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Hyundai Veracruz Oil Filter Design

carbuyer11carbuyer11 Posts: 114
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
I've changed my oil for years. However, I have read that the Veracruz has a different type filter than what I'm used to. I checked Fram's website- it looks like the filter comes without the metal casing. Is this system owner-accessible or am I going to need to use a dealer for simple oil changes? This is my first Hyundai. Is this typical for the brand? Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Assuming the Veracruz 3.8L has the same oil filter setup that the 3.3L Santa fe has, it is a relatively easy filter change. Its a cartridge type filter. basically you have a housing you unscrew under the plastic engine cover. The new filter cartridge comes with a couple of O-rings that get replaced with the cartridge. Certainly a do-it-yourself project still. Personally however, I still prefer the conventional screw-on filter type.

    '07 Santa Fe(about to be replaced by Hyundai for a Non-Lemon law Arbitration ruling)
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Posts: 25
    Gents, and ladies - why risk voiding your great long, warranty, getting oil on your driveway [guaranteed to happen], screwing the filter on wrong and having the oil light come on, the car falling on you, your neighbor seeing you under your new car?? to save a few bucks.

    Let the dealer do it and worry about oil filter and the design. It also documents your oil changes when you sell it.

    In my opinion, changing ones oil is false, risky economy.
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 628
    With the Fram oil drain adapter (less than $10) you can drain oil directly into a container without spilling a drop. Using plastic drive-on ramps it is no problem reaching most oil filters for changing. Saving about $15 or $20 per oil+filter change has always been worth it to me.
  • The manual states do not use a floor jack, but its OK to use wheel ramps.
    Autozone has the element style filter for about $8 bucks.
    STP S9999.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    saving $15 on an oil change? I won't get my hands dirty for $15!!!

    My 2¢
  • After I remove the rubber gloves I revel in the fact that the filter was installed correctly, the sump has the correct amout and type of oil. I did not need to drive 115 miles round trip to the dealer. No local quick change oil place that I trust.

    My $16.42 worth ! @ $3.00 per gallon!
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Agreed! I just did our 3rd (I let the dealer do the first one free) change w/ Mobil 1 and a Fram filter for less than $30, it was done correctly, everything properly torqued and cleaned up, new filter gaskets used for sure and I take a few dig. photos each time to document the process. Piece of cake. ('07 3.3l Santa Fe)
  • RSHOOK - I just bought a Veracruz yesterday and like you I do all of my oil changes myself. Being that this is my first Hyundai and that you noted digital photos can you send me a few of them please?

    Also, where did you get your filters? Do they have them say at Autozone or do you have to get the filters and crush rings from the dealer?

    Thanks in advance.

  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Hi Jim: I don't think my photos would help you at all. Their intent is to show the odometer, oil (new/old), filter (new/old), wrenches, drain pan, etc. with the date visible in case of any warranty claim.

    I get the Fram filters from Walmart, the crush washer from the dealer in quantity).

    I'm not sure if your filter design is the same as on mine - 3.3L v6 but if so, it takes a little getting used to it. The filter 'cage' just snaps out by pulling - this isn't obvious at first and then the new one just snaps back in place.

    Best luck... Roger.
  • Roger thanks. Yes I think it is like yours a 3.3L V6. So the cover of the filter snaps out not unscrews? The crush washers I assume are for the drain plug? When you buy the fram filters from Walmart do they come with both O-rings and do you have the fram number handy by chance? otherwise I assume it is listed in the filter book they usually have by the shelf at Walmart.

    Thanks for your time.

  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    The filter is under the large, top engine cover. Remove the cover via six bolts I believe. The filter housing then unscrews. The point I made about snapping the filter out referred to getting it off of the mechanism that holds it in the housing.

    I think the filter is a Fram PH9999 and it comes with both o-rings. The crush ring is for the drain pan bolt - I'm still using my original one actually with no leaks/issues.
  • Roger great info thank you. Thats all I needed to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling.....sounds simple.

  • Thanks for the information. I was the original poster of this thread when I learned that our new Veracruz didn't have the normal screw on metal oil filter found at the bottom of most engines. I'm getting ready to do my first oil change. I ordered original replacement filters from a Hyundai on-line source. One question- what did you use to unscrew the housing from the engine. It appears to be shaped like a normal oil filter. Will a oil filter wrench work?
  • where online did you get the filters and crush rings?

