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Import MDX from US to Canada

sentinelssentinels Posts: 12
edited March 2014 in Acura
I'm currently interested in purchasing a 2007 MDX, looking at the current MSRP in Canada for a MDX with all the options is $61,900 CDN + $1,775 CDN for Freight/PDI = $63,675 CDN = $60,287 USD.

Meanwhile in the US, the MSRP is $47,795 USD + $670 for Destination = $48,465 USD.

That's a difference of almost 12K USD, ouch. I would feel like I'm getting robbed if I bought the SUV here. Has any Canadians here tried importing this SUV new from the States? Not even sure if any dealers in the Buffalo Niagara area would sell to a Canadian so I can bring to Toronto...I know there are issues with warranty transfers sometimes but heck I would have 12K of savings to work with and Acura usually has high quality.


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