using keyword "3.8" and you will find another couple of interesting Ford motor recalls here in Edmunds...

    Your host, Bruce
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    I have the same problem as nsquared in #36. I just bought a 94 Crown Vic with 46K miles on it.
    The car ran fine when we test drove it, but of course, the next day it began to roar and the idle was very fast. It looks to me like there is some weird resonation going on in the black plastic air induction manifold. It has two extra chambers that look like they supply additional air to the intake when the engine needs it, like when you accelerate quickly. Has anyone else had this problem. Seems like when this weird vacuum/resonation happens, the engine either gets too much air, or not enough so that the air flow sensor is confused and raises the RPM's to compensate instead of shutting off ? Just a theory. Anyone know of a fix ?
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    I replaced the bypass air valve. It's on the top rear of the engine. A real pain to get to, but the new one fixed my problem.
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    I think I've tracked the oil leak in my Bird to the driver's side valve cover gasket. From looking at it,it looks like a saturday job. The local ford dealer quoted me a good price on valve cover gaskets, and I'm considering doing this ont my self. I've done things like replacing plugs & wires, oil changes, ect. on my cars, so I'm not afraid of having parts vital to the engine actually running taken off. I mainly have two questions before I start wrenching
    1. Does the new gasket need any kind of sealant put on it before I stick the valve cover back on?
    2. Is there anything not straightforeward about this job that might surprise me?

    FWIW, yes, I'm a beginner at auto repair, but the mechainic at the ford dealer puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, and this doesn't appear to be that major of a job. I've also stripped a lawn moew engine completely down and reassembled it where it ran (OK, so an air-cooled Briggs & Stratton one cylinder flathead is a bit simpler than a V-8, liquid cooled OHC ford, but you gotta start somewhere, and the principles of operation are basically the same).
    Thanks for any help.
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    my 92 Grand Marquis has a bad spark knock problem with regular gas. The EGR passages get clogged on these engines. I cleaned mine but it did not help. According to a service bulletin, my problem might be related to the computer programming, but I'm afraid of changing it without knowing if that's the problem.

    Does your 4.6 knock only under acceleration at low RPM and does it get better with premium gas?
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