    I ordered a cargo tray, touch up paint and 3 filters from them. They shipped very quickly and offered discount pricing for first time customers.
  • Thats great thank you. It even looks like on the filters that they come with the crush rings too....and the paint touchup, I was looking for that as well so this couldnt be better...
  • Glad to help. Enjoy your VC.
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Carbuyer11: yes a normal filter wrench will twist the filter cover off w/ no problem. I use an adjustable, 90degree rubber strap type. If you only need oil filters, Walmart, Advance Auto etc. have the Frams. PH9999.
  • Although not mechanically inclined, I have always performed my own oil changes. I just completed my first oil change on my wife's Veracruz AWD Limited. Based on feedback posted here, I was aware of the location of the oil filter (at the top of the engine under the plastic engine cover). I used Mobil 1 synthetic and a Hyundai filter. Absolutely no issues at all. After years of dealing with oil filters mounted on the bottom of the engine, this was a pleasant departure from what I was used to. Quick, easy and relatively unmessy.
  • nice to hear about being easy. That was my first thought to when I was reading the manual, no more oil running down the filter, all over your hands and the chassis....
  • Last night I went to do the first oil change on my wifes new Veracruz. Is the oil filter under the engine cover, to the right, on top with a black cover, that kind of looks like a future version of a distributor w/o spark plug wires? Man, I looked all over that car, and could not find the filter.
  • I hear you on that one! I was looking all under the car for it for 10-15mins before I realized it was underneath that plastic cover under the hood. Anyone know what filter wrench size to use on the filter housing - if not using one of those strap or band ones? I hate those things. That, and I have a tendency to overtighten using those - wanted to torque it to spec.

    I tried a 93mm last night - but didn't fit correctly - seemed close, but it wasn't anywhere near deep enough to fit over the cap.

  • If I had been sure that was the filter, I would have used a 18" monkey wrench. Luckily I was not sure. I did find a quarter on the shop floor while I was under the car looking for the filter though.
  • You've found it! The engine cover is snap to remove and replace. After removing the cover, I was able to remove the filter casing without a wrench. It took some effort but I wanted to see if it could be removed without the wrench since I didn't want to nick the finish of the cover. The rest of the change was simple. Plenty of clearance underneath to access the drain plug, too (no need for ramps, etc.). Now that I've done one change, I welcome the unique position of the filter. Sure beats the bottom mount filters.
  • The VC manual states "API grade SJ or above". This makes one wonder what grades are "above".
    Per the attached link above includes grades SL and SM with SM being the newest.
  • Post number 12 on this thread is incorrect; The Fram filter is a CH 9999 not a "PH".
    Wal-Mart here in Alabama has them for $6.00 that includes the two separate "O" rings.All o-rings go in the filter assembly, not the drain plug.
    The Fram filter is made in Korea and looks identical to the OEM one including the green built in "O" ring.
    Refill capacity with a filter is 6.76 US quarts.
    Filter cap tightening torque is 18 ft/lbs.
    Oil drain plug tightening torque is 32.5 ft/lbs.
    Not sure of the oil filter cap "wrench" size but the special service tool from Hyundai to fit the cap is part number is SST092633C100.
    If anyone locates an after market "wrench" please advise.
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Just did my first oil change and found it fairly easy. To help u guys out u will need a 10mm socket for the 6 engine cover bolts and a 17mm socket for the drain plug
    (torque at 32.5 ft.lbs.).
    The oil filter housing was easy to remove by just using my hands, no filter wrench needed. I used Mobil 1 5W30 (6.4litres). Love the oil filtration design, it makes less of a mess. very similar to my bimmer.

    Keep on Veracruzin'
  • perdido2keyperdido2key Posts: 28
    I have changed the oil twice now and seem to have a problem with over filling the sump.Filter was changed both times.
    The manual states 6.76 US qts with filter change. 5 1/4qts will score the dipstick spot on after running the engine following the oil change to refill the filter housing.
    The dealer changed the oil one time and overfilled it buy 3/4 of a quart.
    Oil checking ALWAYS done on level ground with cold ( overnight) engine.
    Anyone else had this problem?
    Do dealers overfill on a regular basis?
  • mike1834mike1834 Posts: 1
    Assenmacher makes an oil filter wrench. Model # HY8815. I use it on my 07 Santa Fe w/3.3 liter V6.
  • perdido2keyperdido2key Posts: 28
    Thanks Mike
    Here is their web site.
    They are located in Boulder Co
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