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I am considering purchasing an 07 Freestyle, but keep wondering about one thing: space. If this is to be my "larger" vehicle and with a young child, am I nuts to buy the Freestyle vs. a minivan? Love the Freestyle, but worry about whether it's actually enough space down the road.

I'm certain some of you have wrestled with the same question (Freestyle or minivan) and am hoping someone can help.




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    We have one child and have been quite happy for the last 2years with our purchase. It's great on mileage, handy for the depot runs and comfortable for the family when the grandparents are with us. So we have experienced no regret by not buying a mini.

    And down the road there's no real way to speculate not knowing anything about you/your needs so you are going to have to answer that one.

    Your thoughts may vary...
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    OK, related question. Second-row bench or captains chairs? Does the bench create problems accessing the third row?

    Minivan, in this area, is a known quantity. Haven't had chance to play with Freestyle's configurations.

    Thanks ...
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    Did you have a minivan before?

    If so, do you miss the sliders?
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    Never had a minivan; that's why I'm a little lost in my decision-making now.

    Bottom line: Freestyle seems great (especially since its mileage is so good), but I don't know if I'm missing out on something, since I never owned a minivan.

    How much of a bump is insurance cost from minivan to Freestyle?
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    I was wondering if Freealfas ever had one either. I'm a minivan fan (including sliding doors), but they've gotten so big I've been following the crossover discussions with interest.
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    sister has chrysler mini that I have spent time driving/riding in when doing the family visit thing.

    No question it has more space that any of the CUV's and has sliders, more space in general, etc., etc.. They make a compelling case as to their utility and will always trump the CUV in that area. My big thing is that I don't like driving them and feeling I have about 12 inches betwenn me and any frontal impact. I like my crumple/crush zones being generously sized.

    We only have one child and 1 set of grandparents are local so we spend a reasonable amout of time with grownups in 1st 2 rows and little one in car seat in the 3rd, there's a reach, my wife 5'3, me 6'2 can make it work with the differnt seating we use.

    We have the bench and don't regret that as we don't need the walk through with one and have other family roll into town and we can carry 7 around the city and park one car conveneintly and still have room to bring/bring home stuff.

    Just bought a house last year and have the Yakima rack for sheet goods and when you fold the front passenger seat down you can get 8' boards in with a closed tailgate or leave the tailgate open and I've hauled 14' sticks with no problems with a flag.

    It really is just a big swiss army knife with what it can do. My estimate of the FS is that it is the best balance of price/utility/performance than the rest of them. With the dealers doing the deals they are on them the others being newer you are paying closer to sticker. Ford now also has the new longer warranty than we got when we bought. I still really like the CVT(problemfree). While not best at any one part of the CUV equation it is really good at most things making it the leader in my book.
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