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MDX Roof Rack Questions

jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
edited April 2014 in Acura
Just bought the MDX Sport Pkg. Had the Roof rack put on it and imediately noticed the difference in interior noise. More noticable when using the hands free telephone.. Not real pleased.
Any others experience this. Will address this with the dealer. Will suggest the wind deflector I just saw that seems to be the remedy or just another add on. I'll keep you all posted.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    If you got cross bars with the rack, check to see if they are installed properly. Usually you get less noise with the fat end towards the front of the car, assuming they aren't round bars or otherwise symmetrical.

    It the cross bars adjust, try moving the front bar forward or back (usually moving the bars forward helps with my non-OEM Yak racks on my minivan).
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Yes, important question, do you have the cross bars as well as the two long racks? I'm mulling roof racks and the MDX already has enough wind noise.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The roof rack adds noise... plain and simple.
    It's the cross bars that add the noise.

    I have an 06 with the roof rack and it's loud on the highway.
    To make matters worse, I added a Thule Bike Carrier to the existing roof rack and the level of noise doubled.

    I love the rack but uninstall the bike carrier when it's not being used. (royal pain in the @$$)
    I haven't really looked into removing the factory installed cross bars, but they don't appear to be quickly and easily removed.
  • Hey Jim,

    I'm having same issue. I have an 07 MDX sport pkg and installed roof rack and the cross bar. My 17,000 car has less wind noise than this MDX.

    Has your dealer given you any resolution? please keep us posted.
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    I'm still working with the dealer. They have removed the cross bars and next to remove the rails. Not real sure that this will do the trick.. We'll see.
    I'll be sure to get my money back for the rack once it's off and that it stops the wistling..

  • Thanks for the info, Jim.

    Can they remove the roof racks? I was under the impression that once installed, you cannot remove it, because they drill the roof, in order to install the racks and removing will expose the drilling and tend to rust the spot, sometimes leaks from there.

    Please keep us posted on your situations.
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    You are correct in your thoughts as I have entertained the same.. I have not questioned the tech as to how the uninstall works primarily because I never looked to see if they drilled into the top to install the rack in the first place. I should just look at the top of a new one.. They have indicated that a fitting will be installed where the rack once was. They also indicated that when the rack is removed, the fittings break and new ones are then ordered to go back in. Did I question them? No. Will I if it's not to the standard of what I expect from Acura? Oh yeah..
    I'm a bit on the bust side and have not set the time to have them do the work. Likely to happen Monday or Tuesday..
  • First off let me say that it's ridiculous that Acura can't engineer a quiet cross bar. I owned a Honda Pilot with crossbars and noticed the MDX uses the same bar only wider. They probably though they could get by with the same bar but it probably has the wrong aerodynamics for this vehicle.

    I know this is not the solution you want but there is a remedy: Yakima or Thule bars with a wind deflector. I put mine on when I'm hauling something and take it off when I'm not. I don't care for the appearance but it seems a majority think they're cool looking. I bought the MDX roof rails (relunctantly because you shouldn't have to buy this essential SUV component) but this time didn't get manufacturer crossbars. Reason: they're outright useless unless you're only hauling 50 poundds or less. If you put a cargo box on factory crossbars with a reasonable amount of weight the bars will flex and make your cargo box bob up and down like a clip from a Laurel and Hardy movie. Yakima and Thule bars eliminate that problem AND more important for this discussion, a $50 Yakima wind deflector will eliminate the wind noise generated by the bars. Without a wind fairing Yakima and Thuke bars are loud on ANY vehicle. Apparently some people don't mind wind or just turn up their radio because I see very few people using wind deflector. It takes me less than 5 minutes to install the rack and probably 3 to remove. But again, Acura should re-engineer the crossbar in the first place.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I bolted 1x4's to my Yak bars - no noise. They aren't pretty even though I did stain them but they don't live on the car 24/7 - not that I much care on my minivan anyway.
  • I already had the roof rail installed. How easy or difficult is it to install the crossbar myself?
  • Do aftermarket racks fit the 2008 MDX. Can't seem to get a clear answer on sites that sell racks. I too would prefer to remove the whole rack when not in use, something I can't do with the factroy rails.

    Any advice would be most appreciated
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It usually takes Yakima, Thule etc. a while after a new model introduction (or major model change) to test their racks on the new roof. They may have to engineer new clips for example and verify weight load capacities.

    If you haven't done so already, I suggest you email them. They may know something that the dealers don't. Or if they haven't tested their racks on an '08 yet, if they get some interest, they may push the MDX to the front of the testing line. Or if you are close to one of them, they may give you a rack or a discount for letting them borrow your car to test fit the clips on.
  • yarikyarik Posts: 9
    I read in few forums that roof rails make noise. I am looking to get roof rails without cross bars or any other attachement (2007 MDX) and I was wondering if anybody experienced any noise with addition of just roof rails. I would appreciate any info.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I know people have said that. I have the roof rails and cross bars. I have never noticed any increased wind noise. Having said that, I don't think the soundproofing is very good on the MDX. I heard too much wind noise before the roof rack went on and hear the same amount now. It does look better with something on the roof.
  • I take delivery of my 2008 new MDX this weekend. I would only use the roof for carrying things once a year for my Christmas tree, most likely, but was planning on at least getting the roof rails (likely not the cross bars, both for aesthetic reasons and due to what I've read here)...

    Is the verdict still that it is not worth the noise, or is the noise entirely linked to the cross bars which ride more against the wind?

    If it is an issue, I'll put a blanket on it, buy neither, and tie the twine through the doors once a year!
  • I had a Honda Pilot, Volvo V70 and now have the MDX. My experience with the Pilot and V70 with rails and crossbars nixed me doing the roof rack on the MDX. Noise increases and gas mileage suffers- both noticeably. I just bought a Thule hitch- mounted bike and ski/ snowboard carrier. Easy to put on, take off and access. Looks like [non-permissible content removed] but very functional, and comes off in 2 minutes. Highly reccomend this solution, although it probably wont work for those who use all year round roof mounted ski carriers as a peacock uses it's plumes!
  • tpricetprice Posts: 46
    We put the roof rack and cross bars on our 2008 MDX. In my opinion, the noise is very faint - a low whistle that "goes away" with any amount of conversation, stereo volume, sun roof cover closed, etc. I don't notice it unless I'm listening for it. I've thought about taking the cross bars off and storing until needed. We had a 2003 MDX and never considered it to be an issue. How large of an issue it is likely varies by individual. They are nice to have when you need them - even if infrequent. We do have some creaking in our drivers window that started at about 1,000 miles and is much more bothersome since so close to my ear! Sounds like the window is too tight in the channel and does go away by opening the window ever so slightly. Will have dealer look at it at some point, but waiting to see if any other issues (which so far there aren't any).
  • I cannot figure out how to slide ny roofracks on my 2006 mdx I do not have the manual and do not want to break anything I just need to slide them apart to fit my rack system
  • shep11shep11 Posts: 1
    I have a complete Yakima rig, and an MDX without roof rails. I intended to use the Yakima rig on the MDX, but it turns out that Yakima don't have any products for a naked 2009 MDX. They only offer products for the prior model, last made in 2007.

    In visual inspection, I cannot see any real difference in the roof line between the 07 and the 09 models, and I'm curious if anyone has tried out the Yakima clips recommended for the 2007 model on a later model (2008 or 2009).

    Any help would be appreciated.
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